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Metal Gear Solid and the Courage to be Weird

7h ago - Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain is finally upon us. While there's no telling if it will swe... | PC

Black ops 3 zombies leak reveals prestige icons

8h ago - Black ops 3 zombies ranks and icons have been leaked today by one | PC

Top 5 Games To Play in September

Now - August was a great month with many good games. Let's see if this month's game releases can deliver the same amount of excitement... | Promoted post

10 Spoiler-Free Tips For Everyone Starting MGS V: The Phantom Pain

8h ago - GI After years of waiting, gamers are finally playing Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain tod... | PC

Brock Lesnar WWE 2K16 Entrance Video Revealed

8h ago - Hardcore Gamer - WWE 2K16's entrance video for Brock Lesnar has been released, and features an up... | PC

6 Ways Minecraft Can Revolutionise Your Mind

8h ago - Despite popular opinion remaining sceptical, video games certainly have a place in our lives. Ski... | PC

The Top 6 Best Indies Found at PAX Prime 2015

9h ago - PAX Prime 2015 had quite a few experiences on hand, but there were a few that stood out head and... | PC

Tips For Playing Metal Gear Solid V

9h ago - Kotaku So you just woke up from a nine-year coma, you’re missing an arm, and there’s a giant h... | PC

Take a look at the second WRC 5 trailer

9h ago - Following the slightly underwhelming reveal trailer back in July, Kylotonn Games have now release... | PC

Could Metal Gear Solid V Beat Fallout 4 For That Elusive 2015 Game Of The Year Spot?

9h ago - ThisGenGaming says "The Game Awards will be coming later this year, and even though it may seem l... | PC

New Interview with Yu Suzuki, Producer of the “Shenmue” Series

9h ago - After announcing the production of Shenmue 3 at this year’s E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo), t... | PC

Rugby League Live 3 Full Team List Revealed

10h ago - Ahead of its Australian release on September 10, Power Up Gaming can today reveal the full list o... | PC

GTA V Might Meet Its Match In The Face Of Crackdown 3

10h ago - GTA 5 Cheats considers whether Crackdown 3 might be able to match the success of Grand Theft Auto V. | PC

Kojima Is in Tokyo Hunting the Collector's Edition of MGSV: The Phantom Pain

10h ago - Hideo Kojima shows us his trip around Tokyo, from Akiba to Shibuya, hunting for the Collector's E... | PC

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain review – the ultimate sneaking mission | Metro

11h ago - Metro: Years of development, and controversy, are over and the new Metal Gear Solid is finally o... | PC

10 reasons why you should pick up Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain today

11h ago - PS Blog: After years of development, the long awaited Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain is fi... | PC

MGS V Unboxing: Kojima's Name Is Nowhere To be Found On The Game

12h ago - Metal gear Solid V has come out and it's official Kojima's Studio is nowhere to be found on the g... | PC

Metal Gear Online Goes Live October 6th

12h ago - The online multiplayer component of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain is included with the mai... | PC

Video Game Weekly Deals – 09/02 Update from Amazon & others (US)

12h ago - September is here, and for some of you this means going back to school, or to work. But you mi... | Nintendo DS

Interview with Nick Yu (Comcept – Producer) of ‘Mighty No. 9′

13h ago - An interview with Nick Yu of 'Mighty No. 9'. | PC

Why the Metal Gear Solid V Servers are Down

13h ago - "Konami has revealed that some of the features for MGS V have been disabled because the servers a... | PC

Killer Instinct: Season 2 (XB1) Review

Now - Drew finally reviews the complete Season 2 of Killer Instinct. | Promoted post

Metal Gear Solid V- Collector's Edition Unboxing

13h ago - On the fence whether or not you should pick up the collector’s edition of Metal Gear Sold V? Let... | PC

Destiny: The Taken King – Court of Oryx Livestream Teaser Trailer

13h ago - EB: Bungie has released a new teaser for the third and final Destiny: The Taken King Bungie lives... | Xbox 360

Head to head: The FIFA 16 Beta vs. The PES 2016 demo

13h ago - With both popular soccer franchises available in preview forms in recent days, GameCrate takes a... | Xbox 360

5 Reasons to be Excited for Destiny: The Taken King

13h ago - The Taken King is shaping up to be everything Destiny should have been. | Xbox 360

Call of Duty: Black Ops III - First Play

13h ago - In a dystopian future, battles wont be fought in the air, or on the sea - oh no! The real battles... | PC
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