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Senran Kagura: Bon Appetit review | passthemsticks

29d ago - The Senran Kagura series is usually the butt of a joke. Maybe it’s for the best though, as otherw... | PS Vita

Geek-Grotto Reviews Senran Kagura Burst

395d ago - Geek-Grotto: Senran Kagura is a VERY story driven side scrolling brawler staring a cast of very w... | 3DS

Unchained Blades Review - PixlBit

874d ago - PixlBit | "The word on the street for a couple years has been that the PSP is dead. Just don’t sa... | PSP

Ys: The Oath in Falghana Review for Steam | GAMINGtruth.com

991d ago - Shawn Long of GAMINGtruth.com reviews the first Ys game available for Steam. | PC

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GamrReview - Corpse Party

1078d ago - gamrReview: "Corpse Party is one of those games that really needs to be approached at the right a... | PSP

Gaming Bus Review: Corpse Party

1099d ago - Gaming Bus reviews Corpse Party. | PSP

DualShockers | Review: Corpse Party

1115d ago - Alexa Ray Corriea of DualShockers reviews Corpse Party, and is surprised to find the game fun and... | PSP

Gaming Bus Review: Solatorobo: Red the Hunter

1192d ago - Gaming Bus reviews Solatorobo: Red the Hunter for the Nintendo DS. | Nintendo DS

SG Review: The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky (PSP)

1309d ago - The PSP continues to thrive with new RPGs being ported over from Japan for our enjoyment. Sarcast... | PSP

Handheld Heroes Reviews - The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky

1318d ago - Harlock writes - "The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky is the first part of the newest chapter... | PSP

The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky Review - PlayStation LifeStyle

1365d ago - One of the top RPG publishers for the PlayStation Portable, Xseed Games, have finally decided to... | PSP

DualShockers Review: Ys I & II Chronicles

1389d ago - Ys has been one of those series a lot of gamers sort of knew about, but never had the chance to p... | PSP

pnosker.com Ys I & II Chronicles Review [PSP]

1394d ago - In 1987, Falcom introduced the world to the fables of Ys and its adventurer, Adol Christin. Ys I... | PSP

GamePlayToday's Ys I & II Chronicles Review

1397d ago - After getting 7 and 3 last year how do the first two entries hold up? | PSP

Marooners' Rock Review: Ys I & II Chronicles (PSP)

1398d ago - Austin writes: "Lately, in the world of RPGs, a particular name keeps coming up, Ys. Is it “Yeez... | PSP

Ys Seven - Crush! Frag! Review!

1486d ago - CFD!'s Beki Sutcliffe charges at an angle into this review of Ys Seven: "For those looking for... | PSP

SegaAddicts Review: Ys: the Oath in Felghana

1489d ago - A few months ago XSEED localized Ys Seven, the shiny new entry in the classic Ys series. Naturall... | PSP

Ys: The Oath in Felghana Review - WorthPlaying

1497d ago - WorthPlaying writes, "Over the past year, the Ys series has gone from unknown quantity in North A... | PSP

RPGFan - Ys: The Oath in Felghana Review

1514d ago - RPGFan states, "I'm a big Ys fan. I'm not the biggest (I haven't played either IV or V) but I do... | PSP

Ivy the Kiwi? (Wii, DS) - Popzara Game Review

1565d ago - Ivy's singular gameplay mechanic and outstanding design make for one of the year's most enjoyable... | Nintendo DS

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Examiner - Ys Seven review, a PSP title well-worth owning

1572d ago - Ys Seven is the latest iteration of the Japanese computer and console action-RPG series that date... | PSP

SegaAddicts Review: Ivy the Kiwi? (DS & Wii)

1573d ago - It seems like reviewers are spending the whole first paragraph of their Ivy the Kiwi? review talk... | Nintendo DS

Review – Ys Seven (PlayStation Portable)

1583d ago - Publisher XSeed Games is unofficially heralding the end of the PSP’s 2010 game summer drought, wi... | PSP

Ys: SEVEN Review (Examiner.com)

1585d ago - Examiner.com’s Raymond Herrera reviews the latest RPG for the Sony PSP to come from publisher XSE... | PSP
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