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Throwdown Ep. 20 – “Nintendo on the Decline”

16h ago - Tony Polanco from The Koalition writes: "Given the most recent earnings report from Nintendo,... | PC

First Hour: Super Punch Out!! (Wii U eShop)

4d ago - Colin Gets The Stuffing Punched Out Of Him When He Checks Out The First Hour Of Super Punch-Out!!... | Wii U

First Hour: Punch Out!! Featuring Mr. Dream (Wii U eShop)

4d ago - Colin Takes A Trip Down Memory Lane With The First Hour Of Punch Out!! Featuring Mr. Dream! | Wii U

Ep 36: One Platform To Rule Them All | Gamerscore Whores Podcast

5d ago - In this week’s episode why Sony now has to rely on exclusives to prevent Microsoft making a power... | PC

See what games are coming out in 2015

Now - Visit our release calendar to see what games are coming out in 2015. | Promoted post

First Hour: Punch Out! (Wii U eShop)

6d ago - Colin Punches Above His Weight Class And Checks Out Punch Out! On The Wii U eShop! | Wii U

Nintendo's New Amiibo Are Going to Drive Collectors Crazy - NVC Podcast

6d ago - IGN: "A newly announced set of Nintendo Amiibo is causing the crew of NVC some major collector's... | Wii U

Best Buy Screws Up Majoras Mask New 3DS, Club Nintendo Dies, Free Kirby Amiibo? - WiR 1/24/15

6d ago - Best Buy is cancelling pre-orders from Majora's Mask New 3DS systems, Toys R Us is giving away fr... | Nintendo DS

Nintendo Direct reaction – New 3DS, Fire Emblem, and more

7d ago - NE: "NintenDaan joined me to discuss the latest Nintendo Direct. There was plenty to talk about b... | Wii U

Super Amiibo Wish List

7d ago - "The third set is on the way. It got Ms. Throwback thinking. What other Amiibos could be made in... | Wii U

Is F-Zero X Coming to 3DS?

9d ago - Alex ponders the possibilities of an F-Zero X remake, the saving system in Majora's Mask 3D, Dais... | Wii U

Xenoblade Chronicles X - Rewind Theater

9d ago - IGN's Jose Otero and Marty Sliva take a look at the impressive RPG coming to Wii U in 2015. | Wii U

Let's All Go to the Trailers - Mortal Fantasy

11d ago - Brandon Jones: We’re back! To kick off the year, Goro seeks who is next, FF XV breaks out the BBQ... | PC

Bonus Round - Full Episode: Who is Winning the Console War?

11d ago - Geoff Keighley: We check in to see where the big three stand. What do Sony, Nintendo and Microsof... | PS4

Wii U’s Huge Sales Spike, 2.6 Million Amiibo Sold, Thoughts on Majora’s Mask Scalping – WiR 1/17/15

13d ago - In this week's episode, Shawn Long takes a look at Wii U's impressive December sales, the massive... | Wii U

Gamerscore Whores Podcast: EP35 - Pre-Ordering is Bribery

13d ago - Shady Armik from Gamerscore Whores writes "In this week’s episode we discuss: – What We’ve Been... | PS4

What We Want in Zelda on Wii U

14d ago - The Legend of Zelda series is beloved by many, but there are always ways to improve. Danny, Chris... | Wii U

Nintendo's New Amiibos, Cross Buy & New Amigos

16d ago - Dan and Jonny sit down for a quick (30 minute) talk about the latest Nintendo Direct in which it... | Wii U

Kingdom Hearts 3 Release Date Revealed? – The Weekly Wrap Up Episode #15

17d ago - Has Kingdom Hearts 3 release date been revealed by mistake? Plus what happens when fans develop a... | PC

8BC Plays: Batman Arkham Origins – Part 8

20d ago - Cory says, "While Deathstroke may be defeated, Batman still has no time to rest as the terrorist... | PC

Nintendo Rules Japan Holiday Sales, Mystery Wii U Games in 2015?, Apex/Smash Team Up – WiR 1/10/15

20d ago - Join Shawn Long of Nintendo Enthusiast as he discusses Nintendo's domination in sales in Japan du... | Wii U

LittleBigPlanet 3 (PS4) Review

Now - Justin checks out the latest adventure of Sackboy and his friends. | Promoted post

RGN Round Table Video Podcast: GOTY 2014 Discussion, Honorable & Dishonorable Mentions

21d ago - Contributing Editor Tristan joins myself and Public Relations Editor Josh as we recount our own p... | PC

Imaginary Achievements - Shellf Inflicted

23d ago - Jeremy and Gavin are in Mario Kart 8. Can they use the ultimate weapon against themselves? Yes...... | Wii U

Awesome Games Done Quick 2015 Kicks Off Today

26d ago - Beyond simply beating games to their completion, there is speedrunning: A play style that consist... | GameCube

Wii U Sales Up 40%, Ubisoft Pulls Tetris from 3DS eShop?, 2015 Nintendo Predictions – WiR 1/3/15

27d ago - Is Ubisoft behind Tetris leaving the 3DS eShop? How are Wii U hardware sales vs. 2013? And what i... | Wii U

Japanese Rocker GACKT Finally Completes Mega Man 2 After 6 Months of Gaming

27d ago - Nestlé (yes, the food and beverage company) have released another "Game Center" video, where Jap... | Wii
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