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The Best Mustaches In Video Game History.

14d ago - When critiquing a game many things are taken into account. For instance one will always look at t... | GameCube

Fez Review - Player Attack [PS4]

14d ago - I find the fact that I'm reviewing Fez in April of 2014 quite interesting. It's a game I've alrea... | Xbox

Today in History: April 3rd, 1993- Final Fight Punches onto the Sega CD

14d ago - Carl Williams writes, "Capcom was an earnest Nintendo licensee from the get-go, not jumping ship... | PS2

FIFA World Cup 2014 Could Cost Fans Over £3000

15d ago - The World Cup is only a few months away but England Fans will be hugely out of pocket this summer... | Xbox

Filmwatch April Contests

Now - Calling all Marvel fans. Come celebrate the release of Captain America: The Winter Soldier with us as we give away a cool prize for fans of Cap plu... | Promoted post

Defining Moments - Why is it girly?

18d ago - Continue Play's Nic Bunce takes a look back at Metal Gear Solid 2's surprise character-change tha... | PS2

12 Game Genres in 12 Months

20d ago - 12 Months 12 new gaming genres to try with an insight into why we stick with our favourites. | Xbox

The Daily Five: Most Annoying Enemies in Games

21d ago - "Video games have always had strong, leading characters that we love. They’ve always had enemies... | Xbox

The Top 5: Superhero Games

22d ago - In light of the recent release of Infamous: Second Son, the crew takes a look at their Top 5 supe... | GameCube

Xbox aspect of Dell's Microsoft patent agreement explained

22d ago - Some sites have reported that Dell could potentially make its own Xbox or Kinect as a result of a... | Xbox

Video Game Evolution in Pictures - GTA

24d ago - Eskimo Press: Ever since I first tried a demo for the original Grand Theft Auto back in 1997; GTA... | PS2

Top 5 Games Based On Cartoon Shows

24d ago - With the recent release of South Park: The Stick of Truth, Lisa checks out the top five best cart... | GameCube

The Daily Five: Best Superhero Games

25d ago - "If the 75-plus years since the creation of Superman are any indication, nothing is as uniquely c... | GameCube

Blizzard still wants to make StarCraft Ghost

25d ago - Indefinitely postponed third-person spin-off StarCraft Ghost may return "some day", Blizzard prod... | GameCube

Virtual Reality: A Look at 4 competing Head Mounted Displays

26d ago - A roundup of Head Mounted Displays that aim to offer a Virtual Reality experience. | Xbox

Has Ubisoft Shown Unity By Confirming French Addition

27d ago - After the last 7 days of what seemed like endless reveals and sneaky images, Ubisoft have reveale... | Xbox

GDC: Microsoft has Worked on VR 'For Quite a While'

28d ago - During a conversation about virtual reality technology at the Game Developers Conference, Microso... | Xbox

Is The Games Console Dying?

28d ago - Article investigating the decline in Console Gaming over the last decade and where the future lie... | PS2

The Top 5: Sequels

28d ago - This week’s Top 5 features the crew’s favorite sequels, from old classics to modern classics. | PS2

Let's Revive | Freedom Fighters

28d ago - With the release of the Next Gen Consoles and the PC staying ever dominant, xCALx from NoobFeed d... | PS2

LeapTrade Wants to Give You More for Those Games You No Longer Want

28d ago - is a fairly new service that offers better trade in values than it’s competition an... | GameCube

Looking for Pokémon XY News and Info?

Now - Try Bulbapedia, the largest Pokémon resource on the internet. | Promoted post

GameEnthus Podcast ep176: Time Management or Operation Fishburne

28d ago - This week D’Juan(@DeeJayKnight) from GamingTruth and Travis (@TravPope) from EnConnected join Mik... | Xbox

Are you addicted to video games? (Quiz)

28d ago - Addiction doesn't always have to be bad. But still, being addicted means being dependent on somet... | PS2

Doug Liman, The Bourne Identity Director, Will Direct the Splinter Cell Movie

29d ago - Deadline and various movies news websites have been reporting that Doug Liman has signed on to di... | PS2

The First Person Shooters That Time Forgot

30d ago - Not all First Person Shooters will go do in history as a legend. What about the shooters that did... | PS2

Fondling – Outlaw Golf 2

30d ago - Well above par. Ken and Justin test their driving skills. Our Fondling video series lets ed... | PS2
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