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Stalker Apocalypse Update - North Korea, Spying, and Expulsion

2d ago - Ahmad Khan writes: "West Games is back to their same old tricks again, but this time they are agg... | PC

PS4 vs. Xbox One: Battle Of The Next Gen Consoles

2d ago - Mike Jennings writes, It’s an important decision, and not just because they’re expensive bits of... | PS4

This Week's New Releases in the US - 12/22/14

3d ago - Here is Middle of Nowhere Gaming's weekly edition of new releases in North America. Which games a... | PC

Adding Storage to your PS4, Xbox1 or Wii U

3d ago - For those who aren't familiar with the abilities to add storage to this generation's consoles, he... | PS4

Win a PS4!!

Now - Join us on Filmwatch to find out how you can win a free PS4 this holiday season! | Promoted post

What Kickstarter Video Game Campaigns Launched Dec 14th - 20th?

3d ago - Greg Micek writes: "Every week we take a brief look at all of the Kickstarter campaigns that laun... | PC

Destiny: Location of Swordbreaker Legendary Shotgun And Its Bonuses

4d ago - Destiny players, listen closely. If you shelled out your hard earned cash for the newest Destiny... | Xbox 360

Don’t pay for Broken Games, just Review them Highly

4d ago - Playeressence "If its one thing that I have noticed with certain websites that like to clickbait... | Xbox One

Trading Guide for FIFA 15 Ultimate Team

4d ago - Everything you should know about trading to be rich in FIFA 15 Ultimate Team. | PC

The Necessity of Console Exclusives

4d ago - When I wrote about picking the Wii U over the PS4 and Xbox One, I pointed out that most Third Par... | PS4

Xbox One vs PlayStation 4: Year One - Digital Foundry

4d ago - A lack of gameplay innovation on both systems has eclipsed the graphics differential, says Digita... | PS4

Halo 5 beta:How to get a code with Xbox preview program

5d ago - Halo 5 Guardians Early Access beta is now underway with a secret test. More importantly, there’s... | Xbox One

Bungie: 12,869,066 Players Have Taken Destiny for a Spin

5d ago - Bungie has released some end-of-year statistics for Destiny, and according to the developer, at l... | Xbox 360

Advanced Warfare Heavy Weapons Overview

5d ago - Looking to give the heavy weapons in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare a shot in multiplayer? Learn... | PC

Destiny: The Dark Below – How To Get Swordbreaker Legendary Shotgun Guide

5d ago - Swordbreaker - A legendary shotgun which is a raid weapon obtained from the final boss crota figh... | PC

Destiny: Agnes III Best Shotgun with Ultra Long Range

5d ago - Shotguns are only effective at close range. At maximum range their damage is 20% lower than at cl... | PC

Dragon Age Inquisition: Meeting the Hero of Ferelden

5d ago - Although the Hero of Ferelden doesn’t make a personal appearance in Dragon Age Inquisition he doe... | PC

EGMR Fun Awards 2014: Biggest Scams

6d ago - Quote: "People talk about selling ice to an Eskimo as a show of skill for the seller, but who eve... | PC

Call of Duty, GTA, Far Cry, and more: every companion app for the hottest console games of 2014

6d ago - There's nothing quite like firing up the PC, PlayStation, Xbox, or Nintendo, and getting stuck in... | PC

The Horror Hype Train Terminates – The Evil Within Vs Alien Isolation – The Final Face-Off

6d ago - Rice Digital's Blue Odeyssey analyses the search trends for The Evil Within and Alien: Isolation,... | PC

WWE 2K15 Graphics Comparison – Chris Jericho

6d ago - Metal Arcade: Jason Bakker writes: With the recent release of WWE 2K15 on PlayStation 4 and Xb... | Xbox 360

Get paid to review products

Now - Join the finest minds in consumer research and change the world one product at a time. Share your unique opinion and get paid for it! Participation... | Promoted post

2014 Predictions Recap (Hint: It Doesn't Go Well)

6d ago - Traditionally the end of the year is a time for looking back at the year that’s been and reflecti... | PC

Battlefield 4 CTE Christmas Update – Play as Santa, Snowman, Elf or Reindeer

6d ago - The Christmas patch is now available for Battlefield 4 CTE. Lots of new Christmas easter eggs and... | PC

Dragon Age Inquisition: Stupid Maps - Exalted Plains Quest Guides

6d ago - Map sidequests can be found in several areas across Thedas. The basic principal is, you find a... | PC

GTA 5 Car: Karin Futo Detailed Info & Location

6d ago - The Karin Futo is a compact tuner sports coupe in GTA 5 and GTA Online. The Karin Futo is based o... | Xbox 360

Last-gen revisited: Far Cry 4 - Pushed beyond their limits?

6d ago - Digital Foundry at Eurogamer: "Did last-gen simply run out of steam? Xbox 360 launched in 2005,... | Xbox 360
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