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Shenmue is the most gorgeous game ever created

136d ago - Shenmue fan makes a full 1080p 60 frame-per-second video featuring You Suzuki's masterpiece most... | Retro

Suzuki: SEGA Isn't A Problem For Shenmue III, Budget Is; Story Wouldn't End There Anyway

191d ago - Yu Suzuki said that SEGA isn't an obstacle to Shenmue III and it's all about gathering the budget... | PC

Xenoblade Chronicles 3D (3DS) Review

Now - Justin takes the latest 3DS remaster for a spin. | Promoted post

Yu Suzuki Interview - Shenmue: From Prototypes to Today

191d ago - "While I was staying in Japan I had the pleasure to meet with Yu Suzuki, known as Shenmue creator... | PC

Game creators share their thoughts on D4

247d ago - "Over at the official Japanese website for D4: Dark Dreams Don’t Die, Deadly Premonition creator... | Dev

Yu Suzuki talks Shenmue 3

325d ago - Gamereactor recently caught up with industry legend Yu Suzuki at Gamelab in Barcelona. Some of th... | Arcade

Is Yu Suzuki teasing Shenmue 3?

329d ago - Suzuki teased number 3 ( same font as number 2 on Shenmue 2 cover ) at Gamelab presentation. | Industry

Suzuki: "if circumstances and opportunities are right, I'm ready to create Shenmue 3"

330d ago - GR-UK writes: "We talked with Yu Suzuki at Gamelab today, and of course the subject came up regar... | PC

Suzuki & Shenmue - Stories,Hopes,Speculations

423d ago - An article with a little recap of the Shenmue postmortem at the GDC and hopes/speculations about... | Dev

The making of Shenmue: Yu Suzuki on the cult classic’s genesis, development – and its future

428d ago - Surprising precisely no-one, the first audience question asked at Yu Suzuki’s captivating and rev... | Game Developers Conference

Over 10 Years Later and We're Still Looking for Those Sailors: Why it is Now or Never for Shenmue 3

504d ago - Gameskinny looks at the recent Shenmue 3 speculation and why it is highly unlikely that game will... | Industry

David Cage and Yu Suzuki Discuss the Legacy of QuickTime Events

698d ago - The director of Beyond: Two Souls and Heavy Rain talks to the director of Republique about the ch... | PS4

Will fans finally give Shenmue the respect it deserves if it goes to the Playstation 4?

783d ago - Earlier this week, a tweet went out showing Mark Cerny and Yu Suzuki, Shenmue's creator as well a... | PS3

Level Up: JRPG News Recap (29-03-13) – Soul Sacrifice updates & is Shenmue III coming to PS4?

784d ago - epicJRPG.com brings you a summary of JRPG news from around the web for March 29th, 2013, includin... | PS3

This Week in Gaming 2/24-3/2

815d ago - Welcome to This Week in Gaming, where Hardcore Gamer takes a look back at some of the most newswo... | PC

Yu Suzuki's New Social iOS/Android Game is a Pirate Gun Shooter

1058d ago - The mystery mobile title from Shenmue creator Yu Suzuki has at last been revealed. Have a first l... | iPhone

Yu Suzuki Developing Smartphone Game

1094d ago - Famitsu.com's mobile app site has a "scoop" about an upcoming game from Mr. Shenmue himself Yu Su... | iPhone

Yu Suzuki Talks Shenmue 3

1233d ago - Shenmue fansite ShenmueMaster has scored an interview with series director Yu Suzuki, who talks a... | Xbox 360

Yu Suzuki: We Can Obtain Shenmue License from SEGA

1235d ago - For ten years, legions of heartbroken SEGA fans have wanted to see a continuation of the Shenmue... | Xbox 360

Yu Suzuki Leaving Sega Job in Favor of Advisory Role

1428d ago - 1UP's Chris Pereira writes, "Shenmue creator and longtime Sega employee Yu Suzuki has revealed he... | Industry

How Shenmue Was Meant To End (with Yu Suzuki)

1538d ago - At long last, Yu Suzuki reveals how the legendarily unfinished Shenmue saga was supposed to end.... | Game Developers Conference

Looking for Pokémon XY News and Info?

Now - Try Bulbapedia, the largest Pokémon resource on the internet. | Promoted post

Yu Suzuki Earns the GDC Pioneer Award, Few Deserve it More | GAMINGtruth.com

1559d ago - Yu Suzuki will be awarded the Pioneer Award March 2, 2011 at the Game Developers Choice Award. Ca... | Industry

The Disappearance of Yu Suzuki: Part 2

1627d ago - 1Up: In the second half of our extensive interview, Hang-On, Virtua Fighter, and Shenmue creator... | Industry

Yu Suzuki: "Shenmue changed Final Fantasy and many other games"

1628d ago - GamerZines writes: "Legendary games designer Yu Suzuki has said the influence of his magnum opus... | Wii

1Up: The Disappearance of Yu Suzuki: Part 1

1628d ago - 1Up: Without Yu Suzuki, it's doubtful Sega would ever have gotten to where they are today, and ye... | Industry
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