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Wario Land - Old Games With Grandpa Heath

112d ago - Examining the gameplay, history, and mechanics of the first game starring Mario's arch rival with... | Retro

Wario: Talk sense to a fool and he calls you foolish.

516d ago - Wario, when looking from an outsider’s perspective, is simply perceived as Nintendo’s evil-protag... | Culture

Help Myriad get through Steam Greenlight!

Now - Myriad is a twin-stick shooter that grows more beautiful the better you play, where you build and then destroy the game space in glorious chain rea... | Promoted post

Examination of a Character: Wario

752d ago - Nintendo is known for its memorable characters; the plucky and helpful Mario, his cowardly yet de... | GameCube

Top 5: Virtual Boy Games

827d ago - Ms. Throwback of PL Writes "Samus’ ship flys across the screen, Aliens and UFO’s make appearances... | Retro

Remembering…Wario Land

994d ago - ThunderBolt: Nintendo has a subversive streak. It’s not readily apparent, but it occasionally bub... | Retro

1up - A Look at Wario Land on 3DS

1005d ago - 1up - A quick glance at the third (and strangest) Mario Land adventure, now on Virtual Console. | 3DS

A salute to Wario Land

1005d ago - A look into how a fat man in yellow and purple made an impact on the platforming genre. | Culture

Facial Hair In Gaming

1036d ago - Ever the facial hair aficionado, Randall from Leviathyn.com gives us a rundown of the best facial... | PC

Gaming's Most Notorious Anti-Heroes

1103d ago - Who are the most selfish protagonists ever to grace interactive entertainment? IGN provides thei... | Culture

IGN: Game Boy Games We Still Want on the 3DS eShop

1195d ago - About one year ago, we here at IGN Nintendo put together a list of the Game Boy games we wanted t... | 3DS

What the Hell, Super Mario Land? - by Infinite-Ammo

1256d ago - Two friends take a trip down memory lane with the original Super Mario Land series and discover t... | Retro

I've Grown Up Gaming

1289d ago - Video games can be a pretty deep form of entertainment. They can teach you about important as... | Culture
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