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MSNBC's Mika Calls Video Game Makers Just as 'Reprehensible' as Murderous Dictator

10h ago | Video | Complex: Yesterday we reported how former Panamanian dictator Manuel Noriega was filing a lawsuit against Call of Duty publisher, Activision. The suit claims that Activision is guilty of "blatan...

The unkillable enemies in the Destiny beta have been killed.

1d 23h ago | Video | "In the Destiny Beta there are enemies which have their levels marked as “???” when you shoot them the damage doesn’t register and instead the word “Immune” pops up. Because of that many players ha...

The Top 10 Most Epic Moments from the Destiny Beta as Told by Xbox

17h ago | Video | Twinfinite: Yeah, the Destiny beta is set to close today, think of it more as a "see ya later" th...

Ubisoft Shares an Exciting Behind the Scenes Look at Far Cry 4

17h ago | Video | Twinfinite: Here's a behind the scenes look at Far Cry 4 and its interesting development.

Scientifically accurate Sonic the Hedgehog is so funny yet so gross

1d 13h ago | Video | It's always fun to realize that all your favorite childhood characters are completely disgusting...

First Glimpse of Male and Female Armor Designs in Next Mass Effect

1d 11h ago | Image | Hardcore Gamer: During Bioware's "Charting a Course: Developing the Next Mass Effect" panel at Co...

How To Get Rare Weapons And Armor Easily In The Destiny Beta

3d ago | Video | If you are wondering how to get rare weapons and armor in destiny watch the video guide below:

Destiny cross generation images show which version looks best

4d ago | Screenshot | A series of high resolution images showing off Xbox 360 vs PS3, and then comparing them to their...

Destiny Beta: Moon mission - 100 HD screenshots

1d 10h ago | Screenshot | Destiny Beta: here are 100 HD screenshots taken from Moon mission (PlayStation 4 version). E...

Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor Story Trailer – The Bright Lord Released

2d ago | Trailer | Today at San Diego Comic-Con, Warner Bros. Inte...

Destiny Xbox 360 vs Xbox One - is the next gen upgrade worth it?

3d ago | Video | Is it worth upgrading from Xbox 360 to Xbox One...

Destiny Graphics Comparison of PS4, Xbox One, PS3, and Xbox 360

3d ago | Video | GameVerb writes: A detailed breakdown of Destin...

Something epic you may have missed in Destiny

6d ago | Video | "For the past few days I have been obsessively playing Destiny, along my journey I ran into...

Byakugo Sakura Powers Her Way to Naruto Storm Revolution

4d ago | Image | She powers her way to Bandai Namco Games and Cy...

Destiny - Vanguard Armory Pre-Order Bonus Trailer

6d ago | Trailer | Vanguard Armory Pre-Order Bonus Trailer of Destiny.

Compare the Destiny PS4 and PS3 Beta Graphics in This New Video

6d ago | Video | Destiny is a game that spans console generation...

FIFA 15 - Two New Screenshots

6d ago | Screenshot | FIFPlay: Two new screenshots of EA Sports FIFA 15, showing PSG and Dempsey in action.

Project Cars dynamic weather screenshots

5d ago | Screenshot | Here's some stunning screenshots of Project Cars.
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The Patch #62

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