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  Alex's Story

By Alexander Presthus, Co-Founder at Lumi Game AS. 1987 was a fairly ordinary year in terms of world events, Margareth Thatcher was elected for...

Xbox 360 Videocasts  

Will David Hayter Star in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain After All?

13h ago - Push Square: "Metal Gear Solid overlord Hideo Kojima loves a good ruse – and we reckon that he’s... | Xbox 360

Show of the Week: Mass Effect's 7 Most Deranged Renegade Moments

17h ago - OutsideXbox: As the last generation of consoles recedes into the distance, Show of the Week take... | PC

Let's Play Minecraft - Episode 111 - Jack's Nightmare

21h ago - The AH Crew is back playing more Minecraft! This week the lads and gents play "Jack's Nightmare." | PC

Let's Play - Titanfall Part 6

22h ago - The AH Crew is back with the sixth installment of Let's Play - Titanfall. | PC

Start Making Games for the PS4

Now - Want to design the next generation of video games? Start learning game design today. Click for more info on how to get started. | Promoted post

Let's Play - Watch Dogs

22h ago - Join the AH Crew as they play "Watch Dogs!" | PC

Beasts of the Week in Geek Ep. 20 – CliffyB, Destiny, and More

1d 5h ago - EB's Matt Heywood writes, "Well we dusted off the old Beasts of the Week in Geek vlog series to m... | PC

Fails of the Weak Volume 199

1d 19h ago - Ray and Geoff bring you this week's Fails of the Weak in Halo 4 and Halo Reach! | Xbox 360

Rage Quit - Cow Catch

1d 23h ago - Michael is back playing "Cow Catch" with another episode of Rage Quit! | Xbox 360

The Patch #60

2d ago - The Patch Discusses RTX | PC

How to: Titanfall, Game Update Four

2d ago - Joel and Adam take you through the intricacies of the game four update by cursing and screaming a... | PC

Achievement Hunt #37

3d ago - This week's Achievement HUNT, brings you Jack vs. Geoff. | PC

Things to do in Watch Dogs - Bunny Hop

3d ago - Geoff, Ray, and Michael show you how to play "Bunny Hop" in Watch Dogs. | PC

Achievement Hunter Presents: GO #37

4d ago - In the 37th episode of GO!, the first person who gets three player kills in GTA V becomes this we... | Xbox 360

Trials Files #112

4d ago - Geoff and Jack bring you this week's edition of Trials Files! | PC

Let's Play - Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark

4d ago - Join the AH crew as they play "Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark." | PC

Let's Build in Minecraft - Monopoly Part 2

4d ago - Geoff and Gavin are back building in Minecraft for "Monopoly Part 2." | PC

Level-Start 19: Are You Bro Enough?

4d ago - "This week we talk about Broforce, a fun new indie action side-scroller. Why Is Kinect for PC so... | PC

Halo at RTX 2014

4d ago - Bravo: If you weren't able to make it out to RTX this weekend and see Halo: The Master Chief C... | Xbox 360

Let's Play - GTA V - Path to Insanity

5d ago - The AH Crew is back playing "Path of Insanity" in GTA V! | Xbox 360

Fails of the Weak 187 Volume 198

7d ago - Jack and Geoff bring you this week's Fails of the Weak in Halo 4 and Halo Reach! | Xbox 360

ORIGIN PC - High Performance Gaming PCS

Now - Get 6 games for FREE when you purchase a gaming desktop with two identical AMD Radeon™ HD 7900 Series Graphics Cards in Crossfire! | Promoted post

Let's Play Minecraft - Episode 110 - Monopoly Part 2

7d ago - The AH crew is back playing Monopoly in this week's Let's Play Minecraft! | PC

Level-Start 18: The Assetto Corsa Road Trip

8d ago - "Project CARS lookout. Today T-42 takes a trip to view some early access footage of Assetto Corsa... | PC

Player Attack TV: July 4 2014, SE2 EP21

8d ago - This week, Player Attack chats to Scott Porter about his move into voice acting - he's now the vo... | PC

VS Episode 70: Gavin vs. Ryan

8d ago - Achievement Hunter discovered a VS that was thought to be lost to the grips of the spacetime cont... | Xbox 360

The Patch #59

9d ago - The Patch Discusses Early Access | PC
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