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Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel Starter’s Guide

3d ago - If you’re a Borderlands nut like me, you’ve been devoting all free time (and maybe some work time... | PC


3d ago - Horror Spooky:NBA 2K returns with NBA 2K15! Master the game using this comprehensive guide! | PC

'The Evil Within': Six Things To Know About 'Resident Evil' Creator Shinji Mikami's New Game

3d ago - Before players lose endless hours on the third-person title, here are five interesting facts abou... | PC

Next Week’s Releases: Witches, Wangs and Warriors

4d ago - A great week for Wii U owners who have a brace of exclusives that has other format holders seethi... | PC

Get a Free Kindle Fire HD!

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The Evil Within Trophy Guide

4d ago - The game may be scary, but there’s nothing scary about earning Trophies! Unlock them all with the... | Xbox 360

HITC's Weekend Playlist

4d ago - The team at HITC talk about the games they've been playing this week and into the weekend, includ... | PC

Evil Within Resident Evil eater egg

4d ago - The Evil Within Shinji Mikami’s new IP has payed tribute to the legendary Resident Evil in one o... | Xbox 360

$550 Alienware Alpha vs. PS4 and Xbox One - Graphics Comparison

4d ago - By Peter Brown: "Alienware's getting ready to launch its console-like gaming PC, the Alpha, in ju... | PC

FIFA 15 Formations List Viewer

4d ago - FIFPlay: There are 25 formations in FIFA 15 Ultimate Team. To preview them, select a formation fr... | PC

NBA 2K15 Tips: New York Knicks - Give it to Melo and J.R. Smith

4d ago - Christopher Buffa (Prima Games): Despite playing in The Big Apple, a place that produces basketba... | Xbox 360

Alien: Isolation Collect all 50 I.D. Tags – The Taken Trophy

4d ago - Josh Hawkins (Prima Games): Take a break from getting slaughtered in Alien: Isolation by collecti... | PC

You can upgrade your Advanced Warfare ScoreStreaks

4d ago - CarlosX360 Writes: "With a few weeks to go until Advanced Warfare lands on store shelves, Sledgeh... | PC

This is how the Destiny UI would look with some improvements

4d ago - Destiny’s elegant UI and general aesthetics design are one of its most redeeming qualities. That... | Xbox 360

Kits, Badges, Balls and Stadiums Guide for FIFA 15 Ultimate Team

4d ago - Kits, Badges, Balls and Stadiums, all have the common fact that they are all club items. These it... | Xbox

Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Pick 13 Create a Class Online Calculator

4d ago - For Call of Duty Advanced Warfare mulitplayer, we've built a fast and easy custom Pick 13 Create... | Xbox 360

Top 20 Just Dance Players To Compete Live At Paris Games Week

4d ago - Ubisoft and the Electronic Sports World Cup (ESWC) today announced the list of qualified Just Dan... | Xbox 360

Forza Horizon 2 Bonus Board Collections

4d ago - Chris from SuperCheats takes on Forza Horizon 2 and compiles a list of Bonus Board collections. T... | Xbox One

Digital Foundry's full face-off for The Evil Within

4d ago - Eurogamer: "The Evil Within is a good game, possibly even a great one, but what's clear after a... | PC

6 Beginner Tips for Surviving The Evil Within

4d ago - Here are some quick, spoiler free tips to help you survive the dark, gruesome world of newly rele... | PC

Tom Clancy's 'The Division' Game Release Date 2015: Three Studios Engaged to Develop Upcoming Game

5d ago - Tom Clancy's 'The Division' Game Release Date 2015: Three Studios Engaged to Develop Upcoming Game | PC

PS4 Game Release Dates

Now - For the most up-to-date release date info for PS4 games check | Promoted post

Madden 15 Simulation: Week 7 Predictions

5d ago - This week Madden 15 is once again here to predict the full slate of week 7 matchups. With plenty... | Xbox 360

Alien: Isolation - Collect all 151 Archive Logs, Voices of Sevastopol Trophy

5d ago - Josh Hawkins (Prima Games): Alien: Isolation is full of scary run for your life moments, along wi... | PC

Madden 15 Simulation: Thursday Night Football, Jets vs Patriots

5d ago - Thursday Night Football is ready to kick of week 7 of the NFL's schedule. Madden 15 is here to pr... | Xbox 360

Dragon Age: Inquisition Hero Of Thedas Trailer Analysis

5d ago - "There are a few juicy tidbits to take from Bioware's latest trailer." | PC

Will You Kill Bungie Staff Today?

5d ago - Clipping Error asks the gaming community if they'll be playing in Destiny's multiplayer, The Cruc... | PC
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