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  • Touch Screen.
  • Great Exclusives.
  • Miiverse.
  • INternet Connectivity.
  • Region Lock.
  • Bad Start.

Let me start by saying that i was never a huge fan of Nintendo

Let me start by saying that i was never a huge fan of Nintendo, back inthe 90s i had a Sega MegaDrive 2 ( Saturn in the US i guess ) then a PS1 and continued with Sony Ever since, Nintendo consoles weren't popular where i lived. The first Nintendo system i actually played was Wii, i was curious about the controller so i tried it a couple of times. But ever since the WiiU was announced i got very interested in the touch screen, i always wanted manufacturers to put a touch screen in the controller, always thought it would improve gameplay and open a whole new dimention of gaming experience. That and the so many great things i heard about Nintendo exclusives like (3D Mario-Zelda-Pikmin) made me set my mind on buying one, and i can honestly say that i don't regret it. I bought the Premium version like a month ago or so, so let's get started on it.


The console itself has a slick and very nice design, it's small and looks very elegant setting there on your TV console. The stand included also very helful because without it i would have forced to move something to make it lie horizontally, but the stand makes it fit perfectly. The disk drive is very responisive and fast once you make the disk touchs it's edge it gets sucked in very fast, no need to push to the middle.
There is also a white notification light that let's you know there is a disk inside even when it's turned off. It's also worth mentioning that the system is very quiet.


Looking at photos and watching videos at it before i bought the system, the controller seemd huge,bulky and heavy thing, but boy once i held it in my hands for the first time it felt very comfortable an natural. It's not heavy at all, your thumbs sit comfortably on the analog sticks, and i never felt sore or anything after long sessions. Yes at first i felt weird
Because my hands were wide apart but i got over that feeling very quickly.

The touch screen is well sized with good resolution and very responisve in an overwhelming action game like The Wonderful 101 which requires a lot of gesture drawing the touch screen was never frustrating or sat me back. The controller also contains a speaker, a stylus, a gyroscope , NFC,and a camera which i never used.

It also has it's own charging dock wich requires a seperate power outlet, and now that i mention it i should say that the battery isn't very good in that thing, maybe the touch screen has something to do with it , but its's not that big of a deal, we all used to that using charging our mobile phones twicw a day.


Very similar to the one in the 3DS nothing much to talk about here so i'm going to mention the 2 new additions that makes the WiiU OS very unique:
1- You can play any game on the touch screen instead of the TV, and you can control your TV volum and channels with it.
2- Miiverse !! What an amazing idea ! It's oractically a forum or a community for all the games, but it's very fun and useful because you can access it right in the middle of the game. You can check what people have been saying about this praticular game, ask something if you stuck, and The Wonderful 101 let's you post your scores by just one tap on an icon.

I was thinking that Sony should domsomething like that but then i realized that the major thing that makes Miiverse so fun and practical is the touch screen. Which the PS4 lacks.

One other good good thing about the OS and The touch screen is that you can do anything without having tonturn on your TV or switching channels, if you want to check something real quick or start a game and going through all the menues while your show is about to end is very useful. On my PS3 i had to memorize that i must go left twice the one dow to start a game and memorize when to press start on that particular game so when i switch the TV i'm good to go, I can proudly say that 9 times out of 10 i can enter a game in battlefield without having to look at the game menues.

To conclude this scetion i must say that the only downside to the OS is that it's slow when it comes to loasing apps like Miiverse or the e-shop.

All good stuff, but why isn't the console selling well if it's that good as i say you ask ?!

Here is my opinion, first of all Nintendo made a huge mistake by having a design that is very similar to the Wii, and to make it worse they kept the name WIi in huge letters and added one small letter that can easly be missed or missunderstood. That was very bad desicion from Nintendo.

But hey those are reason that made the casual and parents not buy or even. Otice the system, but what about people who were following it and actually knew it exist ?!

Well first of all the obvious reason was the lack of games , launch titles weren't many or that great. And up to this point there still no huge 3rd party support, but here is the dilemma some developers say that they need to see the sales grow up so they can start supporting it, but where will the sales come from if they don't already support it right now ?! This answer always made me disrespect the people who said it, not to mention that idiot executive at Bethesda.

Only company i must salute and respect is Ubisoft because they have been there from the beginning, ZombiU-Assassin's Creed-Rayman-Splinter Cell-Watchdogs all available or will be on WiiU. That is a company that knows it's business, yes their games on the system might be having the lowest selling numbers comparing to their games on other systems but atleast they are selling themselves to the Nintendo fans and adding mature games that the system doesn't or ever been known for which makes them on their own league right now. And helping the system grow so they can even make more money in the future by creating loyal fanbase.

But the only problem isn't just lack of games, there are idiots who bashed the system from day 1, mostly stupid teenagers who call everything a gimmick. A word invented by idiots for idiots. Thise kind of people who say : touch screen? Gimmick, gyroscope ? Gimmick, camera phone ?! Gimmick, move ? Gimmick, Wii ? Gimmick, Kinect ? Gimmick, GPS in cars ? Gimmick, every new piece of technology is a gimmick to them, guess what idiots ?! You don't deserve technology , you should be go live in a cave or in a whole underground, because you refuse to move forward with the future, those same idiots who called touch screen phones gimmicky and stupid when the imate started getting little popular, now almost 90% of phones are touchscreen. Someof those people think they are cool by not getting those devices and make fun of people who does, and some are being afraid of being made fun of.

I for one love technology, i'm curious about any new invention and always want to try them all, and if i don't like something at least i respect the people behind it, because maybe one day it evolves into something better and more practical and useful.

I know i got carried away with my ranting so let's get back on topic here. And let me conclude this review.


The WiiU is a very good system and despite it's low specs compared to PS4 or even the Xbone that doesn't make it's games any less fun to play, you have been playing games with similar specs for like 7 years now and every year there was better looking games on PC so you weren't having fun all this time?!
The only downside is the Internet connctivity which requires static ip and configuring DMZ and some annoying stuff, in Splinter Cell i managed to play co-op couple of times but havent't been able after that, if with someone on my friend list.

There are already some great games on the system like Pikmin-Wonderful 101- Super Mario & ZombieU which by the way is very unique survivng experience and makes good use of the controller, like for instance the voice of the guy talking to you comes from the speaker implemented in the controller that makes you feel like holding a radio in your hands, and using the touch screen as a sonar to spot zombies and other interesting points, among others. There is the upcoming Zelda: WindWaker which looks very good and have diverse gameplay mechanics, also Mario Kart And 3D Mario are doming this year , not to mention all the 3rd party games.

It's great time now to. Buy a WiiU with several games out and others coming shortly specially with the price drop. I gurantee you will not regret your purchase and it will only get better from here on.And all the little things i mentioned about having a responsive drive or a notification light or a stand, may not be huge selling point to the system or disadvantage to others, but they are very good details that somehow makes your life little easier, and i very much respect companies who pay attention to the little details.

I hope i wasn't to boring and that you made it all the way here, and i also hope that i manage to give thorough details about the system from my personal experience that could help you make up your mind about the system.And sorry for any misspellings or grammar mistakes.

Thank You.

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OmegaShen1697d ago (Edited 1697d ago )

My biggest problems with the Wii U were:
1. Almost every game didn't support the pro controller (even the big titles didn't, keep in mind I mean the ones that came out with it). ZombiU only used it for two player mode.

2. How slow it was (which I heard they finally fix that, but come on Nintendo).

3. Lack of dlc, COD Blops 2 had no dlc and more games coming out aren't putting any for Wii U.

4. Lack of memory space, don't give me that bs "well you could use a flash drivc" yeah I could. But I won't because I don't think I can install games to it and I like my system looking nice with less things sticking out.

5. The range for the Gamepad controller blows, I can't even sit down in are tv room because the chairs are to far and I can't screw with my gf by changing the channels to the tv from a good range.

Ilovetheps41697d ago

I'd like to address a couple of those points.

The system is much faster now. Things load much quicker, so that is not an issue anymore.

The memory space issue is understandable, but I just wanted to clear one thing up. You can install games to an external hard drive and you can play the games directly off of the external hard drive. I do understand it being a burden though.

And I completely disagree about the range of the gamepad. I'm not sure how far away your chairs are, but the range of the gamepad is 30'. It can go a little farther to that (most say 40'), but Nintendo says 30' unobstructed. I have gotten it to go at least 30' just to see how far it would reach. I wouldn't be able to play a game over 30' from the TV.

I personally enjoy my Wii U a lot. It's a fantastic system and I can't wait to play some of the upcoming games. I am very satisfied with my purchase and can't wait for a new Zelda game on the Wii U.

abusador1695d ago

I guess with the Wiiu if you have a history with Nintendo products ever since the Wii you go in knowing what to expect. If you do that and dont really look for any surprises you'll enjoy it just fine.

I havent, nor will i be buying a Wiiu for various reasons but if you love Nintendo systems for its exclusive ips and in hd, i guess i cant knock anyone.

And yes Zelda should be very cool when released!!!!

Beastforlifenoob1695d ago

And also add horrible and uncompetitive specs to that list

TheEvilWithin1693d ago

Grow up! If that is a number one selling point for you is POWER! Then your going to be in for a HUGE let down for next gen. If the game play is fun and YOU are having fun then that's what matters. Not Oh look how pretty that butterfly looks.

You and many others need to step outside your bubbles and see what gaming truly is about. If power is all that were basing everything off from then Nintendo would of been out of the market a long long time ago. Problem is, POWER is NOT the number one selling point for most people. Its software not the console its self.

PraxxtorCruel1691d ago

You must've just been born yesterday...get yourself a pc and confess your love to 200FPS.

GamingTruth1684d ago

"you have been playing games with similar specs for like 7 years now and every year there was better looking games on PC so you weren't having fun all this time?!"

to many people they dont believe that including me