Wii Fit Plus Reviews  

Gamezone: Walk it Out Review

1973d ago - Walk It Out targets lazy people who enjoy playing video games but instead of spending the money t... | 3

InsideGamer: Wii Fit Plus Review

1991d ago - IG writes: "The first Wii Fit got a lot to handle criticism and especially those who have ha... | 3

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Everyeye.it Review: Wii Fit Plus

2028d ago - Everyeye.it: Wii Fit launched in the European market April 24, 2008, was the first software to us... | 3

3djuegos Review: Wii Fit Plus

2034d ago - 3djuegos: The new trend of creating healthy type games has forced Nintendo to bring out an update... | 3

About: Wii Fit Plus Review

2038d ago - About writes: "A lot of people bought Wii Fit in hopes of using it to get in shape, but few... | 3

Fragland Review: Wii Fit Plus

2041d ago - It seems like only a year ago Nintendo released Wii Fit and launched the fitness gaming genre. Oh... | 3

Level7 Review: Wii Fit Plus

2043d ago - Level7: Last year's Wii Fit sold very well and got a sequel. This time with some new minigames, w... | 3

Eurogamer.it Review: Wii Fit Plus

2054d ago - Eurogamer.it: It's called Wii Fit Plus but not a sequel. Were the same and Iwata Myamoto to stres... | 3

GamerDad: Wii Fit Plus Review

2055d ago - GamerDad writes: "I was late to the Wii Fit party. I had heard about the peripheral, but my... | 3

Game Observer: Wii Fit Plus Review

2058d ago - Fortunately, Nintendo has listened to its users and made substantial changes for this year's offe... | 3

GDN: Wii Fit Plus Review

2058d ago - GDN writes: "I only briefly got to play the original Wii Fit, but liked its idea; it served... | 3

Cynamite Review: Wii Fit Plus

2059d ago - Cynamite: Plus instead of Wii Fit Wii Fit 2: At Nintendo's Balance Board drudgery awaits you an e... | 3

Digital Chumps: Wii Fit Plus Review

2061d ago - Digital Chumps: "Last year, I was one of the major proponents of Wii Fit. In spite of its sh... | 3

RewiredMind: Wii Fit Plus Review

2066d ago - RewiredMind writes: "It's not every day that a product is launched to such universal acclaim... | 3

Spaziogames Review: Wii Fit Plus

2067d ago - Spaziogames: There are games that do not need any introduction, securities that are imposed on th... | 3

Digital Battle: Wii Fit Plus Review

2067d ago - Digital Battle writes: "Wii Fit has been one of the few original and innovative games on the... | 3

Infendo: Wii Fit Plus Review

2067d ago - Overall, Wii Fit Plus is a great upgrade to the original game. If you own Wii Fit and enjoyed it,... | 3

Nintendojo: Wii Fit Plus Review

2069d ago - For players who enjoyed Wii Fit and are still using it, Wii Fit Plus is worth the upgrade: it sur... | 3

GameKult Review: Wii Fit Plus

2071d ago - GameKult: This is now a year and a half that Wii Fit is trying to give us a taste for physical ex... | 3

CVG: Wii Fit Plus Review

2071d ago - The game must be doing something right, considering this review was fuelled by a virtuous pack of... | 3

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Gamez: Wii Fit Plus Review

2072d ago - Gamez writes: "When Wii Fit is still as hot cakes goes, Nintendo Wii Fit Plus now on the off... | 3

YARS: Wii Fit Plus Review

2072d ago - Although a few new features prove to be slightly gimmicky, Wii Fit Plus does well in adding somet... | 3

Nintendo Life: Wii Fit Plus Review

2072d ago - Nintendo Life writes: "Wii Fit's runaway success seemed to take even Nintendo by surprise gi... | 3

Telegraph: Wii Fit Plus Review

2073d ago - Games (or maybe they should be called applications) aimed at slimming the figure and watching the... | 3

XGN: Wii Fit Plus Review

2073d ago - XGN writes: "Nintendo has games like Wii Sports and Wii Fit tapped a new audience, and it is... | 3,14

Wii Fit Plus

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Release Dates
Wii Release Dates
JP 01 October 2009
US 04 October 2009
AU October 2009
EU 30 October 2009