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This Is My Joystick Podcast: To Wii U or not to Wii U?

948d ago - Neil Hickton, Andy Buick and Alan Mollison from This Is My Joystick get together to talk about No... | Xbox 360

Wii U BC The Most Ghetto BC Ever

963d ago - Talk about being 100% backwards compatible… or just being 100% backwards in general. | Wii


Now - The largest video game wiki platform on the web, featuring hundreds of community-driven wiki projects. | Promoted post

Why Wii U is a Kids Toy

968d ago - Why Nintendo's new game system is completely useless to anyone over the age of 12. A parody. | Wii U

Wii-U brings your TVii to life!

1024d ago - writes: "Famed Reggie Fils-Aime just announced the inclusion of TVii on Wii-U.... | Wii

Industry experts discuss Wii U price

1114d ago - What one analyst thinks may happen if a certain price is not afforded to the Wii U. How much woul... | Wii U

GFN Junior Program: Just Have Fun – Kids Edition­­

1441d ago - Here's another week of GamerFitNation Junior Program help kids Learn the knowledge of Health, Tea... | Culture

Why Nintendo Are (Not) Quick To Detail The Wii 2

1753d ago - Nintendo, and parties representing the big N, have been very coy recently with details regarding... | Wii

RoboAwesome's Six Wii Channels You Don’t Know Exist (and May be Getting Soon)

1809d ago - While casting my vote on the Everybody Votes Channel just the other day, (Ryan) began to wonder w... | Wii

More Benefits To Play The Actual Game Before Going Straight To Online Play

1810d ago - Wouldn't it be awesome if there were actually benefits to playing the actual game instead of goin... | PC

Old School Games Making A Comeback. Why?

1811d ago - Why are all of these old school games coming back? Its seems that they wouldn't be able to match... | PC

Nintendo: 'Wii can discover new genres'

2577d ago - DEVELOP: Just a month after the service's launch, Nintendo is already making bold proclamations a... | 3,11,13,15

Wii Lovin' From HomeStar Runner

3076d ago - If you have spent any time on the internet chances are you have heard of Home Star Runner, or at... | 3

Possible Wii Hack Video

3120d ago - January 1st, 2007 is a day that will be very interesting. According to this video, that is the da... | 3

Wii, $50 too Expensive?

3195d ago - Editor-in-chief at IGNcube: "So I'll tell you exactly what I told both Perrin Kaplan and Reg... | 3

Wii Channels in English

3197d ago - Here are the first screenshots of the Wii's innovative Channel's with English text. The new shots... | 3

Clips: Introducing the Wii Channels

3214d ago - This gives you a sense of what the Wii Channels look like from Disc, to News to Mii. It also incl... | 3

Nintendo's Website Showing Off DS Lite Connectivity, Wii Channels and More!

3215d ago - Nintendo of Japan's website (Pages 5 through 14) is showing pictures and videos which show some o... | 3, 5
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