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Xbox One self publishing to be what people expect?

928d ago ... Today information leaked on MS enabling self publishing for indie games on the Xbox One and that no developer kit would be needed and the console you have at home can be used. Now initially that sounds great and people on the internet seem to be happy about this, but there is one thing that might make the news less great. On the Xbox 360 we already have the, probably not well known, XBLIG or...

Indie Game Spotlight: Mommy's Best Games

1941d ago ... BLOG REVIEWS FORUM ABOUT CONTACT Indie Gamer Spotlight: Mommy’s Best Games October 15th, 2010 By: GHR Superman After spending some time at the Mommy’s Best Games booth at PAX East last march. We here at GamerHusbands Radio just can’t wait to see more. That’s why I have decide to make them the first indie game developer that I put in the spotlight in my new Spotlight series. Ch...

Something is wrong with XBLIG

2073d ago ... Recently I've started looking up a few games on Xbox Live Indie Games. It's a much ignored part of XBLM, I find. There is admittedly a lot of awful, terrible games on XBLIG, in fact the amount of horribly designed games clearly outrank the good games in number. But hey, it's always the case with anything, there's some great games up there. Especially addictive twinstick shooters I own about...
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