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You're In The Movies: A Casual Experience With Kinect's 2008 Predecessor

1796d ago - Kombo: Towards the end of last year (but prior to Project Natal's announcement), I was mulling ov... | Xbox 360

The Xbox 360 Games That Every Gamer Should Avoid at All Costs

1948d ago - Craig H writes: "One of our biggest gripes, actually one of the biggest complaints throughout the... | Xbox 360

This October's Releases For All Things PlayStation

Now - The spooky month of October is almost upon us and that means another calendar month of releases to feed our gamer appetites. We take a look at what... | Promoted post

Top 5 Xbox 360 Fails

2047d ago - Like any other game console, the Xbox 360 has had its successes and its failures, but some of its... | 2

Rockstar VS Media Molecule In DIEA

2311d ago - Nominations for Develop Industry Excellence Awards are unveiled, and two developers are likely to... | 1,2,3,4,5,6,9,12,13,15

Amazon price cuts Xbox 360 game titles

2322d ago - Retailer this week price cut game titles for Microsoft Corp.'s Xbox 360 in the latest... | 2

Xbox 360 "Best March Break Ever" Tour

2405d ago - NextGen Player writes: "With March Break fast approaching, many parents are left with t... | 2

Zoë Mode Offers Gamers an Inside Look

2435d ago - Music game specialists Zoë Mode have given a first glimpse inside the audio recording and po... | 1,2,3,4,5,9,11,12,15,14

TheBBPS: You're in the Movies Review

2435d ago - TheBBPS: "You're in the Movies was an unpleasant concept that turned into a fun mini-g... | 2

Green Pixels - You're in the Movies Review - Some ideas are best left on the cutting room floor.

2450d ago - Nicole Lungerhausen of Green Pixels writes: "Unfortunately, this promising game premise wa... | 2

UOL: You're in the Movies Review

2460d ago - At a time when that has never been so easy to put up "an idea in the head and a camera in ha... | 2

HardGame2: You're in the Movies Review

2464d ago - You're in the Movies is a game that is good for social events because the situations are hilariou... | 2

RewiredMind Review: You're In The Movies

2464d ago - RewiredMind writes: "The Xbox Live Vision Camera has been under-used and no mistake. To rect... | 2

Ars Review: You're In The Movies is a great holiday distraction

2465d ago - Ars writes: "There is certainly no shortage of mini-game games and, like World War II shoote... | 2

Xbox Newz: You're in the Movies Review

2465d ago - You're in the Movies is perfect for any casual gamer and therefore ideal for party players. Despi... | 2

GamesRadar: You're in the Movies Review

2465d ago - The basic idea of this Live Vision game is brilliant – set up a camera, play some EyeToy-style mi... | 2

Pocket-Lint: You're in the Movies Review

2466d ago - Spectators seem to get the most from it and children love seeing themselves on the screen, so fro... | 2

Edge Double Review: Lips and You're in the Movies

2466d ago - Edge writes: "For those who assume that Lips is just Microsoft finally getting around to cop... | 2

You're in the Movies Review at CheatCC

2469d ago - CheatCC says: "Playing mini-games and watching a movie featuring yourself and your friends i... | 2

How 2: You're In The Movies

2472d ago - CVG writes: "Instructional video inside. Chances are someone got a copy of You're In The M... | 2

Games2c: You're in the Movies review

2477d ago - A game that may, just may, be fun for a post–Xmas dinner session with the family. But after that,... | 2

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Xbox 360 Party Game Roundup

2477d ago - Stuart Andrews writes: "Like it or not, the Wii has been a phenomenal success, and both... | 2

Ace Gamez Review: You're in the Movies

2480d ago - Alan Martin writes: "You know those Wii adverts? The ones involving immaculately imagined ha... | 2
10° You're In The Movies Xbox 360 Review

2488d ago - Microsoft has released a new game which finally makes use of the Xbox Vision Camera in You're In... | 2

Eurogamer: You're In The Movies Review

2490d ago - Eurogamer writes: I've done some bizarre things in pursuit of my gaming fix over the years.... | 2

Guardian: You're in the Movies Review

2490d ago - Guardian writes: "This is the 360's first serious attempt to challenge the Wii as a funky, f... | 2
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