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Warhawk: Operation Omega Dawn review (PS3)

conorgill14 | 2935d ago | User review
Reviewing: Warhawk: Operation Omega Dawn
Omega dawn is good if you can find a game for it. The map is fun and the dropship is very cool and changes the gameplay a lot, but there is usually only games at attrition. The other layouts, such as pipeline and north run are very good, and the deathmatch small maps are really fun. No one plays them. The dropship is best on the bigger maps like eucadia or island outpost. Overall, i would buy it, as it is only 8 dollars and changes the gameplay along with adding 5-6 layouts, but dont expect to be playing the new map too much.
Good graphics{Dropship{Fun layouts
Not many games{Too big for a non full game{Not eve
Graphics It is the same game, but with a new twist. If you liked warhawk before, you will like this. If you didnt, then you probably still wont.
Sound They are maybe a little improved over the normal game, but not much new.
Gameplay The sound is the same, but the dropship has a very loud, intimidating sound that can be heard across the map.
Fun factor It is fun, but it can be frustrating driving all over the place and not finding anyone at times.
Online It still plays the same online.
Overall (out of 10 / not an average)

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Warhawk: Operation Omega Dawn

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