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Top 10 Permadeath Games

142d ago - Gamerant Permadeath gaming has seen a huge resurgence over recent years. Giving players a sing... | Culture

X-COM: The Board Game | Tabletop Gaming - TGF

352d ago - This time on Tabletop Gaming, The Game Fanatics dive into one of the most notoriously ruthless ga... | Culture

Track the Release Date for PlayStation VR

Now - Sony is yet to reveal the exact release date for PlayStation VR. Start tracking it now using | Promoted post

X-COM creator brings old school tactical RPG Chaos Reborn to Kickstarter

692d ago - Tactical turn-based strategy game Chaos Reborn has roots in one of the most challenging games in... | PC

Original X-Com was Temporarily Cancelled

1033d ago - The original X-Com was temporarily cancelled, but continued development secretly. | PC

The Horrible Show Live #405 - No Room for Sacred Cows

1061d ago - Horrible Night: "From Contra to Zelda to Uncharted maybe it is time for a fresh start. Justin, Jo... | PC

The Classic Game Postmortem Series is Back at GDC 2013

1098d ago - Will Feature Crystal Castles, Myst, Pinball Construction Set and X-COM: UFO Defense | PC

Video Game Confidential Episode #59: Games We’re Making You Play

1129d ago - The first episode of 2013 is a good one, as we make up for the lack of gaming news by talking abo... | PC

Episode 170 of The PGL Lobbycast

1348d ago - Sam, Jordan and Geoff talk about their Top 5 Favorite Movies as well as news and releases. The mu... | PC

Firaxis needs to realize that X-Com is brilliant because it's "broken"

1488d ago - X-Com is the story of the underdog because of "broken" design, and that's what makes the game so... | PC

X-COM: Enemy Unknown Second Details From Game Informer

1489d ago - "Recently, the first details of X-COM: Enemy Unknown has just arrived at our website, but that is... | PC

XCOM: A Series That Almost Wasn’t

1494d ago - Game Informer - X-COM didn’t change the world. In fact, even if you were a gamer throughout the e... | Retro

Three Great Strategy Classics: Heroes of Might and Magic, X-COM and Masters of Orion

1506d ago - As you prepare for the holiday weekend, here are three of the all time greatest PC strategy games... | PC

IGN AU: Should X-Com Have Stayed Turn-based?

1603d ago - A look at why turn-based gaming still has a place, and why publishers should be prepared to gambl... | PC

X-Com & Deadly Premonition: Well Played, Episode 2 (

1614d ago - In Well Played’s very first second episode, Sebastian, Armand, Chad, and Pascal take on (and take... | PC

Skewed and Reviewed Talk PAX Prime Games on BJ Shea's Geek Nation

1618d ago - This week Gareth of Skewed and Reviewed talks about Star Wars: The Old Republic, Counter Strike:... | Culture

Are Strategy Games Outdated?

1660d ago - A critical response to Christoph Harmann's claim that "strategy games are just not contemporary." | PC
30° - Retrospective: X-Com

1663d ago - brings you a retrospective look at the original X-Com, also known as UFO Enemy Unk... | PC

Mobcast 103: The reboot edition (Bitmob)

1677d ago - In this reboot-themed episode of the Mobcast, Crystal Dynamics' Meagan Marie joins Bitmob's Dan H... | PC

GamePron E3 Video interview: Drew Smith (XCOM)

1700d ago - GamePron: If you’re a fan of the original X-Com, you’re likely to be in two minds about the new g... | PC

Skewed and Reviewed X-COM 2011 E3 Overview

1700d ago - Skewed and Reviewed got some time with the developers of the latest X-COM game which is currently... | PC

Top 5 Games To Play - February 2016

Now - It's time to see what this month has to offer... Here's Your Top 5 Games To Play In February 2016... | Promoted post

It's Official: XCOM Is Nothing Like X-Com

1701d ago - Gaming Blend "2K released a lot more info on the upcoming XCOM for the current generation gaming... | PC

Don’t Worry, X-COM Is Better Than You May Think (GameBlurb Double Preview)

1701d ago - GameBlurb: "GameBlurb ended our trip to E3 at 2K’s booth to check out X-COM. Is it a defamation t... | PC

How a PC gamer learned to love the PlayStation 3

1763d ago - A lifelong PC gamer shares his story about overcoming bias to expand his horizons and enjoy a con... | PC

Go4Broke Ep.10 X-COM & Video-Game Movies! Introducing a special guest....Aries!

1766d ago - Welcome once again, fellow Brokers, as we've hit the double digits, and we thank you for the supp... | Xbox

Strategy games: The cure for the shooter doldrums

1777d ago - What's the allure of strategy games for a staunch shooter player in a bit of FPS fatigue? | Nintendo DS
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