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You never cancel a pre-order early.... especially over something as stupid as graphics.

18d ago ... Gamers have made me angry ALOT over the years. Here's a small list of the stuff I've dealt with. PS4 haters. Xbox One haters. Wii U haters. Cheaters in online multiplayer. People who try to "expose" you. People who want Ridley in Super Smash Bros 4. But THIS topic takes the cake. Some of you actually CANCELLED your Watch Dogs pre-orders because the graphics were "downgraded" from wh...

The biggest BS in gaming history.

35d ago ... I'm surprised nobody else has bought this up, but if I have to be the one to do it, so be it. So, what IS the biggest BS in gaming history? Underpowered consoles? Too big a focus on graphics? The prices being too high? None of those. Memorize this line: "You speak of innovation when any attempt at it is dismissed as a gimmick." Do me a favor. Pass that saying on, because it NEEDS to b...

How the enjoyment of waiting for a game is destroyed

36d ago ... Oddly enough, it isn't the companies that's lower my enjoyment of waiting for a game; it's you people. How do you do it? 1)Endlessly complain about it not being on your console, which is understandable in some cases, but not when the reason has been stated numerous times, like in the case of Bayonetta 2 or Titanfall. 2)This actually connects back to number 1. Since the game is not on your...

You Know What's Bullshot?

39d ago ... Legend speaks of a time in which a product you were selling had to be representative of the final product at all times. These were the days of the False Advertisement Laws, when consumer interests were protected and you got exactly what you expected and paid for. Those Golden, Halcyon days of Yore have long since perished and in their place, dark days of deceit and the dreaded bullshots have re...

Get it through your skulls;Graphics. Don't. MATTER! (To an extent.)

40d ago ... So news recently came out that Watch Dogs was apparently downgraded graphicswise after its delay. I don't understand HOW they made it look worse. I usually respect the game creators, but I don't know what made them think it looked better than before. I could've had this back in November for the PS4 or Wii U or Xbox 360, yet it was delayed to "polish." Now, is the downgrade worthy of CANCELLI...

An open letter [of thanks] to Indies on Wii U...

64d ago ... This is something that has been rolling around in my mind for quite a while, now, but for ages, I haven't really had a push to deliver it in any solid form on any place where most devs could see it, like on a public forum. The recent delay of Watch Dogs on the Wii U has given me that push that I needed to finally come out and say what I should have said since I first bought Nano Assault Neo....

The RTU Debacle: Well, that's gaming journalism for you.

172d ago ... UPDATE: COD Ghosts Confirmed by Activision to be running at 1080p native on the PS4 and 720p upscaled to 1080p on the XBO. Another debunk: So, I watched ReviewTechUSA's video. I was completely mind blown by the outlandish claims that this guy was making. He said that he got them from 'Ve...

My Decision of Choosing PS4 or XBO

255d ago ... During the near final exams in my college, PS4 and XBO were announced especially games like Killzone: Shadow Fall gameplay and teasers of InFamous: Second Son, Deep Down and Knack and other multiplat games like The Witcher 3, Watch Dogs and Destiny and that was before E3 2013. I was excited for PS4 a bit then got into my final exams, finished exams and graduated on 13th June, happy that I have...

Regarding Ubisoft's Muck-Up of Watch Dogs

261d ago ... Yesterday, a trailer showcasing actress/comedienne Aisha Tyler's cameo appearance in Watch Dogs was released. For some, Tyler's appearance was nothing to blink twice over, while for others, footage showcasing her character could not come fast enough. Now, I'm sure most people are wishing it never came at all. The [unfinished] video showcased Aisha Tyler walking down a street in the more busi...

Some more about the games at E3

296d ago ... E3 has close its doors a couple of weeks ago, but its echo will keep singing for a while longer. Personally I really enjoyed the show and here’s a recap of some of the games I managed to get a closer look at. WATCH DOGS Since it was first unveiled at E3 last year this has been one of my most anticipated games. And, considering the current XboxOne “BigBrother”-Kinect debate that is going on...

Where is GTA 2099?

595d ago ... After seeing various news stories, trailers, and other assorted fluff about Ubisoft Montreal's Watch Dogs, I found myself wondering about something. Why aren't there more open world games set in the future? We have Assassin's Creed, wich has gone up to 900 years into the past. This is part of a framework story set later this year. Two months into the future isn't exactly what I'm referring t...

All Guns Blazing in Watch Dogs

676d ago ... We've all seen the Ubisoft E3 reveal of Watch Dogs, and if you haven't, I don't know what you are doing with your time. Either way, everything about it was magnificent. It was an unheard of game with a completely original game concept. Aiden Pierce, the one they played as in the demo, can theoretically control any electronics in the city? I say theoretically because I know only as much as the d...
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