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Tales From The Borderlands: Episode 1 review – Zer0 Sum - Metro

12m ago - Metro: "The makers of The Walking Dead return to their comedy roots, with a companion series to... | PC

Tales From The Borderlands Premiere Review: Telltale’s Most Thrilling Game Series Yet? | GameNGuide

46m ago - The Walking Dead? The Wolf Among Us? With a single episode, Tales From The Borderlands shows that... | PC

Assassin's Creed Rogue review: Avast ye, clone - Joystiq

1h ago - Joystiq: "Here are just some of the things you can do in Assassin's Creed Rogue: climb a tower,... | PC

Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham Review [Capsule Computers]

1h ago - Andrew Day of Capsule Computers wrote: I love Batman, no secrets there. I also love just about... | PC

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Far Cry 4 Review | Good Game

1h ago - Far Cry 4 does feel very Far Cry 3.5 and the game is quite frustrating at times. But it's the mag... | PC

Tales from the Borderlands Episode 01 – Zer0 Sum Review - AMHNetwork

4h ago - Paul James writes "Choices made in this episode do not yet carry the same weight of those seen in... | PC

Assassin’s Creed Rogue (Xbox 360) | G3AR

8h ago - G3AR: "Assassin’s Creed Rogue is an ode to the lore of the franchise. It’s a darker story with a... | Xbox 360

Assassin's Creed Rogue Review | Entertainment Buddha

9h ago - Entertainment Buddha's Nick Hershey writes: "The final PlayStation 3 rendition of the Assassin’s... | Xbox 360

Review: Escape Dead Island (New Gamer Nation)

10h ago - New Gamer Nation writes: "Like it or not, zombies have made their mark on society at large. Some... | Xbox 360

The Wolf Among Us Review (Xbox One/PS4) - CramG

10h ago - A review of Telltale Games' Fabled inspired point and click episodic adventure game The Wolf Amon... | PC

Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham Review | GameGrin

11h ago - GameGrin's Reece Armstrong: "Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham strives to be bigger than its predecess... | PC

Far Cry 4 Review | CoinOpTV

12h ago - Far Cry 4 is basically a prettier and more refined version of Far Cry 3. The story is similar in... | PC

Lords of the Fallen Review | GameGrin

12h ago - GameGrin's Joe Pring writes: "There’s no point in tiptoeing around it: Lords Of The Fallen is a g... | PC

Tales from the Borderlands: Episode 1 (review) - Cheatcc

15h ago - Cheatcc: "Tales From the Borderlands is the latest game from Telltale, the studio that brought y... | PC

Escape Dead Island Review - TXH

15h ago - Neil writes "Escape Dead Island aims to fill a gap, tell a story and bring us a little more zombi... | PC

Far Cry 4 (PS4) Review - Cgmagonline

17h ago - Cgmagonline: "Let’s start with a cliché, shall we? If you liked Far Cry 3 and want more of the s... | PC

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Achieves Shooting Glory - Gameindustry

18h ago - GI: "You all know me; I’m a huge Call of Duty fan. I play it all the time and even go as far as... | PC

MX vs ATV Supercross Review (Invision Game Community)

18h ago - MX vs ATV Supercross is the newest installment in the motorbike and quad bike racing enthusiasts... | Xbox 360

Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions review: the other side - Polygon

18h ago - Polygon: "Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions is standing in the shadow of Technicolor giants. While... | Xbox 360

Review: Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions - Destructoid

18h ago - Destructoid: "Geometry Wars games have always been, in a sense, one-dimensional. They present th... | PC

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Tetris Ultimate Review | Gamereactor UK

20h ago - GR-UK writes: "So it's Tetris, that much is clear. But is it Ultimate? Well, it's as ultimate as... | PC

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Review | The Skinny

20h ago - The Skinny writes: Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare is a coherent package. It’s polished and full o... | PC

WWE 2K15 – A Glorified Disappointment review by GamEngage

20h ago - It’s a nice thing to have a reputation for typically doing great things, but it’s quite stressful... | Xbox 360

Far Cry 4 review: what has Ubisoft prepared for us this time? / GameSpace

20h ago - GameSpace: "Far Cry - one of the most popular and insane game series of Ubisoft - got the new ins... | PC

Review: Tales from the Borderlands: Zer0 Sum - Destructoid

20h ago - Destructoid: "When Tales from the Borderlands was announced, it was met with cautious optimism.... | PC
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