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User Review : Watch Dogs

  • Easy to pick up and play
  • A very large amount of content
  • Freedom to take on missions any way you like
  • Average AI
  • Overpowered cars
  • Some glitches. Also it's too easy to find opposing players in online MP

Hacking has never been so fun

I stepped into the world of Watch Dogs with my eyes wide open. What I've seen was a new franchise that impressed me from the beginning and overwhelmed me with a large amount of content....and i love it.

Note: I wont spoil anything about the story and will keep it as short as possible, which will be hard because this is a very HUGE game.

First, I'll start off with the controls. This game is very easy to pick up and play. The movements are more or less like Assassins Creed minus the climbing. Most hacking takes 1 button press, which helps due to the fast pace of the game. Some of the bigger hacks require you to solve a mini game. (I wont detail the mini game but its simple.) Driving is responsive and tight, it has that Grand Theft Auto V feel when driving. Drifting and hacking while driving is also very well done. Gunplay is also similar to GTAV minus the auto lock and with better cover to cover controls.

Taking on missions is a blast, I felt I could approach a mission from any angle I could think of. You can go stealth by hacking cameras to get the layouts and little hints on what abilities the enemies have. For example: Some enemies can call in reinforcements while others have phone conversations and texts that sometimes reveal useful information. You can do much more while hacking but I wont get into that. If you go in guns blazing you can find success too. The crafting system reminded me of The Last of Us as you find ingredients and craft weapons like grenades on the fly to aid you.

One gripe I had with the game was the enemy AI, while they were not dumb they were not overly smart either. It was rare but I found some of the AI (when alerted and searching) would walk into walls and stay there as I easily stealth killed them from behind. Again this was a rare thing, I've seen it twice so far during 3 days of play, but it was enough for me to point out. As far as combat goes the AI will hide in cover, flank and call in reinforcements. The cop chases are intense, they will chase you all over the city and while challenging I haven't been caught in my play through yet unless I totaled my car. The cars can take a surprising amount of damage. The chases would be even more intense if I felt the fear of totaling my car.

Online play (from what I played) is fun, I wont go too deep because not many people own the game so matches were not as frequent as they will be. The online racing was fun though, using hacks to hinder your opponents and shortcuts to get the advantage made for fun races. (I found the motorcycle races especially fun) That said, I did have a problem with cars appearing out of thin air while racing causing unexpected crashes. My SP game was hacked twice and while it was fun to find and kill the other player who hacked me, I feel it was too easy to find the hacker. It was reminiscent of Assassins Creed's MP.

As for the mini-games and side missions, there are plenty. Some are action packed and some are stealthy. There are a few driving mini-games and side missions that were fun as well. This adds a huge amount of variety. Some are fun and some are outright weird. Bouncing around the city on flowers?....Yes. Robots with flashlight heads? you betcha! driving through hell? YUP! Its all in here and ready to play instantly though your (in game) cell phone.

Player progression is pretty deep. You can upgrade skills, combat hacks, and driving. Aside from main game player progression there's more. You can upgrade the machines you use in the mini games as well...Like your Spider-Tank or your Hell Car..They too can be upgraded while playing the mini games, making you want to jump back in. Again, I wont go too far into it, so not to spoil the immersion.

As for the it. I wont even give you my insight on it...just know I like it.

This game is massive and I know I missed something, but I recommend you buy it. The mini games, Online play, and side missions are worth the purchase alone. This will be another great franchise for Ubisoft.

Great graphics for an open world game Protip: inFamous Second Son looks better in comparison. But understand Watchdogs is a great looking game infamous gets a 9.5 in graphics in my opinion.
The game has great sound affects and great music library (Nas-One Mic!?!) It pales in comparison to Grand Theft Auto's soundtrack, but it still is a great collection of music. Some of the motorcycle revs sound weird, and guns aren't as authentic as some FPS's out there.
Controls are easy to pick up and play. Combat is solid no matter how you approach it. Some AI hiccups.
Fun Factor
With so much content in the game, there is surly something for every one. Almost everything I did, from story missions to mini games and side missions I had a blast. This game pulled me in and I'm addicted.
I had fun with online play, but with the glitches and the ease of catching other hackers, it leaves much to be desired.
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StrawberryDiesel4201423d ago

Nice review, I agree with nearly everything you have said. My one major problem with this game however is not being able to shoot while driving, I really miss that and think it was a mistake to not include it in the game. Overall, I also feel addicted to this game, on PS4 it looks and plays amazing and is just outright fun.

Kingthrash3601423d ago

I totally agree and its something I forgot to add. Shooting while driving is a surprising miss I should have included it in the review.