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Bring it Back #4: Darkstalkers

8h ago - Darkstalkers started as one of the best looking 2D fighting games of its time back in 1994. W... | Xbox 360

Amazon Video Game Deals of the Week: 8/4 Update

8h ago - Gamerdeals: "Amazon has updated their video game deals section with discounts and price matchi... | Nintendo DS

'Warhammer: Arcane Magic' - a Digital Boardgame for iOS

Now - Arcane Magic is a turn based strategy game set in the Warhammer universe. Play it now on Ipad and Iphone. | Promoted post

PES 2016: Love the Past, Play the Future

8h ago - Konami celebrates 20 years of Pro Evolution Soccer with PES 2016. | PC

New Rise of the Tomb Raider Poster Revealed

8h ago - Developer Crystal Dynamics have revealed the second poster for the upcoming action-adventure game... | Xbox 360

Call of Duty Advanced Warfare New Update, Reckoning DLC Now Available On Xbox Live

8h ago - A new Call of Duty Advanced Warfare update and the new Reckoning DLC pack are now available for d... | Xbox 360

Scope Some New CoD: Black Ops III Screens

8h ago - EB: "Black Ops III sports the futuristic look of Advanced Warfare, with high-tech guns and wallru... | PC

The Charming World of Cobalt Exposed in New Xbox One Screenshots

8h ago - EB: Oxeye Game Studio’s Cobalt is coming to the Xbox One and Xbox 360 this fall, so to get player... | PC

Turtle Beach reveals gaming headset lineup and more for Gamescom 2015

8h ago - Turtle Beach has reveal its lineup of gaming headsets and other products for Gamescom 2015. | PC

Treyarch on Call of Duty: If you liked Black Ops 2 you'll love Black Ops 3

9h ago - Changes are inherent in gaming as an industry as well as in franchises that have seen multiple in... | PC

Let's Play - GTA V - Guest Stars & Explosions

10h ago - Geoff, Ryan, Jack, Jeremy, Michael and special guest star Colton Dunn play some GTA. | PC

Call of Duty Black Ops II Still Has Over 11 Million Monthly Users

11h ago - Activision's Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 still manages to pull in more monthly players three years... | PC

Life Is Strange Episode 4: Dark Room Review | GamesBeat

12h ago - "Dark Room doesn’t give you much room to complain, unless you hate things that make you have feel... | PC

No Cabal love, Ghost engrams, & 'Destiny' locales with Art Director Michael Zak

12h ago - By now, Destiny players are very familiar with the way that downloadable content works. Gamers us... | PC

Call of Duty: Black Ops III Looks Positively Stunning in New 4K Screenshots of Single & Multiplayer

12h ago - Today Activision delivered via press release a few new screenshots of upcoming Call of Duty: Blac... | PC

Halo eSports Making A Comeback

12h ago - Today at Gamescom Halo has made a giant impact on their standpoint in eSports yet again. Hoping t... | Xbox

How Assassin's Creed keeps it fresh: part two

12h ago - G4@Syfygames' Tony Nguyen continues his thoughts about the Assassin's Creed series by talking abo... | Xbox 360

The ridiculous design behind a key scene in Life Is Strange

14h ago - GamesBeat: We hear a lot about choice in games lately, but we don’t always get a chance to see ho... | PC

King’s Quest: A Knight to Remember Video Review | Entertainment Buddha

15h ago - EB: The new King’s Quest, developed by The Odd Gentlemen, released last week in the form of its f... | PC

A Quick Look at the Mafia Series Ahead of the Mafia III Gamescom Reveal

16h ago - OnlySP: Gamescom will be here in mere hours, and the staff at OnlySP are looking forward to quite... | PC

New gameplay screenshots for Rise of the Tomb Raider at Gamescom 2015

17h ago - New Gamescom 2015 screenshots have been revealed for the upcoming Rise of the Tomb Raider. | PC

Do You Suffer From Open World Fatigue?

Now - The open-world format has become prevalent, is it too much? | Promoted post

Bling up your Xbox avatar with a free Bing t-shirt

17h ago - Dealspwn: I remember a friend once saying to me "Bing...the worlds best search engine, if you nee... | Xbox 360

Xbox briefing @ Gamescom 2015 - Was it any good?

17h ago - Neil writes "Gamescom 2015 kicked off in style with Xbox taking to the stage to bring us the late... | PC

Top Games from Microsoft’s Gamescom Briefing

17h ago - Microsoft had a very successful E3 back in June but there were a few key games I was hoping to se... | Xbox 360

Remember Peter Dinklage in Destiny With These Iconic Lines

19h ago - Destiny may be leaving Peter Dinklage behind, but we sure won't. A tribute to our faithful Dinkle... | Xbox 360

FIFA 16 playable first on Xbox, with exclusive Legends to boot

19h ago - Sony customers remain under transfer embargo | PC
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