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Preview: Xenoblade Chronicles X Shows Why JRPGs are Perfect for Wii U

2d ago - NE: "I’ve been playing Xenoblade Chronicles X recently, and constantly throughout the experience... | Wii U

Xenoblade Chronicles X wants you to get lost | GamesRadar

8d ago - GR: "Xenoblade Chronicles X wastes no time getting started. After a brief intro and an opportu... | Wii U

Win the Marvel Cinematic Universe Phase 2 Boxset!!

Now - Join us on FIlmwatch to find out how you could win the much anticipated Marvel Cinematic Universe Phase 2 Boxset on Blu-ray. | Promoted post

Xenoblade Chronicles X – Preview – The Nintendo Channel

9d ago - The Nintendo Channel: "We take an early look at the new biggest Japanese RPG the world has ever s... | Wii U

Preview: Hive Jump has a promising blueprint, but needs some work | GameCrate

11d ago - GameCrate: "Though the foundation for something solid is present, the overall product just isn't... | Wii U

Preview: Xenoblade Chronicles X – This is Why I Own a Wii U | NintendoEnthusiast

14d ago - Is Xenoblade Chronicles X going to be a worthy addition to the Wii U library? | Wii U

Exploring the Massive World of Xenoblade Chronicles X | Hardcore Gamer

14d ago - Xenoblade Chronicles X offers so much to see and do that it's mind-boggling. | Wii U

Getting Lost in the World of Xenoblade Chronicles X | Nintendo Life

14d ago - NL: When an individual has spent well over a hundred hours of their life playing Xenoblade Chron... | Wii U

Xenoblade Chronicles X is sprawling and unforgiving, and I love that | Destructoid

15d ago - DTOID: I've played MMOs with smaller zones than Xenoblade Chronicles X. The scale here is abs... | Wii U

X Thoughts on the First Hours of Xenoblade Chronicles X | NWR

15d ago - NWR: We are several hours into Nintendo and Monolith Soft's latest. How do we feel? We’re les... | Wii U

Xenoblade Chronicles X might yet have 2015's most impressive open world | Eurogamer

16d ago - EG: "There's always been a strand of defiance in Tetsuya Takahashi's Xeno series, projects tha... | Wii U

Hands-On With Metroidvania Dark Flame - Cliqist

16d ago - Serena Nelson writes: "Dark Flame is most certainly an unforgiving game, particularly if you're a... | PC

Hands-On Preview: Animal Crossing: amiibo Festival – A Wild Party I DualShockers

19d ago - Nintendo is taking its beloved Animal Crossing series to a whole new style of gameplay with the u... | Wii U

We Played Xenoblade Chronicles X for 2-Hours - Hands-On PREVIEW | GameXplain

22d ago - GameXplain played Xenoblade Chronicles X for 2-Hours. Find out what they thought about this epic-... | Wii U

Hands-On With Japanese Inspired Horror Visual Novel The Letter - Cliqist

27d ago - Serena Nelson writes: "I'm not sure why I agreed to write on the demo for The Letter, but I did.... | PC

Hitting the Courts in Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash | Nintendo Life

27d ago - NL: Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash is one of a couple of key Holiday releases on the Wii U, fitting s... | Wii U

Animal Crossing: Amiibo Festival Hands-on Preview | NWR

27d ago - NWR: The collection of minigames is polished, yet unconventional, almost as if the Animal Crossi... | Wii U

Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash (Wii U) Hands-on Preview | NWR

27d ago - NWR: Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash feels like a disappointment in every given way. With one stadium... | Wii U

Mario Tennis Ultra Smash Preview | RPadTV

33d ago - RPadTV checks out Mario Tennis Ultra Smash for Wii U. As a fan of the previous Mario Tennis games... | Wii U

Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash Preview- PCMag

34d ago - Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash brings some much-needed wackiness back to the premier Mario sports fran... | Wii U

Star Fox Zero and Yo-Kai Watch - Preview | Player2

35d ago - A look at both of these games direct from the Nintendo booth at EB Games Expo 2015. | Wii U

Super Mario Maker (Wii U) Review

Now - Justin tries his hand at creating supreme Mario levels. | Promoted post

Animals Attack in Dusty Raging Fist, A Streets of Rage Inspired Brawler - Cliqist

38d ago - Gary Stott writes: "My early impressions are kind of 'meh'. Repetitive gameplay can be done right... | PC

Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water Hands-On Preview | NWR

45d ago - So far the game is shaping up to be a lot of fun, and a triumphant return of the series to North... | Wii U

Guitar Hero Live Preview [MonsterVine]

46d ago - MonsterVine: "Guitar Hero is BACK this year! I got hands on with the new guitar controller and a... | Xbox 360

Indie Focus At EGX Part Three: Theo & Lizzy, Mighty No. 9 & Mushroom 11 | TSA

49d ago - TSA: Our coverage of our the indie titles from this year’s EGX rolls on, and we’ve got three mor... | PC

‘Fatal Frame: Maiden of the Black Water’ initial thoughts | Examiner

49d ago - “Fatal Frame: Maiden of the Black Water” may be the best game in the series since the original. | Wii U
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