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PS4 vs X1: The Real Battle Is Still Ahead

804d ago ... The PS4 is out! So is the XBox One! The gaming world is on fire! Sales charts and review scores for launch games and "first impressions" and everything in between is slamming the front page of N4G at a startling pace. And of course, plenty of people are drawing allegiances, declaring winners, and pledging their loyalty to their favorite brands. But it doesn't really matter. The real battle i...

Nintendo is heading for a crash

1168d ago ... It all started with the final years of the Wii. I like the Wii. Heck, I LOVE the Wii, even including those "casual" motion-control games like Wii Sports. It's a fun system with a unique set of games. However, I began to have my doubts about 2 years ago when Super Mario Galaxy 2 launched. See, I like the SMG games. I do. They're great. However, it didn't make much sense to me: why would Nintendo...

Does Microsoft Risk Losing Core Gamers?

1732d ago ... Rumours circulating the gaming community today have stated Microsoft plans ten new IP's to be announced at this forthcoming E3, for Kinect. You can read where the rumour originated from here: Now, while this news may excite some people there seems to be a quiet underbelly of frustration boiling in the Xbox com...

First Day Playstation Move Impressions

1973d ago ... Been playing Move demos and games for pretty much the whole day now, was going to write up a massive detailed account but all I want to do is get back to Sports Champions, so I'll keep it brief and to the point... It works and it's fun. OK maybe that was a little too brief. I'll just quickly detail my Sports Champions time as that's the game I've been playing most. I booted up the gam...

My Nintendo E3 Grade

2067d ago ... Like I said before I am a huge Microsoft supporter, that being said I think I enjoyed the Nintendo conference much more then any of the others. Nintendo has always had the best first party support and the most popular and well reviewed games. They always have innovation in the industry and force others to follow suite. First we see a new Zelda Wii title "Zelda Skyward Sword, this game loo...

The Wii really works on non-gamers!!

2688d ago ... Today my sister saw me playing the Wii and thought it looked interesting and asked if she could play Wii Sports.
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