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ScreamRide Review | Game Over

1h ago - GO: ScreamRide is a bit of a surprise on the Xbox One’s library. It’s a cross-gen game, of which... | Xbox 360

Screamride Review | Gaming Trend

1h ago - GT: ScreamRide is a Microsoft exclusive title that has successfully fused the creative depth of... | Xbox 360

Middle-earth Shadow of Mordor: The Bright Lord DLC Review: Absolute Power | WASDuk

1h ago - WASDuk's Gareth Returns to MOARDOR to check out the latest Shadow of Mordor DLC - The Bright Lord... | PC

Resident Evil Revelations 2: Episode 2 Review I Destructoid

1h ago - The good times keep rolling in Episode 2 with a great atmosphere, more Raid levels, and an compel... | PC

Oscar Prediction Contest

Now - Join us on Filmwatch as we again celebrate the Oscars with our annual prediction contest. Check here for details. | Promoted post

Screamride Review | NZGamer

1h ago - NZG: I really hope the rumours about Microsoft working on a virtual reality headset are true, be... | Xbox 360

Screamride Review | Gamerevolution

1h ago - GR: Screamride is a curious beast. It's the spiritual successor to RollerCoaster Tycoon by Front... | Xbox 360

Screamride Review - Ups and Downs | Metro GameCentral

1h ago - Metro GameCentral - The first major Xbox exclusive of the year is a twisted fairground sim from t... | Xbox 360

ScreamRide Review - Mouse n Joypad

1h ago - Johnny writes-"We have all been there, standing in the theme parks looking up at the wonderous sn... | Xbox 360

Game of Thrones: The Lost Lords Review - The Digital Fix

1h ago - Second episodes always tend to be a little tricky to pull off - you’ve had your first episode to... | PC

Screamride Review | GamesRadar

2h ago - GamesRadar - Ever since games like RollerCoaster Tycoon and Theme Park gave me the key to my very... | Xbox 360

Screamride Review | Official Xbox Magazine UK

2h ago - Official Xbox Magazine UK - Some enterprising developer at Frontier must have seen the joyful cha... | Xbox 360

Resident Evil Revelations 2 Episode 1 Review - TXH

2h ago - Neil writes "From the very first press of the start button and the initial cry of ‘Resident Evil’... | PC

Screamride Review | Purexbox

2h ago - Purexbox: Every so often – with increasing rarity – a game comes along that provides genuine dos... | Xbox 360

Screamride review: life on rails | Polygon

2h ago - Polygon: There's more to Screamride than is immediately apparent in its premise. Yes, it's fu... | Xbox 360

Resident Evil Revelations 2: Episode 2 Review | IGN

2h ago - IGN: With its furious pace, tough boss battles and punishing lack of supplies, Resident Evil Rev... | PC

Screamride Review | TheSixthAxis

2h ago - TheSixthAxis - Pegged as a spiritual successor to Rollercoaster Tycoon, British studio Frontier D... | Xbox 360

Screamride Review | Game Informer

2h ago - Game Informer - I have spent many happy hours tormenting patrons in the Roller Coaster Tycoon ser... | Xbox 360

Screamride Review | AOTF

2h ago - AOTF: Frontier Developments first came onto the scene in the mid 1990s, but they did not hit the... | Xbox 360

GamesAsylum - Resident Evil Revelations 2: Episode One – Review

3h ago - GamesAsylum: "Capcom’s first foray into episodic gaming doesn’t mess around. During a casual even... | Xbox 360

ScreamRide Review | Digital Chumps

3h ago - DC: ScreamRide is a versatile commitment to the logistics of testing, building, and destroying f... | Xbox 360

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate (3DS) Review

Now - Drew checks out his favorite hunting simulator. | Promoted post

Screamride review | Eurogamer

3h ago - Eurogamer: Frontier has been quietly cornering the market in theme park builders of late, with t... | Xbox 360

Screamride Review | Gaming Nexus

3h ago - GN: I'm sure everyone at one time or another has played a Roller Coaster Tycoon game and who wou... | Xbox 360

Screamride Review | Gamespot

3h ago - Gamespot: As fun as it is, there's something rather...disturbing...about Screamride. A game abou... | Xbox 360

Screamride Review | WGTC

3h ago - WGTC: As a kid, I was always petrified of roller coasters. Their intense speed and feeling of we... | Xbox 360

ScreamRide Review | XBA

3h ago - XBA: You can almost hear the sighs of relief coming from Frontier’s Cambridge offices. Freed fr... | Xbox 360
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