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Dragon Age: Inquisition - BioWare forgot which hand "The Mark" is on

4h ago - It appears that someone in BioWare's art department for Dragon Age: Inquisition forgot which hand... | PC

New Video Game Releases: What Gamers Want for the Week of 11-24-14

5h ago - EB's Matt Heywood writes, "Well gamers the fall AAA release rush has finally ended, giving our wa... | PC

Dragon Age Inquisition: Guide to Becoming a Knight-Enchanter

5h ago - Having trouble becoming a Knight-Enchanter? Here's a step by step guide showing you EXACTLY how t... | PC

Dragon Age Inquisition Gold Farming Guide – How to Earn Gold Fast

8h ago - There is a scarcity of gold in Thedas and you will not take long to realize this. | PC

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Destiny – Level 31 Hunter with Exotic and Legendary Gear

9h ago - The Destiny database has uncovered a level 31 Hunter while the Dark Below dlc isn’t even out yet.... | Xbox 360

Next Week’s Releases and Cheapest Prices: Bro Beatings and and Sackboy Siblings

10h ago - Dealspwn writes: What a week for Nintendo fans! New Pokémon remakes and a brand new Persona title... | PC

'Assassin's Creed: Unity' Makes A Strong Case For Video Game Recalls

15h ago - Video games aren’t recalled very often, in spite of the leagues of problems plaguing many of the... | PC

Zombies in Grand Theft Auto V

16h ago - With the upcoming launch on PC, GTA 5 Cheats relooks at whether zombies will make it to Grand The... | PC

9 Games That Will Get You In the Mood For Christmas (retro or fresh)

17h ago - GamerBolt: "Look, no one is trying to say that these are the most fantastic or awe-inspiring tile... | PC

The Ultimate Video Game Christmas Guide For Parents (2014)

17h ago - GamerBolt: "This article will help you to decide what’s hot and what’s not." | Nintendo DS

What The Story Of 'Far Cry 4′ Gets Right

18h ago - On the surface, Far Cry 4 seems like a fairly simple story. You’ve got your loathsome villain, Pa... | PC

Black Friday: The Ultimate Guide - Console bundle bargains, games deals, and utter retail madness

20h ago - Dealspwn writes: Black Friday Week is almost upon us, although with the scorching console bundle... | PC

Far Cry 4's Devil Birds Are The Worst

20h ago - Kotaku - If I had to sum up people's reaction to Far Cry 4 in a single sentence, it would have t... | PC

The Dragon Age Saga - Part One Of A Playthrough Epic

22h ago - Nerd Rock from the Sun writes: Nerd Rock writer, Trevor Coelho, is on a mission to do a back-to-b... | Xbox 360

In Game Advertising; A Double Edge Sword

22h ago - Will games soon become as over-saturated with ads as the real world? | PC

Inside Shangri-La: The Mythology of Far Cry 4

1d 6h ago - One of the most interesting elements of Far Cry 4 is a series of side quests that unfold in the m... | PC

5 crazy GTA Online moments

1d 6h ago - GTA Online is out now for the PS4 and Xbox One. Time for some crazy moments in this game. | Xbox 360

Far Cry 4: Unlock All Signature Weapons Guide

1d 6h ago - Need to upgrade your weapons in Far Cry 4, for that find or complete the tasks to unlock all the... | PC

Dragon Age Inquisition Bonds Form More Naturally

1d 6h ago - Technology Tell writes, "What makes this interaction so important is that the response had nothin... | PC

Ubisoft could work on an Assassin's Creed for Kids

1d 7h ago - Comments from an Ubisoft staffer have suggested that the Assassin's Creed franchise might continu... | PC

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Why Red Dead Redemption is still Rockstar's best game

1d 9h ago - A Pixelated View saddles up to take a look back at the Wild Western world of Red Dead Redemption... | Xbox 360

Opinion: Call of Duty's confounding treatment of co-op

1d 9h ago - Advanced Warfare was just the latest Call of Duty game to include a co-op multiplayer experience... | PC

GTA 5 SUV: Benefactor Serrano

1d 10h ago - The Benefactor Serrano is a luxury crossover SUV in GTA 5. The Benefactor Serrano resembles the M... | Xbox 360

Unity Fiasco: Has Ubisoft's Reputation Suffered a Big Hit?

1d 11h ago - Assassin’s Creed Unity shipped with a slew of technical problems and although Ubisoft has rushed... | PC

GTA 5 Vs. GTA Online

1d 11h ago - GeekParty's Julian Watkins: "When it was released, I had been keeping my eye on GTA Online for a... | PC
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