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MouseCraft Scurries to Wii U This Fall

1h ago - Crunching Koalas are bringing their unique puzzle game to Wii U later this year. | Wii U

Daily Joystick Podcast Episode 195 – More Xbox price cuts

1h ago - Paul from DJ Podcasts writes "Welcome to this week’s DJ Podcast and on today’s show we discuss al... | PS4

Visit CGMagazine: The Culture of Games

Now - CGM is for the mature audience of comics and games that wants more out of their media than just a review score. | Promoted post

Splatoon's Global Testfire was a messy success - here's what we learned

1h ago - Dealspwn: "Splatoon held its last public beta yesterday, and boy, was it ever messy. Not only was... | Wii U

Playtonic Games Explains Their “Gameplay Over Animation” Rule

1h ago - When Playtonic Games first unveiled Yooka-Laylee, the gameplay they showed off was in a small are... | PC

The Biggest Nintendo Games that We Haven’t Played

3h ago - Gamnesia: Every gamer has a few big-name games missing from their encyclopedia of video game exp... | Wii U

Short Take: Stone Shire (Wii U)

4h ago - Video preview of Wii U Minecraft clone Stone Shire. | Wii U

Nintendo Unleashed - Episode 16: E3 2015 Predictions

4h ago - BlazeKIck: A new episode of Nintendo Unleashed is now here! In this week's podcast, Conor, Arman... | Nintendo DS

Little Devil Inside heading to Wii U after reaching Kickstarter stretch goal

4h ago - Nitendo Everything's Bryan writes: "Neostream turned to Kickstarter in April to help fund “Lit... | Wii U

Sing Along With The New Splatoon Extended Cut Video

4h ago - Hardcore Gamer: Nintendo has treated us to a number of musical Splatoon trailers over the past fe... | Wii U

Splatoon Global Testfire Suffers Massive Server Outage (But the Twitter Hashtag is Pretty Golden)

13h ago - Fans who awaited the second Splatoon Global Testfire today have been meet with disappointment: se... | Wii U

This custom-made Ice Climbers amiibo is impressive

13h ago - Reddit user “mast3r_sword” has come up with an incredibly impressive custom amiibo. The Ice Climb... | Wii U

The eShop's Pricing Dilemma is the Fault of Many, But Damages Creativity and Risk Taking

17h ago - NL: There's a worrying trend at present, in which ambitious and creative independent developers... | Wii U

The SideQuest May 21, 2015: Nintendo E3 Predictions

17h ago - Star Fox! F-Zero! Metroid! What’s coming from Nintendo to E3? We don’t really know, but we have a... | Wii U

Best Ethernet adapters and other accessories to buy along with Splatoon

17h ago - The best Ethernet adapters and other accessories to buy along with the Wii U exclusive, Splatoon. | Wii U

Splatoon features Nintendo's best use of amiibo yet

18h ago - Day one DLC is a tricky thing. If it's too good, people will howl that it should have been in the... | Wii U

Nintendo Collectors Journal 5/21/2015

18h ago - NWR: For those who don’t know, I’m a pretty big Nintendo fanboy. I collect just about anything t... | Wii U

Yooka-Laylee and The Resurgence of 3D Platformers and 90s Gaming on Kickstarter

18h ago - Marcus Estrada writes: "When Yooka-Laylee launched on Kickstarter and was fully funded in 40 minu... | PC

Hands On: Disney Infinity Toy Box 3.0 Brings A Fresh Mario Kart Rival To Wii U | NLife

18h ago - NL: Getting hands-on with the Toy Box for Disney Infinity 3.0 was more than a little interesting... | Wii U

Rodea The Sky Soldier Preview | GameRevolution

19h ago - GR: The copy of Rodea: The Sky Soldier I got to play ran off a Japanese 3DS build, and it didn’t... | Wii U

Nintendo E3 2015 Wishlist

19h ago - Rice Digital: It feels like just yesterday that I was excitedly sitting through Nintendo’s Robot... | Wii U

Find out when Uncharted 4 releases on PS4

Now - Start tracking Uncharted 4 at Releases.com to get important updates about this game release. | Promoted post

Will a New Pokemon Game Show Up at E3 2015?

21h ago - NWR: As I write this, we’re about a month out from E3 and no Pokémon game of any kind has been a... | Wii U

Pushing the Genre’s In Games

21h ago - What your game Genre means | PS4

Gaming Deals: $5 Batman Games, $45 PS4 Camera, $300 Xbox One Bundle

21h ago - Pac-Man 35th anniversary sale, $300 Xbox One bundle, $400 PS4 bundle with free controller, cheap... | PC

Will Splatoon Be Nintendo’s Next Big Wii U Game?

22h ago - The Tyuno Project: " Later this month, Nintendo will release it most anticipated game for the Wii... | Wii U

First Hour: Swords & Soldiers II (Wii U)

22h ago - March Forward To Victory! Colin Checks Out The First Hour Of Swords & Soldiers II On The Wii U! | Wii U
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