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We Take A Swing At Donkey Kong Country

12h ago - The Game Inquirer says: "Platforming classic Donkey Kong Country for the SNES made it’s return on... | Wii U

Fatal Frame: The Black Haired Shrine Maiden Ayane footage

15h ago - Here is some footage of Ayane's bonus chapters from Fatal Frame: The Black Haired Shrine Maiden. | Wii U

First 30 minutes of Bayonetta 2 (English)

17h ago - This is a PAL Version Bayonetta 2 Wii U Gameplay. | Wii U

Bayonetta 2 – Chain Chomp & Galactic Bounty Hunter Trailer

1d 22h ago - Nintendo UK has released two more trailers for Bayonetta 2, it shows off the Samus Cosplay and Ch... | Wii U


Now - Quickly locate just the right card for you. | Promoted post

Upcoming Ubisoft games in action

4d ago - The guys of Gaming Boulevard went to F.A.C.T.S. 2014 in Belgium and took some time to visit the U... | Xbox 360

GameGirl: 8 Player Smash Bros??

4d ago - Work Revolt & Game Girl are back to discuss even more Super Smash Bros! 8 Player Smash?? WHAT???... | Wii U

Smash Bros, Hyrule Warriors, and More — September Nintendo Sales Analysis

4d ago - "A few days ago, we brought you an anticipation video for September’s NPD numbers. In that video,... | Wii U

Stealth Inc 2: Uncovered - Gadgets & Test Chambers

5d ago - In the second of Curve Studios' developer videos on upcoming Wii U-exclusive puzzle-platformer St... | Wii U

Hyrule Warriors New Gameplay Video Showcases Epona

5d ago - A new gameplay video is now available for Hyrule Warriors, featuring some sequences with Epona, L... | Wii U

New Hyrule Warriors Master Quest Pack DLC Trailer Doesn’t Horse Around

6d ago - How can you say "neigh" to this? A new trailer for the Hyrule Warriors Master Quest Pack DLC show... | Wii U

Why, Why, Why?! Babes of Hyrule

6d ago - Nintendo Enthusiast looks at some of the mysteries in Hyrule Warriors. | Wii U

New Wii U Minecraft Clone ‘UCraft’ Trailer: “We Want Your Heart”

7d ago - After being announced through a mysterious guerrilla marketing campaign, Wii U’s very own Minecra... | Wii U

Mighty No. 9 Potential DLC Teaser Revealed

7d ago - Junkie Monkeys: Comcept uploaded a brief teaser trailer for bonus DLC for Mighty No. 9 with a sur... | PC

First Hour: Pac Man and the Ghostly Adventures 2 (Wii U)

7d ago - Pac-Man Returns With Terrifying Transformations! Colin Checks Out The First Hour Of Pac-Man and t... | Xbox 360

Upcoming Nintendo Indie Games & News - Indie Corner Weekly Wrap-Up Oct 13 2014

8d ago - This week on the Indie Corner Weekly Wrap-Up Jason looks at the Kickstarter for Animal Gods as we... | Wii U

The games of November 2014, put to music

8d ago - Games-inspired music project "Yes.Mustache" has released a song compiling the many games schedule... | PC

Super Mario 64 Remade in Virtual Reality

8d ago - Remember how great it felt to play 3D games for the first time, taking that leap from Super Mario... | PC

60fps Bayonetta 2 footage (demo)

8d ago - The Bay­o­netta 2 demo cap­tured and ren­dered at 60fps. Set play­back to 2x. If you don’t see th... | Wii U

Bayonetta 2 Receives New North American TV Commercial

8d ago - A new North American commercial is now available for Bayonetta 2. | Wii U

What is Operation Zero?

9d ago - A grass-root movement is taking shape within the Nintendo community called Operation Zero. The mo... | Wii U

Natural Doctrine (PS4) Review

Now - Drew checks out this insanely hard strategy RPG. | Promoted post

Project CARS Dynamic Time And Weather Showcase

10d ago - Watch out DriveClub and Forza Horizon 2, Project Cars dynamic weather showcase is absolutely stun... | PC

Incredible Bayonetta 2 Demo Footage (Off Screen)

10d ago - Here is some amazing Bayonetta 2 demo footage. The Bayonetta 2 demo is available currently on the... | Wii U

Fan creates ultimate Bayonetta 2 trailer before release

11d ago - "With all the excitement surrounding Bayonetta 2, one fan decided to take their dedication to the... | Wii U

Using the Wii U GamePad as a Ghost-Killing Camera in Fatal Frame 5

11d ago - Kotaku: As a long-time fan of the Fatal Frame series, I can see the perceived appeal of having t... | Wii U

TGC Retrospective: Super Smash Bros. (N64)

11d ago - Find out why what became one of the biggest franchises in gaming could have been a pipe dream. TG... | Wii
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