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AusGamers: Wolfenstein Review

1998d ago - AusGamers: Regardless of your stance on Nazis, one thing is pretty clear, occult Nazis are m... | 12

DGS-Online: Wolfenstein Review

2030d ago - DGS-Online writes: "How would Wolfenstein, the primeval mother of shooters, there anno 2009... | 1,2,12

Ultra Street Fighter IV (PS4) Review

Now - Drew reviews the 64th iteration of Street Fighter IV. | Promoted post

Gaming Shenanigans: Wolfenstein Review

2031d ago - If you've never played a Wolfenstein, no need to worry as the game doesn't hinge on having known... | 1,2

The A.V. Club: Wolfenstein Review

2044d ago - The A.V. Club writes: "Wolfenstein was at the forefront of the first-person-shooter explosio... | 1,2,12

Gamer 2.0 Review: Wolfenstein

2048d ago - Gamer 2.0 writes: "Let's face it, shooters today all borrow heavily from each other, whether... | 1,2,12

Console Monster: Wolfenstein Review

2048d ago - Console Monster writes: "An undeniable elder statesman of the First Person Shooter family tr... | 1,2

TVGB Review: Wolfenstein

2051d ago - TVGB writes: "First, let me get all my cards on the table. This review is late, way late, an... | 1,2,12

Wolfenstein Review at Skewed and Reviewed

2055d ago - Skewed and Reviewed have posted their review of the new 3D action shooter Wolfenstein. Despite so... | 1,2,12

GameInformer: Wolfenstein Review

2056d ago - GameInformer writes: "No one can knock Wolfenstein's pedigree. The first supernatural shoote... | 1,2,12

Xbox Gaming: Wolfenstein Review

2058d ago - Xbox Gaming writes: "To paraphrase a popular saying, there are three things you can be sure... | 2

TGR: Wolfenstein Video Game Review

2058d ago - B.J.'s World War II accolades include invading Hitler's castle, killing his dogs, eating his dogs... | 1,2,12

Gamez: Wolfenstein Review

2060d ago - Gamez writes: "The Germans are always known for their reliability and the fact that they do... | 1,2,12

Terminal Gamer's Wolfenstein Review

2061d ago - "When I began playing Wolfenstein I felt a bit sleepy. I was tired of Nazis at this point. A... | 1,2,12

Gamers Platform: Wolfenstein Review

2064d ago - Wolfenstein presents an engaging story featuring the legendary B.J. Blazkowicz. While the FPS mec... | 1,2,12

GamesWeasel: Wolfenstein Review

2064d ago - If you live ONLY for online gaming, buy a title solely on the strength of its deathmatch mode, an... | 1,2,12

Xbox Addict: Wolfenstein Review

2064d ago - With it being almost a decade since the last Wolfenstein game, Xbox Addict was truly expecting mu... | 2

MyGamer: Wolfenstein Review

2064d ago - It has been several years since the last Wolfenstein, but the Nazis are still looking to harness... | 1,2

The Reticule: Wolfenstein Review

2065d ago - The Reticule writes: "It must be a little annoying to be a German in the modern day. Th... | 1,2,12

The Bitbag Review: Wolfenstein

2065d ago - The Bitbag writes: "If you're looking for another Half Life or Bioshock no need to read furt... | 1,2,12

MSXB - Wolfenstein review

2069d ago - Msxbox-worlds writes: "All of the parties responsible for this deserve to be called into que... | 1,2,12

N4G Radio

Now - N4G Radio | Promoted post

Joystick Radio: Wolfenstein Review

2070d ago - Joystick Radio: "If you're an intense player who loves unimaginable Sci-Fi battle then Raven... | 1,2,12

Wonderwallweb Review: Wolfenstien

2070d ago - Wonderwallweb Writes: Wolfenstein did not seem to be as big a release than what I would of... | 1,2

Gamer: Wolfenstein Review

2074d ago - Gamer writes: "The Great Grand Daddy of FPS games," That can you read on the back of th... | 1,2,12

PlayDevil: Wolfenstein X360 Review

2075d ago - PlayDevil has posted an in-depth Xbox 360 review of Activisions' latest FPS "Wolfenstein&quo... | 2

411Mania Xbox 360 Review: Wolfenstein

2078d ago - Wolfenstein is a very simple game. The lead character Mr. B.J. Blazkowicz isn't in the taking pri... | 2


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Release Dates
PC Release Dates
US 18 August 2009
AU 19 August 2009
EU 21 August 2009
PS3 Release Dates
US 18 August 2009
AU 19 August 2009
EU 21 August 2009
Xbox 360 Release Dates
EU 21 August 2009
US 18 August 2009
AU 19 August 2009