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The Ten Best Game Mechanics of All Time

219d ago - Everyone has a favorite game mechanic, the one that makes a game stand out, shine and earn the cr... | Culture

Six Video Games That Were Too Damn Short

700d ago - UM writes: I get really pissed off when I throw down good money on a new game, and it ends up be... | PC

This October's Releases For All Things PlayStation

Now - The spooky month of October is almost upon us and that means another calendar month of releases to feed our gamer appetites. We take a look at what... | Promoted post

7 Surprisingly Good Movie Licensed Games

1101d ago - An eGamer journalist talks about seven great movie-to-game adaptions, and explains why they were... | PC

GRIN's Cancelled "Cult" – Sequel to Wanted: Weapons of Fate

2238d ago - Split-Screen: "With the recent closure of GRIN, developers of Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighte... | 1,2,12

Gamers Platform: Wanted: Weapons of Fate Review

2276d ago - Wanted: Weapons of Fate takes place after the events of the movie, with Wesley trying to uncover... | 1,2,12

Poland.US: Wanted: Weapons of Fate Review

2298d ago - In the end, Wanted: Weapons of Fate is an example of a movie game that doesn't suck. But that's a... | 1,2,12

Games That Need Sequels [NBS]

2309d ago - Nothing But Shooters (NBS) looks at a few games that could use sequels. To avoid the article bein... | 1,2,11,12

Eurogamer Portugal Review: Wanted: Weapon of Fate

2326d ago - Editor writes: "Wanted: Weapons of Fate is a fun experience though that can not be recommend... | 1,2,12

Movies may be booming, but video games based on them are not

2331d ago - A big year at the box office isn't doing much for video games based on them. As movie studio... | 1, 2, 12, 13

UnNamed Gaming Review: Wanted: Weapons of Fate

2334d ago - UnNamed Gaming writes: "Wanted: Weapons of Fate follows along with its movie counter-part in... | 1,2,12

Thunderbolt Review: Wanted: Weapons of Fate

2338d ago - The Club suffered badly for its distinct indistinctness. Its core was somewhat original and enjoy... | 12

Go Gaming Giant: Wanted: Weapons of Fate Review

2340d ago - Go Gaming Giant writes: "Wanted. It began as a comic, was turned into a movie, and is now a... | 1,2,12

PM: Wanted: Weapons of Fate Review

2344d ago - PM: "Wanted is technically sound, but god, is it vapid. And with so many other games li... | 1,2,12

Gaming Shenanigans: Wanted: Weapons of Fate Review

2348d ago - It really is too bad that the game is so short, because transferring between cover in the middle... | 1,2,12

Wanted: Weapons of Fate Reviewed by NothingButShooters.com

2350d ago - NothingButShooters.com writes: "This game's learning curve (for lack of a better term)... | 1,2,12

GamesOnNet Review: Wanted: Weapons of Fate (PC)

2351d ago - Last year, Universal Pictures released a very loose adaptation of the Mark Millar/J.G. Jones comi... | 12

Wanted Weapons of Fate: Universal Games Video Interview - Gaming Target

2356d ago - From the article: "We recently got to sit down with Universal Games' Nick Torchia, an Acting... | 1,2,12

Games32: Wanted Weapons of Fate Review

2358d ago - Games32 writes: "Only a few hours after the end of the movie, Wanted Weapons of Fate is set... | 12

Diehard GameFAN: Wanted: Weapons of Fate Review

2359d ago - Finally, a movie game that won't make people want to gouge their eyes out! It's not a classic, no... | 1,2,12

Honest Gamers: Wanted: Weapons of Fate Review

2361d ago - Honest Gamers writes: "Wanted: Weapons of Fate is ultimately a better than average game that... | 1,2,12

See what games are coming out in 2015

Now - Visit our release calendar to see what games are coming out in 2015. | Promoted post

Digital Battle: Wanted: Weapons of Fate Review –A Serious Misfire

2362d ago - DB writes: "So if you've seen the movie Wanted recently, or read the comic book, you've prob... | 1,2,12

GDN: Wanted: Weapons of Fate Review

2362d ago - All in all, Wanted: Weapons of Fate is actually a fun and brilliant game, in its own right, that... | 1,2,12

CVG: Wanted: Weapons of Fate Review

2362d ago - CVG writes: "Almost a year after the film hit the cinema, the Wanted videogame cash-in has f... | 1,2,12

Tiscali: Wanted: Weapons of Fate Review

2362d ago - Tiscali: "If you want a slick looking shooter that will give a good weekends' worth of... | 1,2,12

DoG: Wanted: Weapons Of Fate Review

2363d ago - DoG writes: "Wanted: Weapons Of Fate is disappointing not only for its derivative and occasi... | 1,2,12
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