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Wormhole City Kickstarter Campaign Announced

15d ago - The Kickstarter campaign for Wormhole City has been announced by the game’s developer, Zenrok Stu... | Xbox

GTA Online Full Access Resumed

15d ago - According to the Rockstar Support page GTA Online is now back up and running as normal "March... | Xbox

Filmwatch Contest Details

Now - Check out here how you can win awesome prizes with us over at Filmwatch. | Promoted post

Collection Highlight: Metal Gear Ray Model

16d ago - As many of you may already know Kazoku are huge Metal Gear Solid fans. The series has shaped thie... | PS2

5 Video Games Franchises That Need to End

16d ago - TK: Some video game franchises have a tendency to get stale after they have milked the cash cow.... | PS2

Splinter Cell History 101

17d ago - David Seeber of Entertainment Buddha discuses the history of the Splinter Cell franchise. | GameCube

Killer Instinct Season 2: Creepy Hisako Revealed!

18d ago - If The Ring girl was ever in a fighting game, Hisako from Killer Instinct would be her. | Xbox

Top 10 Video Game Damsels in Distress

18d ago - While game these days definitely feature a larger number of strong and empowered female character... | GameCube

Kickstarter to Bring Back Molyneux's Dino Game BC Launches. Is Immediately Suspended.

19d ago - Marcus Estrada writes: "Here's something you don't see everyday on Kickstarter. Someone recently... | Xbox

Virtual Casualties: Morality and Murder

19d ago - A look at how some games deal with the morality of gameplay that involves killing lots and lots o... | PS2

Speculation: Blizzard Entertainment and Metal Arms Trademark Updated

20d ago - Blizzplanet found an interesting update to the Metal Arms trademark that Blizzard Entertainment a... | GameCube

Broken Games Then & Now: A Difference Of Exposure

20d ago - Broken games have always existed but the influence of the internet makes it seem like it's worse... | GameCube

Last Chance to Play: Indigo Prophecy

22d ago - "ZL: Upon completing Indigo Prophecy, the game struck me as important to the evolution of video g... | PS2

7 Fighting Game Characters Super Obviously Based on Real People

23d ago - It's hard work designing fighting game characters. You have to decide on their fighting style an... | PS2

ScreamRide Review: Mileage May Vary - We The Nerdy

24d ago - ScreamRide does some things really well; sense of speed, the thrill of getting a perfect run, cau... | Xbox

Raising the Stakes: Top 5 ‘M’ Rated Sequels to Tame Games

28d ago - Think Batman: Arkham Knight is the only sequel to be hit with an “M for Mature” after the series... | PS2

Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time Retro Reflection

28d ago - Ryan from Awesome Games writes: 'If you’ve read anything about Monolith’s Shadow of Mordor recent... | GameCube

I Went Back and Played: Star Wars Battlefront 2

28d ago - Nerdacy: "With the recent wave of news of DICE’s Star Wars Battlefront and the subsequent hype of... | PS2

The Order: 1886 and 9 Other Games That Were Gorgeous Disappointments

30d ago - CraveOnline: "The Order: 1886 has released to a middling critical reception, with players bemoani... | Xbox

Episode 30 | 4 Guys with Quarters

31d ago - In Episode 30, first impressions of the new ScreamRide demo were given as well as expectations fo... | Xbox

Legacy of Kain: Dead Sun - 32 minutes of gameplay from the canceled game leaked online

31d ago - A video leaked online showcasing 32 minutes of gameplay from the canceled Legacy of Kain: Dead Su... | Xbox

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Street Fighter V: 36 Million Game Sales Over 80 Titles

31d ago - After the success of Street Fighter IV and its countless spin-offs, it was almost guaranteed ther... | PS2

Top 10 Interesting NPCs in Video Games

32d ago - WatchMojo: "You may not see them often, but they sure make a splash when they do. Here are our pi... | PS2

Top 10 Evil Corporations from Video Game

32d ago - Who could have thought that a giant faceless corporation could be so evil? Here are the Top 10 Ev... | GameCube

Top 10 Worst NPCs in Video Games

32d ago - WatchMojo: "These are the guys irritate us to no end. Here are the Top 10 Worst NPCs or Non-Playa... | PS2

Top 10 Favorite Games Of All Time

34d ago - PeanutButterGamer celebrates 1 million subscribers by sharing his top 10 favorite video games of... | GameCube
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