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FIFA 15 – Top 10 Ultimate Team Players Walkthrough [Guide]

31m ago - David: Another year, another FIFA. With the latest iteration in the ever-popular football series... | Xbox 360

Face-Off: Saints Row 4: Re-Elected - Gat's out of the bag

2h ago - Eurogamer: "We had mixed feelings about the PS4 version of Saint's Row 4 after taking a look at... | PS4

GTA 5 Smart Car: Benefactor Panto Detailed Info and Location

7h ago - The Benefactor Panto is a smart car featured in GTA 5 as a part of the I’m Not a Hipster Update.... | Xbox 360

Xbox One & Xbox 360 – In Stores This Week 26th January-1st February 2015

8h ago - A look at the games coming out on Xbox 360 and Xbox One this coming week, 26th January-1st Februa... | Xbox 360

Check out the new Bloodborne Trailer

Now - Sony just released a new trailer of the upcoming PS4 exclusive by From Software and SCE Japan Studio. | Promoted post

Dying Light Trophy List

9h ago - Let's collect some braaaaaaaains and trophies for Dying Light. | PC

Grim Fandango Remastered Trophy List

10h ago - Time to earn some trophies for the 1998 classic! | PC

FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Upgrades Guide

16h ago - You may already know what FIFA 15 Ultimate Team upgrades season is, but do you know exactly how i... | PC

Upcoming Games: Q1 2015

18h ago - Now that 2014 is over, games devs can move on from making remasters, and testing new game engines... | PC

Destiny: Crota's End guide - Complete guide to beating Crota's End on normal and hard difficulty

21h ago - Eurogamer: "Crota's End is Destiny's second Raid, exclusive to the Dark Below expansion, and rep... | Xbox 360

Game Music Daily Week 53

22h ago - Another week another great setlist awaiting your ears! This week: NCAA Football, Lufia, Pokemon... | PC

Destiny: The Summoning Pits Nightfall Strike Guide (Jan 20-Jan 26)

1d 3h ago - The Nightfall Strike for the week of January 20th is The Summoning Pits. It will take you down i... | Xbox 360

GTA 5 Off-Road: Dubsta 6x6 Detailed Info and Location

1d 6h ago - The Benefactor Dubsta 6×6 is a 4-door Off-Road vehicle featured in the I’m Not a Hipster Update u... | Xbox 360

Resident Evil HD Remaster - How to unlock every ending

1d 9h ago - The Resident Evil remake, like life itself, has multiple endings depending on how you approach it... | PC

Resident Evil HD Remaster - Beginner's survival guide

1d 13h ago - Here are some beginner's tips for the Resident Evil HD Remaster. | PC

Far Cry 4 – Achievements [Guide]

1d 14h ago - Horror Spooky: Unlock all of the achievements and trophies in Far Cry 4 with this guide! | PC

Resident Evil HD Remaster: MO Disks & Readers Locations Guide

1d 16h ago - For the happiest end of the game you need to find these MO Disks and place them at the Readers wh... | PC

Thank Gaming It’s Friday: January 23rd, 2015

1d 18h ago - Noah says, "We believe you should game at least a little bit every week here at 8BitChimp, and ou... | PC

PSLS: Everything You Need to Know – Dying Light

1d 21h ago - PSLS: Everything You Need to Know – Dying Light | PC

Game of Thrones Walkthrough [Guide]

2d ago - Horror Spooky: After having left their mark on The Walking Dead and Fables, Telltale has now turn... | PC

Dragon Ball Xenoverse: Play as Villainous Characters, New Story Mode Info

2d ago - In Dragon Ball Xenoverse, evil is messing with the Dragon Ball timeline as we know it. Heroes suc... | PC

N4G Radio

Now - N4G Radio | Promoted post

Don’t Know Which 2015 AAA Titles to Get? Here’s a Guide

2d ago - Now that 2015 is upon us, it’s time to take a look at what is in store for this year in video gam... | PC

Hitman 6 What You Should Know about Its Development

2d ago - Hitman 6 was announced back in January 2014 by development team IO Interactive. At the time, they... | PC

Far Cry 4 – Chronicles [Guide]

2d ago - HorrorSpooky: Far Cry 4 brings to the table a robust online mode that includes a map editor as we... | PC

A Guide to the Animals of Far Cry 4

2d ago - Scott Russell writes: "It isn't very often that realistic animals provide a major source of antag... | PC

Resident Evil HD did wonders for Jill's jiggle

2d ago - These Jill-ggle physics are making the rounds what with Resident Evil HD Remaster coming out. Tur... | PC
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