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iTWire Hands On: Wii Fit Plus

1964d ago - iTWire writes: "Should that be 'Feet On' with Wii Fit Plus? At last night's Nintendo launch... | 3

Wired: Wii Fit Plus Custom Routines Hands-On

1974d ago - Wii Fit Plus, which hits stores this week, is an upgrade rather than a sequel - mostly, it's the... | 3

Release of the Week: Wii Fit Plus

1975d ago - GrE writes, "The biggest game this season has pretty much been determined. Half of the expec... | 3

Kotaku: Wii Fit Plus Preview

1984d ago - Wii Fit Plus is essentially Wii Fit with new features added, plus an actual multiplayer function.... | 3

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GameDaily: Wii Fit Plus Preview

1988d ago - Slip into some spandex, put on that headband and get ready to sweat. Nintendo's back with a seque... | 3

GayGamer Hands On: Wii Fit Plus

1988d ago - GayGamer writes: "I was able to pay Nintendo a visit this afternoon to get a little hands-on... | 3

GamesRadar: Wii Fit Plus Hands-On

2051d ago - GamesRadar writes: "Plug in the Nunchuk and Rhythm Kung Fu and Rhythm Parade fizz into life.... | 3

Official Nintendo Magazine: Wii Fit Plus Preview

2061d ago - The success of Wii Fit has almost been as impressive as the success of the Wii itself. In the yea... | 3

El33tonline Hands-on Preview Wii Fit Plus (Wii)

2061d ago - El33tonline writes: "Wii Fit literally took the gaming world by storm when it was relea... | 3

IncGamers Preview - Nintendo Round-Up

2070d ago - IncGamers's Tim McDonald reports back from a hands-on with a whopping ten Nintendo titles, includ... | 3,5

VGC E3 2009: Hands-on: Wii Fit Plus

2070d ago - VGC writes: "Nintendo announced during their E3 conference a brand new Wii Fit, christened w... | 33,3

Kotaku: Wii Fit Plus Preview

2078d ago - Kotaku writes: "And while, yes, this reporter has in the tradition of either Woodward or Ber... | 3

WorthPlaying:Wii Fit Plus Preview

2082d ago - WorthPlaying writes: "Nintendo seems to know how to make phenomena now. The Wii, with games... | 3

Gaming Union: Wii Fit Plus First Impressions

2083d ago - Gaming Union writes "Wii Fit has been a huge success, having sold close to 20 million units... | 3

Gaming Target: Wii Fit Plus Preview

2086d ago - Gaming Target writes: "Wii Fit Plus is as intense a workout as it is a fun gaming experience... | 3

Crispy Gamer: E3 2009: The Five: Wii Fit Plus Preview

2089d ago - Crispy Gamer writes: "A few of the new games are interesting enough to make me dust off my B... | 33,3

Ve3tro: Wii Fit Plus Hands-On

2092d ago - Ve3tro writes: "As someone who did use the Wii Fit daily for the better part of 6 months unt... | 3

N-Sider: E3 Impressions: Wii Fit Plus

2093d ago - Wii Fit Plus is a misleading title for this game, and yet oddly appropriate. It doesn't use Ninte... | 33, 3

NWR: Wii Fit Plus Impressions #1

2093d ago - NWR writes: "Some of Wii Fit Plus' balance games were out on the show floor. Check out what... | 33,3

Gamedaily Hands and Feet-On: Wii Fit Plus

2094d ago - Gamedaily writes: "The original Wii Fit sold over 18 million copies in its first year (it cu... | 33,3

Dead or Alive 5: Last Round (XB1) Review

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Joystiq: Wii Fit Plus Hands-On

2094d ago - While the idea of leaning on a board and waving a stick around may no longer carry an inherent wo... | 33,3

NWR: Wii Fit Plus Impressions

2094d ago - Tilt City was one of the nine balance games playable at E3 2009. It is an interesting concept tha... | 33,3

GameZone Preview: Wii Fit Plus

2096d ago - With over 15 million Wii Fits on the market, it wasn't a surprise to hear that Nintendo would be... | 33,3

GameSpot: Wii Fit Plus Hands-On

2096d ago - GameSpot writes: "Wii Fit Plus has a good balance-game collection so far, but we will have t... | 33,3

NWR: Wii Fit Plus Preview

2099d ago - NWR writes: "In response to the incredible global success of Wii Fit, and the ever increasin... | 33,3

Wii Fit Plus

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Release Dates
Wii Release Dates
JP 01 October 2009
US 04 October 2009
AU October 2009
EU 30 October 2009