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'Battlefield Hardline' Class Guide - Class in Session: Operator

1d 17h ago - Examiner: "In order to either enforce the code or take home the riches, you’ll need the right loa... | PC

10 Last-Gen Games That Could Use The Definitive Edition Treatment

1d 20h ago - Remastering titles for the new generation of consoles has been a popular tool for game publishers... | PS4

See what games are coming out in 2015

Now - Visit our release calendar to see what games are coming out in 2015. | Promoted post

Oddworld: New ‘n’ Tasty (finally) coming to Xbox tomorrow

1d 20h ago - Two and a half years after it was first announced for an Xbox platform, Oddworld: New ‘n’ Tasty w... | Xbox One

How Should Devil May Cry Proceed?

1d 21h ago - OnlySP: I’m pretty happy with the Definitive Edition of DmC so far, it really helps to have that... | PC

GTA V graphical downgrade - Planned or developer oversight?

1d 23h ago - MWEB GameZone writes: "The long awaited Heists update for Grand GTAV has left a sour taste in the... | PS4

Why the Free to Play Model is Good for Gaming Industry

2d ago - A lot of people have found the F2P model to be frustrating when its not. In fact, the model can a... | PC

Why 8th Gen Consoles are Awesome Part 2: Xbox One

2d ago - In the 2nd part of this 3 part series, ThisGenGaming explains what makes the Xbox One an awesome... | Xbox One

Quality over Quantity

2d ago - Ben says, "With games like Gone Home and the “First person exploration” genre coming out to criti... | PC

Which Video Game Worlds Should Collide?

2d ago - "We have seen bizarre, and logical combinations of video game worlds. Square Enix and Disney’s “K... | PC

Life Is Strange Guide: How to Get All Optional Photo Achievements and Trophies

2d ago - Life Is Strange will up your Steam Achievements if you manage to find all the optional photos you... | PC

5 Reasons to Come to Terms with How Much You Need Life Is Strange

2d ago - You've perhaps heard about how many times Life Is Strange says the word "hella" already, but ther... | PC

4 Ways Tales from the Borderlands Will Show You the Light

2d ago - Still unsure about whether Tales from the Borderlands is for you? Well, this here list will give... | PC

These 5 Video Game Enemies Are Just the Worst

2d ago - There are some enemies that are fun to deal with, and others that just plain suck. These 5 are pr... | Xbox 360

GTA V Heists Totally Belong in These 5 Games

2d ago - With GTA V and Battlefield Hardline, heists may possibly end up being a big thing. We've got 5 ga... | PS4

Call Of Duty Championship: The Pleasure Of A Generation

2d ago - There are a lot of surprises in gaming, and a lot of adventures to be had; yet, none of them come... | Xbox One

7 New Worlds That Could Feature in Kingdom Hearts III

2d ago - A look at 7 worlds that may feature in the upcoming Kingdom Hearts game for PS4 and Xbox One. | PS4

Five Guest Characters I’d Like To See Join Mortal Kombat

2d ago - GeekParty writes: "I’m pretty disappointed by Netherealm's choices for guest characters. I’m sure... | Xbox 360

Timed Exclusives, Not Console Exclusives, Are The Future of Gaming

2d ago - VR World:"With the recent news of Dragon Age: Inquisition’s Jaws of Hakkon DLC being timed exclus... | PS4

Why Batman: Arkham Knight Will Be The Frontrunner for Game Of The Year 2015

2d ago - While there are plenty of potentially great games coming out this years such as Halo 5, MGS5 and... | PC

Battlefield: Hardline Multiplayer Tips

2d ago - Dealspwn: After easing ourselves in though Battlefield: Hardline's campaign (so much better than... | PC

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Batman Arkham Knight Could Be the Best Game Ever

2d ago - Rocksteady has managed to amaze gamers with every installment it has come out with. Given the Ark... | PC

7 Guys Who Are Definitely Not Going to Die Immediately

2d ago - OutsideXbox: If you're in good health, your chances of suddenly dropping dead are low. If you ar... | PC

Final Fantasy XV: 5 Awesome Things (And 5 That Suck)

2d ago - As the current build of Final Fantasy XV – a demo included only with Type-0 for now – is pretty r... | PS4

Life Is Strange Main Suspects In Missing Rachel Amber Case

2d ago - Life Is Strange is drenched in the mystery of what happened with Rachel Amber. The young girl jus... | Xbox 360

Remasters of the Universe - Are there too many remastered games out there?

2d ago - Andy writes - "Are remastered video games from older gen consoles getting to be too much? Should... | PS4
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