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Neocrisis: Warhawk Review

2040d ago - Neocrisis: When Warhawk was first released, it was filled with server issues, bugs and glitches.... | 1

XCM Cross Battle Adapter Review: 360 Controller on PS3

2081d ago - Loading Reality reviews the XCM Cross Battle Adapter for using an Xbox 360 controller on the Play... | 1,2

FeedonPS3 "Complete" Warhawk Review (BP, BT)

2210d ago - This review by Stallone1993 covers Warhawk, Omega Dawn, Broken Mirror, Fallen Star and the Jabra... | 1

Eurogamer: Warhawk: Operation Omega Dawn Review

2422d ago - Richard Leadbetter of Eurogamer writes, after Super Stardust HD and the astonishing Uncharted: Dr... | 1

Destiny The Game

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PSU: Warhawk -- Operation: Omega Dawn Review 8.5/10

2432d ago - PSU's Eric Blattberg Writes: Warhawk is revived with the addition of a brilliant new vehicle... | 1

Warhawk: Has the PS3 discovered multiplayer perfection?

2507d ago - PlayTM writes: "WarHawk did not start life as a purely multiplayer title, indeed there was a... | 1

Famitsu scores are out, super mario galaxy reviewed

2521d ago - Ratings seem to be in now, more will come as it comes. 3 Kingdoms DS 2 8 7 8 7 Dragon Tame... | 1,2,3,4,5,11

Palgn Reviews Warhawk -8/10

2527d ago - In this review of Warhawk for the ps3, Palgn gives it a 8/10: Graphics:8.0 Smooth frame ra... | 1

BlogCritics Reviews Warhawk: 4 out of 5 Stars

2555d ago - "This game is pure fun. With a wide range of multiplayer game types, weapons and vehicles, i... | 1

Lair and Warhawk: The Associated Press Video Review

2558d ago - The mainstream press reviews Lair and Warhawk. Lair: "The controls do not work at all;... | 1

Warhawk: Don't Leave '07 Without It (8.9/10)

2563d ago - MyArcadePlanet reviews Incognito's Warhawk. "Started as a sequel to the PS1's original,... | 1

WorthPlaying Review - Warhawk: 9/10

2567d ago - Sony should have in Warhawk a long-lived multiplayer hit to carry the console's online gaming unt... | 1

Warhawk: The First PS3 Killer App

2567d ago - One of the first games announced for the PS3 has finally been released. Was this title worth the... | 1

SPOnG.com gives Warhawk a 95%

2568d ago - "Just one...more...go." According to SPOnG.com, Warhawk appeals to the socialized, quic... | 1

Review: Warhawk takes to the skies

2569d ago - GameRevolver.com takes a look at Warhawk on the Playstation 3. "Released both as DLC vi... | 1

Cheat Code Central reviews Warhawk

2570d ago - Cheat Code Central reviewed Warhawk and gave it a 4.3/5. | 1

PS3 Fanboy review: Warhawk

2570d ago - Warhawk has gone through a rather bumpy development cycle. Originally slated to be an epic single... | 1

IGN: Warhawk AU review - Does this bird of prey soar, or is it a giant turkey?

2572d ago - At it's worst, Warhawk is almost too simplistic to justify its price tag. With just five maps (al... | 1

GameTrailers reviews Warhawk - 8.5

2572d ago - Is the PlayStation 3's online only game up to snuff?Find out in GameTrailers review of Warhawk. | 1

TGZ Review Warhawk - 8.9

2572d ago - "If you own a PS3 or are considering buying one, you'll be doing yourself a disservice if yo... | 1

PS4 Game Release Dates

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Confirmed: EGM reviews Heavenly Sword (8, 8, 9) and Warhawk (8.5, 7, 8.5)

2572d ago - Scanned pages from the October 2007 issue of Electronic Gaming Monthly (EGM) verify the final sco... | 1

Warhawk is a "must-have for PS3 owners" - PlayStation Universe

2574d ago - PlayStation Universe has given Warhawk for the PS3 a 9.5/10 | 1

PSU gives Warhawk a 9.5/10

2574d ago - Warhawk is an amazing multiplayer experience. Almost everything is spot on, and players will have... | 1

Review Round-up: Warhawk

2575d ago - It's all been a bit quiet on the PlayStation 3 front for Sony this year, with major attention get... | 1

Warhawk "screams multiplayer 2.0" in 9.2/10 Review

2575d ago - Warhawk scored a 9.2 in a review that says the game "isn't your slightly older brother's. Wh... | 1


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EU 14 September 2007
US 28 August 2007