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Review: Yoshi’s Woolly World (DarkZero)

2h ago - Thomas McDermott: "At the start of 2015, I spent some solid time with Captain Toad: Treasure Trac... | Wii U

The Swindle Review: Identity Crisis - Victory Point

3h ago - Review of The Swindle by Victory Point's @Kama_Kamilia | PC

VII Things That Final Fantasy VII Cannot Lose!

Now - We’re going to see a lot of changes before the upcoming FFVII - Remake sees the light of day and we should be okay with that. But here is our list... | Promoted post

The Legend of Kay Anniversary Review - Old School Platforming Fun | TerminalGamer

1d 3h ago - It's been ten long years since Legend of Kay was released for the PlayStation 2. Can a remastered... | PC

CeX Review- Lego Jurassic World

1d 4h ago - Denis Murphy writes- Jurassic Park was my Star Wars, and I'm sure this was the case for many of y... | Xbox 360

CeX Review- Splatoon

1d 4h ago - Denis Murphy writes- You've got to hand it to Nintendo. When one of their consoles turns out to b... | Wii U

Squids Odyssey: Before Splatoon, we had turn-based squidding [SideQuesting LTTP Review]

1d 5h ago - Dali Dimovski of SideQuesting writes: Squids Odyssey is a fun little game, that has surprising... | Wii U

IGO Review: The Quiet Collection (Wii U)

1d 13h ago - The Quiet Collection is a great collection of games rolled up into a nice neat package for the Ni... | Wii U

Xenoblade Chronicles X Review | Nintendo World Report

1d 14h ago - NWR: '' I can honestly say that after spending a considerable amount of time with and beating it,... | Wii U

Shiftlings review - ChristCenteredGamer

1d 16h ago - Don't let the colorful and cute graphics fool you, Shiftlings is a very challenging game. It may... | PC

The Swindle Review |Twinfinite

1d 23h ago - The Swindle lets players attempt some grand heists, as long as they can get over some seriously f... | PC

Stealth Inc 2: A Game of Clones - Review | My Games Lounge

2d ago - A full review of Stealth Inc 2 from Curve Digital: MGL: Stealth Inc 2: A Game of Clones is jus... | PC

Dragon Fantasy Chronicles of Westeria review

2d ago - Dragon Fantasy Chronicles of Westeria quests onto WiiU, but is it worth the grind? | Wii U

Funk Of Titans Review – Not All That Funky [Zero1Gaming]

2d ago - Funk OF Titans, developed by indie dev A Crowd Of Monsters has made its way to PC, Zero1Gaming Re... | PC

Startech USB 2.0 HD PVR Video Game Capture Card - Hardware Review | Chalgyr's Game Room

3d ago - Chalgyr's Game Room writes: Startech is relatively well known in computer hardware as they man... | PC

Q.U.B.E. Director's Cut Review | Blogocio

3d ago - Quick Understanding of Block Extrusion, known as QUBE, was developed as a final project of three... | PS3

Roving Rogue - Wii U Review | Chalgyr's Game Room

3d ago - Chalgyr's Game Room writes: Every now and then there’s something that comes along and takes me... | Wii U

Cube Life: Island Survival review [Nintendo Insider]

3d ago - Nintendo Insider writes: I haven’t played Minecraft. It’s perhaps a surprising admission to ma... | Wii U

Review: Blocky Bot (Wii U) |GertLushGaming

3d ago - Jump your way through a wacky world of robots, wizards, ninjas and the first ever playable box of... | Wii U

Dont' Starve: Giant Edition Review - Gaming Nexus

4d ago - From the review: "Don't Starve: Giant Edition fills a gap you didn't even know the Wii U had. It'... | Wii U

The Swindle Review | GodisaGeek

4d ago - Mick Fraser: "But the art style is wonderful and the tick-tock music creates a sense of tension t... | PC

Go Mechanical

Now - WASD mechanical keyboards provide a superior typing experience over common rubber dome keyboards. | Promoted post

Legend of Kay Anniversary | R3DPlaystation Review

4d ago - Over ten years have passed since The Legend of Kay was first released on the Playstation 2 and th... | PC

The Swindle Review: It’s Going to Ransack your Free Time | IndieRuckus

4d ago - The Swindle takes the ability-collecting heart of the Metroidvania genre and chops it up into tin... | PC

TGO Legend of Kay Anniversary Review

4d ago - "While most gamers would be quick to invalidate remastered games, it's been a whole decade s... | PC

Legend of Kay Anniversary | TechRaptor

5d ago - Remember this game? Neither do I, so why did Legend of Kay get a 10th anniversary remaster? | PC

Baila Latino review - ChristCenteredGamer

5d ago - Baila Latino plays just like Just Dance, but with fewer songs, and all of them are sung in Spanis... | Wii U
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