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Bishop Games
Bishop Games is a small studio out of Quebec City, Canada. The three-person studio began work on their first game, Light Fall, last year and since... (13)
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Xbox One Articles  

The Souls series is turning up the heat in Dark Souls 3

4d ago - Samuel Tobin at GameSpew writes: "The age of fire has come to an end and the world has been reduc... | PC

Predator And Mortal Kombat X Make For One Of The Most Natural Tie-Ins Ever

4d ago - Predator fits into Mortal Kombat as naturally as Sub Zero, says Is this on... | PC

Light Fall Preview

Now - I’m the type of fella that often sticks with playing games in or past their official 1.0 form. In the case of assessing that kind of work, it’s eas... | Promoted post

The Complete List - July 2015 Video Game Releases

5d ago - MWEB GameZone writes: "We've had so many spectacular video game releases in the first half of 201... | PC

Battleborn E3 Gameplay Trailer Leaves Many Gamers Unimpressed

5d ago - One Angry Gamer "The 24 minute gameplay trailer for Gearbox Software's upcoming first-person shoo... | PC

Batman Arkham Knight - Own the Roads Side Mission Walkthrough (Militia Checkpoints Locations)

5d ago - "Own the Roads" is a Most Wanted Side Mission in Batman Arkham Knight. You must find the location... | PC

Key New Features of FIFA 16

5d ago - Casual gamers may have paid little attention to the recent E3 convention, however, there is certa... | PC

Avoid Purchasing Batman: Arkham Knight’s Red Hood DLC on Ebay Unless You like Getting Ripped Off

5d ago - Rocksteady Studios’ Batman: Arkham Knight released last week and those who didn’t pre-order from... | PC

Face-Off: Devil May Cry 4: Special Edition

5d ago - Eurogamer: "We're halfway through Capcom's 'Year of the Remaster' - Devil May Cry 4: Special E... | PC

Advance your Bat: Combat upgrades for Batman in Batman Arkham knight

5d ago - Combat has been a staple in the Batman Arkham series ever since the game debuted and with the lat... | PC

Experiencing Rocksteady's Batmobile in Batman Arkham Knight

5d ago - Not only is this the best looking game we've seen, but Batman Arkham Knight marks the first time... | PC

Batman Arkham Knight - Campaign for Disarmament Side Mission Walkthrough (Mine Locations)

5d ago - "Campaign for Disarmament" is a Most Wanted Side Mission in Batman Arkham Knight. You must find t... | PC

Batman: Arkham Knight Face-Off: PC vs. PS4

5d ago - There’s a lot of talk around the PC version of Batman Arkham Knight since it arrived last week. T... | PC

Batman: Arkham Knight’s Secret 100% Knightfall Ending Explained (Major Spoilers)

5d ago - Batman: Arkham Knight is a hell of a mind-bending thriller but this explanation help you to under... | PC

Potential Setting for the Next Red Dead Redemption

6d ago - Kamil Dyszewski of Victory Point Writes - '' Looking forward at a possible sequel for Red Dead Re... | PS4

What Kickstarter Video Game Campaigns Launched June 21 - 27?

6d ago - Greg Micek writes: "Every week we take a brief look at all of the Kickstarter campaigns that laun... | PC

A Week In The Hub: 21st-27th June 2015

6d ago - Neil writes "The past few weeks have been absolutely manic with E3 preparations and announcements... | Xbox 360

9 Batman Arkham Knight Tips to Level Up Faster

6d ago - GBM: "This guide will give you all the Batman Arkham Knight tips that you need to level up fas... | PC

Rise of the Tomb Raider Comparison – Lara’s Past and Present

6d ago - Rise of the Tomb Raider comparison to Tomb Raiders past is really something to see. As we know g... | PC

AA’s Most Anticipated Games From E3 2015

6d ago - Analog Addiction writes, "E3 2015 took place a couple of weeks ago, from June 16-18. There were a... | PC

Indie Game Month Contest Details

Now - Win mechanical keyboards from WASD, a Xbox One Bundle, a PS4, GameMaker: Studio Pro Licenses and much more! | Promoted post

GTA 5 Supercar: Pegassi Osiris Detailed Info, Stats & Location

6d ago - The Pegassi Osiris is heavily based on the Pagani Huayra, and its front end resembles LaFerrari.... | PC

Battlefield Hardline: How to Unlock the Rabbit Mask – Fast and Bloody Assignment

6d ago - How to unlock the Rabbit Mask in Battlefield Hardline by completing the Fast and Bloody assignmen... | PC

Batman: Arkham Knight - Own the Roads Militia Checkpoints Locations and Strategies

6d ago - Take down all twenty of the militia checkpoints set up around Gotham City. | PC

Batman: Arkham Knight - Campaign for Disarmament Bomb Locations - Deathstroke Boss Fight

6d ago - Disarm all twenty-one bombs scattered throughout Gotham City, then take on Deathstroke. | PC

Batman: Arkham Knight Riddler Missions Guide – Balancing Act

7d ago - For this challenge, the Riddler will instruct you that it is urgent that you head over to Chinato... | PC
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