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Lumi Games is an indie mobile games development company born in 2012 and dedicated to producing free mobile games for iOS and Android. What started...

Wii U Rumors  

Could Ubisoft’s Shelved Wii U Game Be ZombiU II?

24d ago - N247 Writes: Ubisoft has hinted on more than one occasion that a Wii U title is currently shelved... | Wii U

VGChartz: Global Weekly Chart, 7th June 2014

25d ago - Hardware: PS4 121,544 (-32%) 3DS 110,490 (+18%) WiiU 84,334 (-38%) PS3 46,716 (-5%)... | PSP

USA Weekly Chart, 7th June 2014

26d ago - Hardware: PS4 46,143 (-35%) WiiU 29,340 (-37%) 3DS 28,996 (+8%) XOne 22,486 (-27%... | PSP

Three more unannounced exclusives rumored to be coming to the Wii U.

28d ago - Take this with a grain of salt, considering the source, but the person who previously leaked Devi... | Wii U

Start Making Games for the PS4

Now - Want to design the next generation of video games? Start learning game design today. Click for more info on how to get started. | Promoted post

E3 2014: It Looks Like Star Fox is Coming to Wii U

33d ago - Before ending Nintendo’s digital E3 event, Shigeru Miyamoto got one last teaser in. He spoke abou... | Wii U

TIME leaks 3 Nintendo games - Star Fox Wii U, Project Giant Robot, Project Guard

33d ago - TIME has outed the existence of three Nintendo games coming from Shigeru Miyamoto ahead of the... | Wii U

Shine Thief, Bob-Omb Blast Battle Modes Spotted In Mario Kart 8

34d ago - The Bob-Omb Blast and Shine Thief battle modes could be making their way to Mario Kart 8 in the n... | Wii U

Diddy Kong, Birdo, Kamek, Professor E. Gadd & Plessie Spotted In Mario Kart 8

34d ago - Five new characters (including Diddy Kong) for Mario Kart 8 have been spotted as future DLC, but... | Wii U

Global Weekly, 31st May 2014

36d ago - The week's top-selling games at retail ranked by unit sales | PSP

Rumor: Is Nintendo Showing a "Mario Maker" Game at E3?

38d ago - This rumor could be one of the more spicy ones we have seen for Nintendo's E3. | Wii U

Nintendo’s E3 Presentation May Have Leaked Through Social Media

38d ago - In a reported leak through social media, by way of Facebook’s news feed, Nintendo’s entire E3 lin... | Wii U

USA Weekly Charts, 31st May 2014

38d ago - Hardware: PS4 92,603 WiiU 78,247 XOne 30,836 3DS 19,105 X360 14,666 PS3 7,819... | PSP

Monolith's Wii U RPG X will be shown at E3

39d ago - Soraya Saga, the wife of Monolith Software's Tetsuya Takahashi only re-tweets Nintendo event live... | Wii U

Rumor: New Resident Evil To Be Revealed At E3, Won't Be Resident Evil 7

43d ago - GearNuke: "It seems like the next Resident Evil reveal is planned for the upcoming E3." | PC

USA Pre-Orders, 24th May 2014

46d ago - Top 5: 1 Watch Dogs (PS4) 415,440 2 Destiny (PS4) 304,698 3 Mario Kart 8 (WiiU) 279,054 4 Wat... | PC

Super Smash Bros 4 Screenshot Features Reggie Fils-Aime, No Way

46d ago - "Reggie Fils-Aime spotted in Super Smash Bros. for 3DS? No way." | Wii U

Traveller's Tales Teasing LEGO Batman 3

48d ago - Traveler’s Tales have taken to Instagram and Twitter in order to start teasing what appears to be... | PC

Watch Dogs Story is 10-11 Hours, Says Early Player

48d ago - A Reddit user under the name OnlyKillsOnSight has apparently played and completed the PC version... | PC

Character Select Screen for Smash Bros. Causes Internet Meltdown

49d ago - The supposed four leaked images of the Super Smash Bros. for Wii U character select screen is cur... | Wii U

VGChartz Global Hardware Totals - Week Ending 5/17/2014

49d ago - PS4: 7.7 million Xbox One: 4.5 million Wii U: 6.2 million 3DS: 44.6 million PS Vita: 8.2 mill... | PS4

Contests For N4G Members

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Oxygen Media astroturfing Fit Music for Wii U on Miiverse?

50d ago - Oxygen Media might be making things worse for themselves by astroturfing on Miiverse. At this poi... | Wii U

Mysterious "Bethesda E3 2014 Dummy" Game Listed by Amazon: What Could it Be?

51d ago - Looks like Amazon UK expects Bethesda to announce a game at E3, as it listed a whole array of "Be... | PC

USA Pre-Order Chart Week Ending 17th May 2014

51d ago - Top 5: 1) Watch Dogs (PS4) 358,634 2) Destiny (PS4) 299,430 3) Destiny (XOne) 260,817 4) Mari... | PC

Was Mr Sakurai Showcasing The NFC Figurines During The Super Smash Bros Direct?

51d ago - Mike from Mii-gamer writes: I have been dwelling on this thought for a while. Now that NFC has... | Wii U

Global Weekly, 10th May 2014

52d ago - Global Hardware PS4 117,218 3DS 101,721 XOne 53,308 PS3 41,571 PSV 32,691 WiiU 3... | Nintendo DS
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