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Backlog Gamer Chapter 1: Tanks for Reading

360d ago ... Welcome to my first official installment of what is killing my downtime. Some of you may be aware of the strategic tank warfare experience of "World of Tanks." This game is a hardcore international hit developed by If you have not heard of this game, don't worry about it, that just shows how easily a great game can slip under your radar. World of Tanks meets my criteria for t...

Microsoft’s E3 Show and Rating

406d ago ... Microsoft knew they had to come hard and be all about games after the horrendous Xbox One reveal, and that’s exactly what they did. But did it work? Metal Gear Solid 5: Microsoft kicked the game off with Metal Gear Solid 5: Phantom Pain, and boy does it look amazingly good, however, it’s also coming to PS4. It seems like MS and Sony have switched lovers with Sony courting Bungie, and Micro...

Free to Play Games: Good or Bad? And How They Should Be Done

865d ago ... PC gamers have been experiencing a wide array of free to play games in the recent years and now the phenomenon (or curse) is crossing over to platforms with Killzone 3 and now Dust 514 now becoming free to play in different ways. Games that follow a free to play model can go about it a few ways. First off is the model like Team Fortress 2 or the soon to be released End of Nations where it is...
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