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The Swindle Review | 8WN

2d ago - "For fans of the stealth genre, not to mention the rogue-like genre as well, The Swindle demonstr... | Wii U

Video Game Weekly Deals - 10/07 Update from Amazon & Others (US)

2d ago - It's that time of the week! Amazon and others are updating their catalogs for discounts and price... | Nintendo DS

Top 5 Movies To See This Month

Now - The month of September has Johnny Depp portraying an enraged criminal, a group of climbers trying to make it home safely, and the return of the sur... | Promoted post

How Nintendo – And Splatoon – Transformed My View Of A Genre

2d ago - NE: "Something about online shooters never appealed to me – maybe it was the consistent reliance... | Wii U

Yoshi's Woolly World: Gameplay and Boss Fight

2d ago - Yoshi's Woolly World: Gameplay and Boss Fight | Wii U

A look at the screen cleaner being included in the Xenoblade Chronicles X Collector's Edition Guide

2d ago - A look at the screen cleaner being included in the upcoming Xenoblade Chronicles X Collector's Ed... | Wii U

Top 15 Assassins in Video Games

2d ago - From GameWatcher: "Hear that rustling in the night? Did you lock your doors up tight? Has someone... | PC

Top 10 Badasses That Need To Make An Appearance In A Fighting Game

2d ago - COG writes: Haven't you always wondered how your favourite video game character would stack up in... | PC

Skylanders Superchargers Review | GodisaGeek

2d ago - Dan Naylor: "That you need all three types of vehicle to fully enjoy Superchargers isn’t really a... | PC

Super Mario Maker Review | Express

2d ago - If you always wanted to create your own Mario levels then this is the game for you. If you are to... | Wii U

Freedom Planet (Wii U) Review | VGChartz

2d ago - VGChartz's Evan Norris: "Although Freedom Planet does not officially bear the name Sonic the Hedg... | Wii U

Armikrog review – does the spiritual successor to The Neverhood hold together? | Gamepressure

2d ago - A point'n'click clay adventure game created by the people behind The Neverhood sounds like a drea... | PC

Review - Year Walk | Use A Potion

2d ago - "I’d gone into Year Walk not even knowing what the heck a ‘Year Walk’ actually was – I walk away... | PC

Media Create sales (9/28 - 10/4)

2d ago - Media Create has published the latest Japanese hardware and software sales including a big PS4 bump. | Xbox 360

Guitar Hero Live interview: Selecting the tracklist, the 'danger pinky' and playing color blind

2d ago - MMGN: Guitar Hero is making its Live comeback tour in a couple of weeks on October 20. Freestyle... | Xbox 360

Amazon now selling Wii U consoles directly

2d ago - NE: "A few months ago, Amazon began started selling New 3DS hardware directly. Now we can say the... | Wii U

Nintendo Releases System to Track Your Splatoon Stats

2d ago - Hardcore Gamer: SplatNet is a stat-tracking site dedicated to all sorts of Splatoon action. Just... | Wii U

Review: Skylanders: SuperChargers - Activision did it again - Gaming Boulevard

2d ago - The guys of Gaming Boulevard wrote a review of the new Skylanders SuperChargers. | PS4

Rakoo & Friends Coming to Wii U Next Week

2d ago - Hardcore Gamer: Most Wii U players are probably utterly transfixed by Super Mario Maker, but at s... | Wii U

Genei Ibun Roku #FE Story Trailer & Itsuki Aoi Introduction Video

2d ago - Nintendo and Atlus have released a new story trailer for the Fire Emblem and Shin Megami Tensei c... | Wii U

Why I Finish Games Before I Review Them

2d ago - A.J. says: "The question of whether authors should complete games before writing reviews frequent... | PS4

Check What Wii U and 3DS Titles are Coming Out in October

Now - Nintendo has a handful of interesting titles on offer across Wii U and 3DS systems for the orange-tinged month of October. Here's some hot picks th... | Promoted post

Super Mario Maker review: Nintendo realises 30-year-old dream with exquisite Wii U game | IBTimes UK

2d ago - Infinite Mario platforming is what Super Mario Maker delivers, with one substantial caveat: most... | Wii U

Console holiday exclusive line up: which offers the biggest bang for the buck?

2d ago - Are you a gamer looking to upgrade? Or a parent gearing up for holiday gift-giving? Either way, y... | PS4

Skylanders SuperChargers Dark Edition for Wii U Unboxed

2d ago - Skylanders SuperChargers takes you on a wild ride as you drive the mountainous terrains, dive the... | Wii U

Mario Music Through the Years, Part 2 - The Lost Levels (Episode 184)

2d ago - The Lost Levels present one of their best episodes yet! Listen in to hear our favorite soundtrack... | GameCube

New Yoshi's Wooly World commercial out in the wild

2d ago - Keith: With the release of Nintendo's Yoshi's Wooly World hitting the North American market just... | Wii U