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Games we’re ashamed to admit we play

134d ago - MyGaming: "We all secretly love a number of games we’d never tell anyone else about, games that m... | PC

Why I’m Looking Forward to WWE 2K14

826d ago - Frontburnr: For years, people have been begging for innovation out of the WWE series. Year after... | Xbox 360

Blu-ray And DVD Highlights for November 2015

Now - With the spooky month of October all but ritualistically murdered and buried in a haunted house sitting a top an ancient Indian burial ground under... | Promoted post

WWE 2K14 : Hornswoggle to be a playable character in the game??

949d ago - There are good chances that Hornswoggle might be a playable character in WWE 2K14 | Xbox 360

WWE 2K14 Roster, Fandango, Kaitlyn, Ric Flair, The Shield and more we'd like to see

966d ago - It's no secret that one of the biggest factors when it comes to making or even purchasing any spo... | Wii

This Week in Gaming History: The Undertaker’s Video Game Streak Hits 42

974d ago - It’s that time of year where the WrestleMania streak of the legendary Undertaker is talked about... | Culture

WWE 2K14 New Moves and Finishers, Del Rio’s Superkick, Patriot Lock and more we would like to see

980d ago - WWE 2K14 Brand New Moves and Finishers such as an Updated Kane Chokeslam, Alberto Del Rio’s Super... | Wii

WWE 2K14 Brand New Match Types we would like to see

983d ago - Ambulance matches, Triple threat tag team, lumberjack match, Survivor Series classic 5 on 5 match... | Wii

WWE ’14 : 10 Legends we want

983d ago - Top 10 Legends we want to see in WWE '14 | Xbox 360

WWE 14 -- 14 Things We Want To See

985d ago - GamesRadar - The time is now for WWE's New Publisher to make some changes. | Culture

WWE ’14 : Create a Title with online title mode idea

987d ago - WWE ’14 : Create a Title with online title mode idea | Xbox 360

WWE '14 : CAW Mode improvement idea

988d ago - WWE '14 : CAW Mode improvement idea | Xbox 360

WWE ’14 Create a finisher improvement idea

991d ago - WWE ’14 Create a finisher improvement idea by fan | Xbox 360

THQ’s WWE games – SmackDown! and out

1004d ago - GamesAsylum looks at THQ’s 13 year long WWE legacy. | Wii

This Week in Gaming (Snarky Edition) – PS4 exists (we think), WWE 14, Sandy Hook & Q*bert

1011d ago - Ah, yes… another week in video games has come and gone. The landscape (or “Ecosystem®” as Sony c... | PS4

How Take-Two can take WWE to the main event

1019d ago - A few weeks back developer Take-Two Interactive had acquired the rights to the WWE gaming franchi... | Xbox 360

WWE 14: Universe Mode Improvements

1024d ago - Universe Mode Improvements in WWE 14, fan made | Xbox 360

WWE ’14 – Necessary Improvements for Create A Stable

1025d ago - 8 Necessary Improvements for Create A Stable in WWE 14 | Xbox 360

What Will Happen Next For WWE ’14?

1033d ago - As most people will already know by now, THQ’s and Yuke’s annual WWE gaming franchise has come to... | Wii

WWE 14: 10 Implications From THQ Sale To Take Two

1040d ago - WC: With the news yesterday that video game publishing giant THQ had bottomed out and was in the... | PC

WWE License Possibly Moved From One Abusive Spouse to the Next

1041d ago - "When it comes to wrestling games, it is difficult sometimes not to be alarmist or a bit heavy-ha... | Xbox

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WWE 14: 10 Things We Want To See

1046d ago - IGN - The developers for the long-running WWE series, THQ, are filing for bankruptcy, but have no... | Culture

4 Companies That Could Save THQ Franchises

1055d ago - Richard Bailey of writes: When THQ first emerged onto the scene back in 1989, t... | Industry

THQ Properties Up For Auction, Where Will Their Future Homes Be?

1057d ago - It’s official, THQ is no more, well, it will be soon. On January 22nd, an auction will be held t... | PC

OPM Most wanted – what have the team picked as 2013′s best games

1063d ago - OPM: Not sure what this year has to offer? Here’s team OPM’s best games of 2013. What have they p... | PS3

What I Want To See In WWE ’14

1085d ago - iGG: If you’re a fan of WWE programming, you’ve probably enjoyed THQ’s recent entries to video ga... | Xbox 360
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