Dev of the Day : Cowardly Creations
  Interview with Cowardly Creations

Christopher interviews Cowardly Creations Project Director and Programmer, Tadej Kupčič, about some details behind the core mechanics and design de...

Wii U Media  

Level-Start 19: Are You Bro Enough?

3d ago - "This week we talk about Broforce, a fun new indie action side-scroller. Why Is Kinect for PC so... | PC

Xenoblade Chronicles X – E3 2014 Analysis – New Combat Abilities, Class Systems, and Story Details

3d ago - Playeressence breaks down the massive gameplay demo the Nintendo Treehouse team showed off at E3... | Wii U

[Around the Water Cooler] 2D vs. 3D Mario

3d ago - The first episode of Around the Water Cooler takes a look at the 2D and 3D Mario games. | GameCube

The Gamers Lounge Podcast Ep 23: "I Can't Do That With a Controller"

3d ago - Join John, Erik and Nathanael this week where they talk Cliffy B's return, the Vita shortage, Fox... | PC

Ultra Street Fighter IV Review

Now - Drew dives into the 467th iteration of Street Fighter IV. | Promoted post

The Pixelitis Podcast Ep. 82 – For Shovel Justice

3d ago - "Sometimes it’s easy to forget that the games we play and criticize come from years of hard work... | PC

TSM Episode 279: Pietersen st Read b Ajmal 10

3d ago - In a meandering ramble through a veritable cornucopia of disparate topics, including a repeated r... | PS3

Palutena's Overpowered Moves in Show For Super Smash Bros For Wii U

3d ago - Mike from Mii-gamer: Like with Brawl, Sakurai will be providing daily updates on the developme... | Wii U

Black Oni Podcast Episode 27: Systemic Change

3d ago - Time to talk about recent trends in gaming consumption, hd remakes, and Crytek's financial woes. | PS4

Shut the Box - trailer

3d ago - Gameplay trailer for Shut The Box for Nintendo eShop on Wii U. | Wii U

How to beat Shovel Knight, as told by an 80s-style tips video

3d ago - There is a sect of the internet who believe Shovel Knight is, in fact, a 1980s Capcom game that w... | PC

Short Pause Ep. #3: Super Turbo DrinkBox Ranting Muramasa Pumping Shovel Knighting Butt Mode Edition

3d ago - The Short Pause crew chimes in on what's happening in the world of video games. This week, Ben ha... | Xbox 360

The Gamesmen, Episode 26 – Foam Sword Wreck

4d ago - Join Hardlydan, Amras89 and Noblesteed76 for game talk and fun! This time, The Gamesmen talk abou... | PS3

N4G Radio 07/07/2014

4d ago - Return of the king. Gambus Kahn returns this week to bring the show back to its former glory.... | PC

Gamers In Beta Podcast 059: Happy 4th w/a side of Jet Lag

4d ago - The Gamers In Beta crew is back from a weeks vacation in California. On this week's show, CapnMik... | PC

GameSaga Podcast Episode 28

4d ago - Here is this week’s edition of the GameSaga Podcast. This is Episode 28 of the GameSaga Podcast!... | Xbox 360

Japanese Rocker GACKT Attempts To Play Megaman 2...Again

5d ago - Continuing their odd collaboration, Japanese rocker GACKT and Nestlé have released another "Game... | Wii

Mii Gunner's Side Smash Attack On Display For Super Smash Bros For Wii U

5d ago - Mike from Mii-gamer: Like with Brawl, Sakurai will be providing daily updates on the developme... | Wii U

Midna Gameplay Trailer Revealed for Hyrule Warriors

5d ago - Junkie Monkeys: The gameplay trailer for a fan favorite character has finally been revealed. Midn... | Wii U

First Mario Kart 8 Hacks Discovered

5d ago - MNN: "A group of YouTube users have managed to hack Mario Kart 8. The group says that it’s basic... | Wii U

Digital High Podcast – More Sexism, Best Games of 2014 So Far, and When is Cheating Okay?

5d ago - The Digital High guys are back to celebrate USA’s Independence Day with some news and discussion... | Xbox 360

Mind Zero (Vita) Review

Now - Jae checks out this familiar Vita RPG. | Promoted post

Another World 20th Anniversary Edition first 20 minutes

5d ago - A look at the old school Another World revisited on consoles as part of the indie self publishing... | PC

Game Review Radio: Podcast: #6 (Parts 1-4)

6d ago - The cast of Game Review Radio, talk about Games, News, and E3 2014! What they have been playing,... | Arcade

Game Tangents Podcast 87: The Torporific State of Summer Gaming

6d ago - Game Tangents | In the news this week, EA is found having released deceptive ads in England, and... | PC

Pac-Maze stage, Little Mac's pink hoodie, and more in this week's Smash Bros discussion

6d ago - GameXplain: "We catch up on the latest updates for Super Smash Bros. Wii U & 3DS i... | Wii U

Yoshi's Woolly World - Gameplay Analysis (Secrets & Hidden Details)

6d ago - GameXplain: "We analyze the Yoshi's Woolly World debut trailer plus the Treehouse footage to see... | Wii U
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