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WQ 29: What’s The Best Weapon?

16h ago - Noah says, "Weapons vary between thousands of games, thus that means there’s a lot of them. Howev... | PC

Far Cry 4's Worst Animals

16h ago - Kotaku: The creatures of Far Cry 4 make up a rich and varied ecology, largely split into two gro... | PC

The Games of December 2014

16h ago - Paul James writes "Nightmarish November is behind us, but as you slowly work through that already... | PC

Far Cry 4, As Told By Steam Reviews

17h ago - Kotaku: Now that Far Cry 4 has been out for a while, players have had a chance to experience its... | PC


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Deals, Steals, & Gear – Midweek Madness Black Friday Edition

17h ago - From GetGames.Cheap: "Here is the weekly round up of great deals, and steals for the gamer on a b... | PC

Madden 15 Simulation: Week 13 Predictions

18h ago - As week 13 of the NFL season rolls around, Madden 15 once again is ready to pick the winners. Com... | Xbox 360

18 Games Banned Across the World, and Why They Got the Ax

18h ago - GamesRadar - If you've been playing video games for more than five minutes, you know they have a... | PS2

The console you should get for Christmas is?

18h ago - MWEB GameZone Writes: "Always bet on a winning horse. The console you should get for Christmas is?" | PS4

10 Video Game Toilets You Don’t Want Any Part Of

18h ago - UM writes: "In our everyday lives, the restroom is designed to be a place of sanitation. While n... | PC

Thankful for these games in 2014

18h ago - Chalgyr's Game Room writes: For those of us in the United States, Thanksgiving weekend is upon... | PC

Seven good games you shouldn't have wasted your money on until Black Friday

18h ago - All of these games our quote on quote AAA games. They all had big budgets on production and adver... | Xbox 360

Assassin's Creed Unity Visual Analysis: PS4 vs PC vs Xbox One

18h ago - Game development has a number of steps in it. It isn't just artists visualizing their design and... | PC

This week's new UK releases

20h ago - GamesAsylum looks at the week's releases, including Pokémon Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire, Super Smas... | Nintendo DS

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare does right by women warriors

20h ago - The biggest surprise of the fall's AAA season was Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. The game is wel... | PS4

Communication Is Important in Dragon Age: Inquisition

20h ago - CheatCC - "I need a favor from all of you. It's important. Namely, the people who have a PS4, but... | PC

Is Everything Good About 'Minecraft' Gone?

21h ago - Forbes: Minecraft may have jumped the shark. It may be passed its prime. The phenomenon may be dw... | PC

Why Pagan Min's continued absence is key to Far Cry 4's narrative success

22h ago - As a large part of Ubisoft's marketing campaign, some have moaned that the flamboyant antagonist... | PC

Xbox One vs PS4 : Neck-and-neck but which is best for you?

22h ago - It was always going to be a hard-fought battle for supremacy in the next-gen console war, but wit... | PS4

The Crew: Alpha Test Results

22h ago - Article about The Crew Alpha Test. | PC

New Arkham Knight Trailer Breakdown

22h ago - A new gameplay trailer has surfaced for Rocksteady’s eagerly anticipated conclusion to their Arkh... | PC

Get paid to review products

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Agent Rum Moore Bringing You Video Game Rumours

22h ago - A fictional satirical piece about video game rumours. "An unidentifiable source recently conta... | PC

GTA V is gaming's best walk-em-up on PS4 and Xbox One

22h ago - MMGN: I love it when a game perfectly captures the mundane. Recently I was a big fan of Fantasy L... | PS4

2015 Video Game Release Schedule

22h ago - It wasn’t even September when readers started asking when we’d publish the initial list of 2015 r... | PC

Destiny: The Summoning Pits Nightfall Strike Guide for the Week of November 25th

22h ago - The Nightfall Strike for the week of November 25th is an exact repeat of the Nightfall Strike fro... | PS4

The Evil Without: Game-Breaking DLC

22h ago - Pre-order DLC is controversial for a number of reasons. But Automaton's Shehzaan Abdulla ponders... | PC
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