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Advanced Warfare's Story Length, Maps, Scorestreaks & More Leak

56m ago - GoodGameBro writes, "As we inch closer to the release date of Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, it... | PC

The Xbox One vs PS4 console wars are over; Wii U wins

56m ago - GameZone: "While “next gen” games like Destiny -- which isn’t available on Wii U -- lead many to... | PS4

Project CARS Gets Teaser Trailer, Full Trailer Releases Tomorrow

3h ago - Slightly Mad Studios and Namco Bandai have released a teaser trailer for their upcoming racer, Pr... | PC

Batman : Arkham Asylum/F1 developer moves to larger base

4h ago - ENGINE ROOM GAMES, the Warwickshire based developer of video games and video games technologies a... | PC


Now - Quickly locate just the right card for you. | Promoted post

Does Bayonetta 2’s hypersexuality cross the line, or is it camp?

4h ago - AV Club: Joe Keiser weighed in on Bayonetta 2 this week. He enjoyed its silky smooth combat and b... | Wii U

Mario Kart 8 Analysis - Yoshi Circuit DLC Trailer (Secrets & Hidden Details)

4h ago - GameXplain: "We analyze the Mario Kart 8 Yoshi Circuit DLC trailer to uncover all the secrets it... | Wii U

How #GamerGate Threats Harm Us All

4h ago - Joe from Awesome Games writes: 'Picture the scene. You’re at a social gathering one evening, just... | PC

This week's new UK releases

6h ago - GamesAsylum looks at the week's releases, including Bayonetta 2, Fantasia: Music Evolved, Just Da... | Xbox 360

Target Sale Live For Video Games With Free Shipping, No Minimum

7h ago - Techtorial: Target is now slashing the prices of several video games including Final Fantasy X |... | Xbox 360

Spreading its Ink Too Thin – Ballpoint Universe Review | Nintendo Enthusiast

7h ago - If there’s one thing for sure that can be said about Ballpoint Universe is that it’s a weird game... | Wii U

EDGE #273 review scores

7h ago - Check out the review scores from this month's issue of EDGE. | PC

Super Smash Bros For Wii U New Screenshot Showcases Boxing Stage

7h ago - Super Smash Bros for Wii U latest daily screenshot showcases the game's boxing stage. | Wii U

Stop Shoving Amiibos into Every Wii U Game

8h ago - CCC Says: "Nintendo is going overboard with this Amiibo thing, and they need to be stopped. Someb... | Wii U

Paper Monsters Recut Review | post it gamer

9h ago - postitgamer: "It may have taken longer than expected, but Mobot Studios’ “recut” version of its s... | Wii U

Pixel Galaxy Looks Like a Maddening New Shooter

14h ago - Marcus Estrada writes: "In Pixel Galaxy you begin as a single pixel. From that tiny cube you can... | PC

Skylanders Trap Team Review | RETRO

16h ago - RETRO: "Even though toy-based gaming isn't as exotic as it once was, Skylanders: Trap Team proves... | Wii

Five reasons Smash Bros. on the Wii U will be the real deal

17h ago - "If sales figures released last week show anything, it's that a lot of people have bought Super S... | Wii U

Skylanders: Trap Team Review: Gimmicks can still be compelling | Postmedia

17h ago - Activision and Toys For Bob’s Skylanders: Trap Team is gimmicky, silly and expensive, especially... | Wii

6 Ways to Make Pokémon More Awesome

18h ago - Brett has always held the Pokémon series near and dear to his heart, and while he thinks new feat... | Nintendo DS

Skylanders Trap Team Review | The Leet

18h ago - The Leet: "Skylanders: Trap Team is the latest outing for the franchise and to be honest at first... | Wii

Natural Doctrine (PS4) Review

Now - Drew checks out this insanely hard strategy RPG. | Promoted post

SteamWorld Dig Review | Super Clash Gaming

19h ago - SteamWorld Dig released in August of 2013 on Nintendo 3DS. Since then, it has released on the fol... | Wii U

We Take A Swing At Donkey Kong Country

20h ago - The Game Inquirer says: "Platforming classic Donkey Kong Country for the SNES made it’s return on... | Wii U

Fanatical Five | Five Reasons to Buy a Wii U in 2014

21h ago - The Wii U was obviously a misfire. Nintendo bungled virtually everything about its release: They... | Wii U

The Walking Dead Pinball Review At Skewed and Reviewed

21h ago - Joseph at Skewed and Reviewed has posted a very positive review for the Walking Dead Pinball. He... | PC

PS Nation Podcast-Ep394-Fill In the Blanks

22h ago - Glenn’s Microphone cable is bad for the 1st half of the podcast (sorry New Releases New firmwar... | PSP
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