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Race The Sun Review (Wii U)

1h ago - "Although it has its shortcomings when it comes to the overall presentation, Race The Sun is an i... | Wii U

Double Take: Losing an Old Exclusive is a Benefit, Not a Casualty

16h ago - When it comes down to game consoles specifically, with there being a variety of systems to choose... | PC

MoreConsole takes on Destiny: The Taken King

Now - MoreConsole's rag-tag band of guardians finally make it to the Oryx's ship...but can they make it out alive? | Promoted post

5 Terrifying Horror Games This Year That Will Scare You Silly

18h ago - COG writes - Our list of 5 horror games out recently, or coming soon(ish), that will be the perfe... | PC

The Wii U needs a price drop now more than ever

1d 2h ago - With Sony and Microsoft dropping the price of their consoles, the Wii U now desperately needs a p... | Wii U

Do Nintendo have the right cards, but the wrong game?

1d 6h ago - Richard Simpson: "Amiibos are every Nintendo fan’s dream. An ability to own a likeness of their f... | Wii U

NX: The Need To Succeed

1d 11h ago - A look at some of the things that Nintendo has to get right to ensure the success of their newest... | Wii U

Avoid 4K if you love your console games

1d 19h ago - Gaming Trend editor Sean Lama discusses the merits of avoiding the 4K hype train when it comes to... | PS4

Underrated Hidden Gems - #1 Shadow Puppeteer

1d 21h ago - VGChartz's Daniel Carreras: "Shadow Puppeteer is my most recent underrated gem and also the one t... | PC

Star Fox Zero Impressions | EB Games Expo 2015

2d ago - "This year at EB Expo, Nintendo had a playable build of Star Fox Zero available for members of th... | Wii U

Team Picks: Most Anticipated Games Of October

2d ago - Team Picks is Press-Start Australia’s monthly feature where members of the team get together to t... | Xbox 360

How Nintendo – And Splatoon – Transformed My View Of A Genre

2d ago - NE: "Something about online shooters never appealed to me – maybe it was the consistent reliance... | Wii U

Top 15 Assassins in Video Games

2d ago - From GameWatcher: "Hear that rustling in the night? Did you lock your doors up tight? Has someone... | PC

Top 10 Badasses That Need To Make An Appearance In A Fighting Game

2d ago - COG writes: Haven't you always wondered how your favourite video game character would stack up in... | PC

Why I Finish Games Before I Review Them

3d ago - A.J. says: "The question of whether authors should complete games before writing reviews frequent... | PS4

Console holiday exclusive line up: which offers the biggest bang for the buck?

3d ago - Are you a gamer looking to upgrade? Or a parent gearing up for holiday gift-giving? Either way, y... | PS4

6 Games We're Looking Forward to in October

3d ago - From the rowdy horseplay of Halo to the roaring solos of Rock Band and Guitar Hero, October is an... | PC

Ten must-play 2015 horror games for Halloween

3d ago - Ten horror games released in 2015 that fans of the genre should play before, during and after Hal... | PC

10 Indie Games You Must Play

3d ago - Indie games are the future of the video game industry. With the middle tier of video game develop... | PC

Sony Pushing Ads to the Dashboard Isn't a Bad Thing, It Could Actually Be a Really Good Tool

3d ago - The Games Cabin takes a look at what good could come from pushing adverts for games to the homesc... | PC

Which is Better? Skylanders Superchargers, Disney Infinity, or LEGO Dimensions

3d ago - With all of the toys-to-life games out right now it's time to pick which is best for you. LEGO Di... | Xbox 360

Warhammer: Arcane Magic price drop - Now $3.99!

Now - Test your tactics against legendary foes in this critically acclaimed Warhammer iOS game! | Promoted post

Capturing Mood in Procedurally Generated Worlds

4d ago - Castle Couch looks at procedurally generated levels in The Swindle and Lovers in a Dangerous Spac... | PC

Grace Under Pressure: On the Thrilling Heist Mechanics of ‘The Swindle’

4d ago - Size Five's summertime heist-sim has me recalling Robert De Niro's criminal code in 'Heat' – dr... | PC

What Nintendo's NeXt console should have been

4d ago - Has Nintendo not paid attention to the last several generations of their consoles? Because it has... | Wii

The Best Skateboarding Games That Aren’t Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 5

4d ago - Skaters lament. The new Tony Hawk game hasn’t so much arrived as it has bailed trying to do an he... | PS2

5 Scariest Games Ever on a Nintendo Platform

4d ago - With the Halloween season approaching, let's remove that squeaky clean Nintendo image and showcas... | GameCube
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