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Milking: Sony is as guilty as anyone

1622d ago ... All over this site you will see people continuously bash Microsoft for not having any "exclusives". Whenever a new Fable or Forza comes they say "not another one! How much can you milk it?" The same applies to Halo. And even Rare's own games. Yet whenever Sony are rumoured to be making a sequel, it is very different. When Killzone 4 and God of War 4 are rumoured they take it on the chin and...

What would they steal

1889d ago ... Well i haven't done a blog in a long time, but after looking at my games I decided to do one over which exclusive seems like it belongs on the competitions console, and which game the competition would want to take. So without further ado, let's get to stealing. Nintendo: Nintendo is sitting high after takinga huge risk with the Wii which has paid off, literally. But Nintendo's system has...
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