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Watch Dogs Retrospective: Were We Wrong To Judge It So Harshly?

10d ago - AG from EGMR writes: "Watch Dogs released in May last year to brewing dissent thanks to Ubisoft's... | Culture

Which of the Xbox Ultimate Game Sale bargains should you pick up? 7th-13th July 2015

27d ago - Neil writes "Unless you’ve won some kind of lottery, or scooped a big win on your football accuma... | Xbox 360

'Warhammer: Arcane Magic' - a Digital Boardgame for iOS

Now - Arcane Magic is a turn based strategy game set in the Warhammer universe. Play it now on Ipad and Iphone. | Promoted post

Ubisoft Needs to Be Honest in Marketing to Avoid Unity and Watch_Dogs Like Disasters

28d ago - SegmentNext - Ubisoft is a firm that once was the creator of some of the best gaming franchises i... | PC

PC ports are consistently shoddy, and it's embarrassing

34d ago - Gabe Carey writes, "With a video game as polished and well-received as Batman: Arkham Knight on t... | PC

What are the Best PC Games?

61d ago - USGamer: Those next gen consoles. There they are, parading about like they're God's gift to gami... | PC

Another Top 10 Anticlimactic Boss Battles

66d ago - Boss battles should be the ultimate test of all the skills you've been developing in the levels u... | PSP

The Downgrade Paradigm

68d ago - Does the marketing of game presentation need to change, given people noticing downgrades? Of cour... | PC

10 Games of This Generation That Have Failed to Live Up to Their Hype

70d ago - Fatal Hero: The excitement of a new video game on the horizon is an interesting situation. On one... | PC

[High Five] 5 games released without make-up

73d ago - We are all familiar with promising game-trailers. Trailers stuffed with eye-candy. Unfortunately... | PC

Is The Witcher 3’s Graphical Downgrade Something Media Should Be Discussing?

75d ago - When Watch_Dogs released, media and fans were disappointed with the visuals of the final product... | PC

Microsoft Needs to Follow The Ubisoft 'AAA' Blueprint

75d ago - MR BLACKMAGIK of the DRM Gamecast writes, "GFFH. GFFH. It's an acronym that Xbox fans know all t... | PS4

5 Games That Would Be Better Without Violence

76d ago - Some videogames would be better if they weren't entirely about killing others. We look at five su... | Xbox 360

What the Music of ‘Watch Dogs’ Says About Its ‘Hero’, Aiden Pearce

77d ago - Our protagonist's handpicked tracks tell us a lot about the man inside the trench coat. Mainly, t... | PC

Watch Dogs 2 is Coming. Here’s Some Ways it can be Better

90d ago - Current Digital writer Brian White examines ways the upcoming Watch Dogs 2 can improve from it's... | PS4

Hacking the Future: A Watch Dogs 2 Wish List

94d ago - GR: While Watch Dogs carries a somewhat negative reputation, most of that is the result of it no... | Culture

Biggest Graphical Downgrades In Video Games From The Initial Reveal

94d ago - Games that look mind blowing in their first trailer but ended up being downgraded in the end. | PC

Are Ubisoft Downgrading games again?

119d ago - Ubisoft have come in for quite alot of criticism in recent times for allegedly downgrading their... | PC

Top 5 Most Disappointing PC Games of 2014

125d ago - Each year, countless PC games would enter the game market. They may be ported from console platfo... | PC

Opinion: 5 Video Game Worlds We Should Return To

127d ago - Every once in a while, an original game will come out that will take you a fantastic world. Natur... | PC

20 of the Worst Games Ever Played

137d ago - The Twinfinite staff asks fans on Facebook and Twitter what were the worst games they have ever p... | PC


Now - Legends of Gaming Live will take over the whole of Alexandra Palace, from the 4th - 6th September 2015. Packed with exhibitors showcasing the lates... | Promoted post

Video Game Delays OR: How I Started to Hate the Hype Machine

138d ago - Game delays are more prevalent in the games industry now than they've ever been before. With medi... | PS4

Are Games Being Delayed Just to Build Hype?

144d ago - Yesterday was a big day for gaming, for all the wrong reasons. The Delay Monster, the mighty beas... | PC

Ubisoft Needs to Make Things Right With The Division

150d ago - SegmentNext - 2014 saw the release of two Assassin’s Creed titles, one for current-gen and anothe... | PC

15 Misleading Video Game Trailers That Totally Lied To You

151d ago - Unlike the advertising you’d find in any other medium, trailers and promotions for video games ca... | PC

5 Games That Get More Hate Than They Deserve

156d ago - Some video games are so infamous that they have earned the hate of gaming community for years to... | Culture
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