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Mighty No 9 retail release hasn't been delayed

5d ago - Despite rumors of Mighty No 9 being delayed after several retailers changed their release info on... | PS4

Amiibo: Mewtwo Amiibo To Release On October 23rd – Rumor

5d ago - The Mewtwo amiibo is going to be released in the US on October 23rd, according to a rumor circula... | Wii U

VII Things That Final Fantasy VII Cannot Lose!

Now - We’re going to see a lot of changes before the upcoming FFVII - Remake sees the light of day and we should be okay with that. But here is our list... | Promoted post

Officially licensed Mario Maker Accessory Set listed with details

5d ago - The officially licensed Mario Maker Accessory Set has been listed with some new details. | Wii U

Amazon Video Game Deals of the Week: Mid Week Update

5d ago - Gamerdeals: "Amazon has updated their video game deals section with discounts and price matchi... | Nintendo DS

Devil's Third Dev Valhalla Ported Unreal Engine 3 To Wii U On Their Own

5d ago - Itagaki says Epic gave them UE3's source code, and left them to port the game on their own. | Wii U

Nintendo Reveals Info About Upcoming Miiverse Changes

6d ago - Nintendo has announced earlier this summer that their will be several fundamental changes coming... | Wii U

New Wii U Premium Pack: Super Mario Maker Edition with Amiibos

6d ago - Nintendo launch 2 special 30th anniversary Mario amiibos in "Classic Color" and "Modern Color", a... | Wii U

Assault Android Cactus Shows Off “Mega Weapons” in New Trailer

6d ago - A press release from Witch Beam has filled us in on a new twist to the Assault Android Cactus for... | PC

Smash Bros. Creator Remembers Satoru Iwata

6d ago - In his column in this week’s Weekly Famitsu, Sakurai wrote of his impressions of the man. Iwata h... | Wii U

Media Create sales (7/13 - 7/19)

6d ago - This week's Japanese gaming sales include the debuts of Batman: Arhkam Knight and Yoshi's Woolly... | Xbox 360

You Can Pick Up New Super Mario Maker Amiibo Edition From Amazon.de

6d ago - Amazon.de is stocking a rather decent bundle that includes the Super Mario Maker game, the 8-bit... | Wii U

Xenoblade Chronicles X 1.01 Patch Includes Interface And Gameplay Tweaks

6d ago - Xenoblade Chronicles X 1.01 patch has been released without full patch notes. Today new details o... | Wii U

Dragon Fantasy Upgraded for Wii U and 3DS Release Later This Week

6d ago - Do you recall the lovely classic JRPG-inspired series by the names of Dragon Fantasy: Book I and... | Wii U

Wii U Premium + Mario Kart 8 only £175.50

6d ago - Dealspwn: A Premium Wii U bundle with Mario Kart 8 is now available for £175.50. This a hell of a... | Wii U

Two More Weapons Coming to Splatoon Tonight

6d ago - Hardcore Gamer: We're getting spoiled with all this new weaponry coming to Splatoon and it's abso... | Wii U

Sunless Sea studio Failbetter Games is interested in bringing its games to consoles

6d ago - Failbetter Games, the studio behind Sunless Sea and Fallen London, has expressed its interest in... | PS4

Nintendo of Canada Summer Event

6d ago - "Nintendo of Canada is once again hosting their post E3 Canadian showcase event today in Toronto.... | Wii U

Nintendo Fails To Include All Fans, Says Man With Hook For A Hand [Satire]

6d ago - Video Games Made Me Do It: "Super Mario Maker, the latest installment in Nintendo’s Mario Univers... | Wii U

What's next for Nintendo? Industry analysts weigh in

6d ago - Gamastura: We reached out to several games industry analysts after the death of Nintendo pres... | Wii U

Chronicles of Teddy: Harmony of Exidus coming to PS4, Wii U this fall

7d ago - Aksys Games and developer LookAtMyGame is bringing Chronicles of Teddy: Harmony of Exidus to Play... | PS4

Go Mechanical

Now - WASD mechanical keyboards provide a superior typing experience over common rubber dome keyboards. | Promoted post

Exclusive: Project CARS "Simply Too Much For Wii U", Developer Now Waiting On New Nintendo Hardware

7d ago - London developer Slightly Mad Studios will no longer be committing resources to a Wii U edition o... | Wii U

Splatoon Two New Weapons Revealed, To Launch Tomorrow

7d ago - Two new Splatoon weapons will be launched tomorrow for the game, as revealed by the official Japa... | Wii U

Super Mario sleeved fleece blanket only £4.95

7d ago - Dealspwn: Sleeved blankets, arguably the best thing sliced bread. And this one's plastered in cla... | Wii U

A List of Excuses from Itagaki as to Why Devil’s Third is Being Panned

7d ago - Mat @ AYMG: "If you’ve seen the previews for Devil’s Third, you’ll know that it’s currently being... | Wii U

Aksys announces Chronicles of Teddy: Harmony of Exidus for the Wii U eShop

7d ago - NE: ''Aksys confirmed three titles for the North American 3DS eShop at an Anime Expo panel. On th... | PS4
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