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Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate not coming to the Wii U, German banner was a printing error

15h ago - "Nintendo of Europe confirmed, that the promotional banner with the Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate and... | Wii U

Signs point towards DLC for new Super Smash Bros.

22h ago - ROM reports and job postings by Bandai Namco suggest much more content coming for Super Smash Bro... | Wii U

Super Smash Bros. Wii U Release Date Revealed

2d ago - Twitter user BluesDriveBuster has revealed that Smash Bros. for Wii U will be available in Novemb... | Wii U

VGChartz: USA Weekly Chart, 30th August 2014

2d ago - Hardware : XOne 59,533 (+84%) PS4 54,515 (+17%) 3DS 22,191 (-3%) WiiU 17,325 (-5%) X360... | PSP

Destiny The Game

Now - Explore Mars, Rediscover Venus, Reclaim the moon, Protect Earth. Become Legend. The wait is over! Destiny is now available to play, Pick up your... | Promoted post

Is Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Headed to Wii U?

2d ago - Can Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate also be heading to Wii U? | Wii U

Could we be getting game-linked unlockable characters in Smash?

3d ago - A Neogaf user by the name of Spainkiller has just put out an interesting rumor: Buying and linki... | Wii U

Ubisoft's Uplay Application Hints That Watch Dogs Is Still On Its Way To Wii U

9d ago - NLife: "Following recent news that a solid street date continues to elude the Wii U version of W... | Wii U

Best Buy may have leaked a new Wii U bundle

12d ago - Nintendo Wii U 32GB Console Super Mario 3D World and Nintendo Land Bundle for $299.99 with 9/15/2... | Wii U

Super Street Fighter II Turbo Revival Jumping To Wii U Virtual Console

13d ago - Siliconera: "Over a decade ago, Capcom made a Super Street Fighter II port for Game Boy Advance.... | Wii U

Rumor: L-cancel equivalent makes its way to Smash Bros. Wii U & 3DS

13d ago - Super Smash Bros. 4 was confirmed to not feature L-canceling after pro players got a hands-on at... | Wii U

Russian Nintendo Site Says Nintendo Direct Possibly Coming Tomorrow

13d ago - Russian Wii U website Wiiu.pro claims that they have insider information that a Nintendo Direct m... | Wii U

Is this the starting roster for Smash Bros. 3DS?

15d ago - An image posted in an official eShop listing may show the starting roster for the new Smash Bros. | Wii U

Wii U Tops 7 Million Sold Worldwide

16d ago - "The Wii U, the first eighth generation home console released, has sold more than seven million u... | Wii U

VGChartz: Global Weekly, 23th August 2014

17d ago - Hardware: PS4 159,285 (+9%) 3DS 109,581 (-13%) WiiU 54,254 (-18%) XOne 53,207 (+11%) PS... | PSP

VGChartz: Global Weekly, 16th August 2014

18d ago - Hardware: PS4 145,972 (+6%) 3DS 125,420 (+12%) WiiU 64,260 (+12%) XOne 48,259 (-4%)... | PSP

Rumor - Smash Bros. 3DS/Wii U leaks came from within NoA

20d ago - The person linked to today's Smash 4 leaks has been found by Nintendo according to rumors. | Wii U

Is A Taiko No Tatsujin Wii U Sequel In Development?

22d ago - Taiko no Tatsujin, the rhythm based games created by Namco, may be getting a sequel on the Wii U. | Wii U

Are TurboGrafx-16 Games Coming to North America’s Wii U eShop?

22d ago - New clues emerge that show that Turbografx-16 games may be coming to the Wii U eShop in North Ame... | Wii U

Solid Snake might just be coming back to Smash Bros

23d ago - There's a few familiar Smash Brothers characters that have so far been mysteriously missing from... | Wii U

Latest Leak for Super Smash Bros Could Reveal Bowser Jr, Duck Hunt Dog and Shulk as Playable

26d ago - 'In a leak coming out of 4chan tonight, supposed screens of the 3DS version of Super Smash Bros f... | Wii U

PS4 Game Release Dates

Now - For the most up-to-date release date info for PS4 games check VGReleases.com | Promoted post

Pokemon Wii U Game May Be On The Way

28d ago - A 'surprising announcement' regarding Pokemon will be unveiled next week. Is it a Pokemon Wii U G... | Wii

Rumor - Big remastered game coming to Wii U in 2015

32d ago - This comes from the same guy that leaked the Devil's Third and Pokemon Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire... | Wii U

Pro Evolution Soccer 2015 for Wii U?

34d ago - NEverything: "Rumors abound at the moment about the possibility of PE Soccer 2015 coming out for... | Wii U

Four Unused DLC Cups Found In Mario Kart 8 By Hacker

34d ago - According to a hacker who goes by the name of Chadderz, four new DLC Cups for Mario Kart 8 have r... | Wii U

Is That Elgato Gaming's New, Unannounced Capture Card In A Leaked Best Buy Ad?

36d ago - After teasing content creators over the past week about an imminent announcement regarding their... | PS4
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