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Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes Review [Game Rant]

45m ago - Read Game Rant's review of ‘Disney Infinity: (2.0 Edition)’ to find out if the addition of Marvel... | PC

The Return of Road Rash in Road Redemption - Cliqist

2h ago - Marcus Estrada writes: "Road Redemption might not be named Road Rash, but it is about as close as... | PC

Review: Wild Guns (Wii U eShop / Super Nintendo) - NLIfe

3h ago - "The Wild West is a fantastic setting for a video game. Rugged gunslingers, drunken shootouts, li... | Wii U

Master Reboot - Wii U Review | Chalgyr's Game Room

5h ago - Chalgyr's Game Room writes: Atmosphere can do so much for a video game. Realism in an FPS, a s... | Wii U

Top Xbox One Exclusives to Look Forward To

Now - What are you excited for? Here are the ones we're really getting revved up for. | Promoted post

KickBeat: Special Edition Review - Chet & Jon

9h ago - When its visuals aren't distracting you, KickBeat is a passably entertaining game that neverthele... | PS4

Teslagrad Review (God is a Geek)

9h ago - Jonny Lewis: The Wii U is increasingly becoming the indie developers (and indeed indie gamer’s) b... | Wii U

Hyrule Warriors Review on CalmDownTom

10h ago - Martin Hutchison says "Hey! Listen to this review!" for CalmDownTom.com | Wii U

Child of Light (PC) Review | GameDynamo

18h ago - GameDynamo - Child of Light's premise is awfully strange, a side scroller with an RPG battle syst... | PC

Wooden Sen’sey Review (Invision Game Community)

18h ago - Upper Byte Studios bring us Wooden Sen’sey for the WiiU and the PC, a cheap and cheerful action p... | PC

KickBeat Special Edition Review - TXH

1d 4h ago - Neil writes "Zen Studios have taken the rhythm action genre, combined rock, drum & bass and hip h... | PS4

Disney Infinity 2.0 - Guardians Of The Galaxy Playset Review | Dealspwn

1d 4h ago - Dealspwn writes: ""It's just for kids" is no excuse for terrible shovelware, and Guardians Of The... | PC

FanSided: Hyrule Warriors Review: A Dynasty driven Zelda trip

1d 5h ago - Nintendo is getting set to launch Hyrule Warriors, the latest title to bear the Zelda name, and i... | Wii U

Teslagrad (Wii U eShop) Review | Nintendo Feed

1d 7h ago - "Teslagrad is absolutely worthy of your time. Even if you have played similar games of this franc... | Wii U

KickBeat: Special Edition Review - NextGenReviews

1d 8h ago - NexGenReviews: "Bemani - or rhythm action - games are pretty thin on the ground these days, and t... | PS4

Hyrule Warriors Review: For the Fans - GameOnDaily

1d 9h ago - GameOnDaily's resident Falafel King, Seif, reviews the Wii U's newest release. Can the marriage o... | Wii U

Spikey Walls Review - Nintendo Enthusiast

1d 16h ago - NE: "Spikey Walls is one dollar. There are definitely worse things to spend a buck on, even if th... | Wii U

Review: Frederic – Resurrection of Music (Pure Nintendo)

1d 17h ago - Pure Nintendo: "I think Frederic Ressuresction of Music is a good bargin for the $6 the eshop is... | Wii U

A Smashing Good Time – KickBeat Special Edition Review | NintendoEnthusiast

1d 18h ago - KickBeat Special Edition hits the Wii U, but how does it stand up to the other eShop titles? | Wii U

Review - Teslagrad (Wii U eShop) | 8 Bit Forward

2d ago - If you aren’t a PC gamer, or haven’t been keeping up with gaming news too much, you may be unawar... | Wii U

A Beautiful Yet Forgettable Experience – Wooden Sen’Sey Review | NintendoEnthusiast

2d ago - Wooden Sen'sey has the looks, but does it have the game play to match? | Wii U

PS4 Game Release Dates

Now - For the most up-to-date release date info for PS4 games check VGReleases.com | Promoted post

Gargoyle's Quest II: The Demon Darkness - NLife Review

2d ago - "Although many people are familiar with the Red Arremers, the notoriously persistent enemies from... | Wii U

Hyrule Warriors Review - Guardian

2d ago - "Nintendo’s inability to furnish the Wii U with a steady stream of compelling games has led to it... | Wii U

Hyrule Warriors Review - Vandal

2d ago - "Let's play the Warriors saga lift the expectation generated Hyrule Warriors in recent months, bo... | Wii U

KickBeat: Special Edition Review (3DS Pedia)

2d ago - Zen Studios is bringing the enhanced version of KickBeat to the Wii U eShop, featuring now a tota... | Wii U

KickBeat: Special Edition Review - NWR

2d ago - "Rhythm games have always been one of my favorite game genres. Even though I’m not the best at th... | PS4
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