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Grand Theft Auto V - Review "Setting the Standards" | My Games Lounge

20h ago - A full written review of the PC, PS4 and PS3 versions of GTA V. You may have heard its a bit good... | PC

The Legend of Kay Anniversary Review - Old School Platforming Fun | TerminalGamer

23h ago - It's been ten long years since Legend of Kay was released for the PlayStation 2. Can a remastered... | PC

Win a Pro-Painted Ghorgon!

Now - Turbo Tape Games is pleased to announce a contest for an exclusive Ghorgon miniature hand-painted by Dave Taylor! | Promoted post

CeX Review- Lego Jurassic World

23h ago - Denis Murphy writes- Jurassic Park was my Star Wars, and I'm sure this was the case for many of y... | Xbox 360

CGM Reviews: King’s Quest Chapter 1: A Knight to Remember

1d 4h ago - It’s fitting, then, that The Odd Gentlemen’s episodic King’s Quest revival feels so much like a l... | PC

Review–King’s Quest: A Knight to Remember [Pixel Dynamo]

1d 4h ago - Pixel Dynamo reviews the first chapter of The Odd Gentlemen's King's Quest episodic series and ca... | PC

Life Is Strange: Episode 4 - Dark Room Review | NoobFeed

1d 9h ago - NoobFeed Editor Artemis Writes: "Life Is Strange: Episode 4 - Dark Room is a great penultimate ep... | PC

ZTGD | Life is Strange: Episode 4 – Dark Room Review

1d 12h ago - Drew Leachman writes: First and foremost, no spoilers. In fact, I’m afraid to even talk about the... | PC

Battlefield Hardline - Review | Brilliantly Epic

2d ago - Battlefield Hardline has looked interesting since the first trailer, and the end game is no diffe... | PC

Life is Strange Episode 4: Dark Room - Review | My Games Lounge

2d ago - A full written review of Dark Room, the latest Life is strange episode. MGL: Dark Room really... | PC

Life is Strange Episode 4 review | Gamereactor UK

2d ago - GR-UK writes: "There is no doubt that Life is Strange ranks among our most memorable game experie... | PC

Life is Strange Episode 4 – “The Dark Room” Review | GameSpew

2d ago - "An emotional rollercoaster from the second the screen lights up, Life is Strange episode 4 has r... | PC

Game of Thrones – Episode Five: A Nest of Vipers (GamerHeadlines)

2d ago - Telltale’s Game of Thrones – Episode 5 starts high but snowballs down hill, hard. It’s hard to fe... | PC

Game of Thrones – A Telltale Game Series: A Nest of Vipers Review [Capsule Computers]

2d ago - Travis Bruno of Capsule Computers writes: "With Telltale’s Game of Thrones series being set fo... | PC

King’s Quest Chapter 1: A Knight to Remember Review | GodisaGeek

2d ago - Adam Cook: "A Knight to Remember is a wonderful, mostly self-enclosed story that leaves you looki... | PC

Startech USB 2.0 HD PVR Video Game Capture Card - Hardware Review | Chalgyr's Game Room

3d ago - Chalgyr's Game Room writes: Startech is relatively well known in computer hardware as they man... | PC

Life is Strange Episode 4 Review - Arcadia's Little Liars | The Koalition

3d ago - Just when you think things can't get any worse, they do. Read The Koalition's review of Dark Room... | PC

Life is Strange Episode 4 Dark Room review - 1080Players

3d ago - The 4th installment of DontNod's Life is Strange released yesterday and immediately surpassed the... | PC

Life is Strange - Episode 4 - Dark Room Review | OnlySP

3d ago - OnlySP: DONTNOD's Life is Strange's narrative has paralleled the the trajectory of the massive to... | PC

Legend of Kay Anniversary Xbox 360 Review - Gamezone

3d ago - Legend of Kay Anniversary launched on a number of platforms this week after originally releasing... | Xbox 360

King's Quest charms and delights in its episodic revival | Eurogamer

3d ago - It's funny to think that it wasn't so long ago that the idea of "episodic games" was a weird nove... | PC

Looking for a great Pokemon Community?

Now - Look no further. Join us at the BulbaGarden Forums, the best community for everything Pokemon | Promoted post

The Walking Dead Season 2 – Episodes 3-5 – Better Late Than Neverdead- Gameondaily Review

3d ago - "There’s tardy and there’s slower than an asthmatic slug with type 2 diabetes. This probably make... | PC

Review: Life Is Strange Episode 4: Dark Room -- Hardcore Gamer

3d ago - Hardcore Gamer writes: "The meticulous preparation, timing and execution necessary for effectivel... | PC

Life is Strange Episode 4: Dark Room Review | Hey Poor Player

3d ago - Life is Strange Episode 4 is high-adrenaline, high-development, and high-tears. | PC

[WKG] LEGO Jurassic World Review

3d ago - We Know Gamer's fellow LEGO master Chris Locke looks to tackle some dinosaurs in LEGO Jurassic Wo... | PC

Life is Strange Episode 4 - Darkroom Review [Dealspwn]

3d ago - Dealspwn: An overlong episode, but one bookended with some terrific scenes. The impacts of the ti... | PC
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