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Storm United is getting ready for Betas

8d ago - David Hanson, the CEO of PixelBeam studio is giving an interview for Gaming On Linux, talking abo... | Xbox

Nobuo Uematsu Discusses Life, Final Fantasy Music & Red Underpants at Distant Worlds Chicago

21d ago - The famed Final Fantasy composer Nobuo Uematsu sits down for an interview at Distant Worlds Chica... | Xbox

Interview with COD & Coldwater star James C. Burns

28d ago - I interviewed James C. Burns regarding his role as SGT Woods in Call of Duty Black Ops 1 & 2,his... | Xbox

Q & A with Pneuma Developers: Deco Digital

37d ago - The latest entry in our ‘Developer Spotlight’ series sees us talking to Deco Digital- a team base... | Xbox

Destiny The Game

Now - Explore Mars, Rediscover Venus, Reclaim the moon, Protect Earth. Become Legend. The wait is over! Destiny is now available to play, Pick up your... | Promoted post

Video Games: The Movie – The Jeremy Snead Interview

56d ago - "A few days ago I published my review for the new film Video Games: The Movie, put together by do... | GameCube

Why are video game movies usually so bad?

127d ago - Movies based on video games do not have a great critical track record because too often they are... | GameCube

GDC: Microsoft has Worked on VR 'For Quite a While'

182d ago - During a conversation about virtual reality technology at the Game Developers Conference, Microso... | Xbox

Interview with 'Leisure Suit Larry' creator, Al Lowe

207d ago - We spoke to gaming legend Al Lowe recently about how sex in gaming in the 80's was portrayed, how... | Xbox

State of Decay Interview - Pixel Judge

220d ago - PJ: "First it was a distant dream of a sparkling, zombie infested future, then it was a game on t... | Xbox

Exclusive – First details and screens from The Amazing Spider-Man 2

226d ago - PNM magazine was lucky enough to hold an interview with Stephane Gravel, the executive producer a... | Xbox

Anna Tyrie, Tomb Raider Fan Film and More Actress

304d ago - Triverse writes, "We are big Tomb Raider fans here at Retro Gaming Magazine, and why not? What o... | GameCube
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