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World of Warcraft News  

World of Warcraft's Patch 6.2 Will Very Likely Be the Last in Warlords of Draenor

2d ago - A Blizzard employee may have revealed that World of Warcraft's patch 6.2 will be the last in the... | PC

Running of the Trolls raises $500 for The Trevor Project

5d ago - This weekend Pride marches have been taking place all over the place, from London to Seattle... t... | PC

At a Glance: Bishop Games

Now - Bishop Games is a small studio out of Quebec City, Canada. The three-person studio began work on their first game, Light Fall, last year and have s... | Promoted post

World of Warcraft Is Releasing Inactive Names Tomorrow

12d ago - World of Warcraft will be releasing the names of characters who haven't logged in since December... | PC

World of Warcraft Name Purge Coming in Patch 6.2

13d ago - A great World of Warcraft name purge is coming in patch 6.2. All players who haven’t logged in si... | PC

'World of Warcraft' has earned its Video Game Hall of Fame induction

16d ago - Toledo Blade's Will Harrison: The World Video Game Hall of Fame will recognize World of Warcraft’... | PC

Blizzard Accidentally Leaks WoW Patch 6.2 Update

24d ago - A new World of Warcraft Timewalking preview on may have leaked the official release of... | PC

World of Warcraft Brings Flight to Draenor After All

24d ago - After all much discussion and protest from the World of Warcraft community, Blizzard have found a... | PC

World Of Warcraft To Be Inducted Into World Video Game Hall Of Fame

29d ago - If you had to pick six of the most influential video games in history, what would they be? | Culture

World of Warcraft’s Elwynn Forest recreated in Unreal Engine 4

34d ago - A creative YouTuber has redesigned World of Warcraft‘s iconic starter zone Elwynn Forest using th... | PC

The Warcraft Movie Almost Had An Actual Leeroy Moment

45d ago - It appears that the Warcraft movie could have had its very own Leeroy Jenkins movie if they had g... | PC

World of Warcraft Improves Personal Loot in Update 6.2

46d ago - Personal Loot has been a problem lately in World of Warcraft. In Update 6.2, Blizzard has redesig... | PC

A First Look at Orgrim In The Warcraft Movie

47d ago - Are you by any chance looking forward to the upcoming Warcraft movie? Of course you are, it is go... | PC

LiquidSky’s SkyOS Android coming June 3

50d ago - LiquidSky announced they will push a new SkyOS Android app on June 3. Gamers with an Android tabl... | Android

World of Warcraft’s 3M subscriber drop is not a problem, one analyst says

52d ago - GamesBeat: "Despite World of Warcraft’s recent spike and plunge in paid subscribers, Blizzard Ent... | PC

World of Warcraft lead designer on why 7M players stuck around — and why 3M left

52d ago - GamesBeat: We chat with lead game designer Ion “Watcher” Hazzikostas on WoW’s success, subscriber... | PC

World of Warcraft Bans 100,000 Accounts for Botting

52d ago - It seems as though players assumed that Blizzard simply didn’t care about bots and thus it must b... | PC

Steve "Moorgard" Danuser is Now Senior Designer for World of Warcraft

53d ago - Further reshuffles are occurring in the MMO gaming industry as it appears that the former Lead Co... | PC

The Tenth Anniversary of Leeroy Jenkins Wiping His World of Warcraft Raid

54d ago - Who here remembers the infamous Leeroy Jenkins? It was ten years ago on Sunday that the inter... | PC

Farewell Leeroy Jenkins, YouTube Killed One Piece of Gaming History

57d ago - It appears that YouTube, while migrating old videos from Flash to HTML5, somehow corrupted the au... | PC

Attractive avatars more likely to receive help, study reveals

60d ago - Female gamers using attractive World of Warcraft avatars more likely to receive assistance from m... | PC

Killer Instinct: Season 2 (XB1) Review

Now - Drew finally reviews the complete Season 2 of Killer Instinct. | Promoted post

World of Warcraft’s subscribers shrink to 7.1 million

60d ago - Warcraft’s numbers are back down. | PC

Blizzard takes a stance on “Ninja Looting” in World of Warcraft

60d ago - After introducing a new tool to form raids with Patch 6.0, Blizzard finally takes a stance on pla... | PC

Vainglory dev hires former Wargaming exec to tap into MOBA-crazy Asia markets

65d ago - Vainglory has an even better chance at mass e-sports adoption now. Super Evil Megacorp hires Tae... | Dev

You will Soon Be Able to Play WoW Without Spending Money

68d ago - You are going to shortly be capable to perform World of Warcraft without having investing a dime... | PC

The Rise of Multiplayer Gaming Across The Two Consoles

68d ago - The rise of multiplayer gaming across the two consoles and PCs has served to devalue the video ga... | PC
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