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Something epic you may have missed in Destiny

2d ago | Video | "For the past few days I have been obsessively playing Destiny, along my journey I ran into something pretty interesting.What I found was a large skirmish between high level Hive and high level Fal...

The Walking Dead Season 2: Episode 4 Walkthrough

14h ago | Video | One Angry Gamer "Need a playthrough or walkthrough of Telltale Games’ latest episode of The...

The Evil Within - 16 Minutes Of New Gameplay Footage Revealed

4d ago | Video | YouTube’s PewDiePie has shared a new video walkthrough from The Evil Within, showing 16 minutes o...

Watch NFL Rookies react to their Madden NFL 15 ratings

1d 10h ago | Video | GameZone's Matt Liebl: "Earlier this month, I w...

Here’s Almost 17 Minutes of New Gameplay for The Evil Within

2d ago | Video | Once again the catch is to posses the ability to put up with PewDiePie’s incessant ramblings. The insanely popular Youtube personality has uploaded the second part to his E3 demo gameplay of The Ev...

Compare the Destiny PS4 and PS3 Beta Graphics in This New Video

2d ago | Video | Destiny is a game that spans console generations. The game comes out on September 9th, for the Xb...

Destiny Pays Homage to Halo: Enemies Tea-Bag Dead Players in PS4 Beta

4d ago | Video | Halo is one of the games, if not the game, that popularized tea-bagging and turned it into a glob...

The History of Mortal Kombat (1992-2014)

1d 19h ago | Video | Power Up Gaming takes a look at the history of the Mortal Kombat franchise, which is still going...

Yes, Your Guardian Has a Voice in Destiny: You Can Hear Them All Here

3d ago | Video | Many aren’t exactly fans of the “silent protagonist” narrative style, and Destiny‘s alpha made th...

Destiny Bunker RAS 2 Found – Ghost Fragment Legends 2

2d ago | Video | A player has found a glitch in the Destiny beta that allowed him to fall trough the map and found...

Incredible Shenmue Minecraft Mod video

1d 11h ago | Video | A look at Shenmue Minecraft style in this amazing video which has taken some two years to ma...

Destiny Ghost Voice Comparison (Alpha vs. Beta)

4d ago | Video | The voice acting of Peter Dinklage's Ghost has dramatically changed in the new Destiny Beta...

Mighty No. 9 New Work-in-Progress Gameplay Footage

3d ago | Video | Comcept and Inti Creates have released new gameplay footage showing a few glimpses of Call, Beck'...

Action Packed Destiny Beta Gameplay Video

2d ago | Video | Although struggling to get used to playing a shooter on a controller vs a mouse and keyboard, Ske...

Destiny Cross Generation play demo video

3d ago | Video | A video which demonstrates the cross generation play where gamers can play with friends on PS3 an...

Destiny Beta Gameplay - The First 45 Minutes

6d ago | Video | GR-UK writes: "Sony has confirmed some connectivity issues with regards to PSN (there's also issu...

Destiny Beta Gameplay Video

4d ago | Video | Skewed and Reviewed have posted some video of the opening segments of the Destiny Beta. The...

XBA Video: Let's Play - Destiny Beta

4d ago | Video | XBA presents: Lots of lovely Destiny beta gameplay footage.

Top 5 Evolution 2014 Moments

6d ago | Video | DSOGaming writes: "Evolution 2014 was a blast. There were so many surprises, so many comebac...

The Wolf Among Us: Episode One- Faith FULL Playthrough

6d ago | Video | takes you through the first ep...

Destiny Beta Multiplayer Footage

5d ago | Video | GodisaGeek: "The time is almost upon us. At the end of the summer, when the kids are heading...

Star Wars Battlefront 3: Three Game Modes DICE Could Make

6d ago | Video | Bioware has shown what they're capable of in th...

BF4 Radio Easter Egg In Dragon’s Teeth – Kraken Easter Egg?

5d ago | Video | The new BF4 Radio Easter Egg has been discovere...
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