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Opinion: Nintendo Has it Backwards With Virtual Console.

595d ago ... I love the Virtual Console. It may not have a perfect selection, and I have to wonder why Castlevania II: Simon's Quest, and Milon's Secret Castle are available for download on all current Nintendo devices, despite the AVGN ripping into them both, but it's still a great service for enabling a new generation of gamers to play the classics. Nintendo even has a handheld Virtual Console now, wh...

Why is Nintendo so dumb?

1626d ago ... People thought that Nintendo had it all together when they first showed off the 3DS. But then it came out. While some still enjoy their 3DS and it is an improvement it has also been a huge dissapointment. Here's why... Nintendo eShop: The interface on the eShop is very strange. "Store Shelves" include "Hungry?, Extreme Games (which consists of hangman and Moto eXtreme), and Party to the Peo...

5 Things the eShop Needs Now

1663d ago ... When Nintendo announced the eShop people got really excited. But then it opened. And while it is definately an improvement and Nintendo fans don't mind. I don't think that someone who owns a PSP would want to go from the PS Store to the eShop. So here are the things Nintendo should add to grab people's attention. 1). Linked Accounts Between Systems Unlike Xbox Live and PSN Nintendo has ne...

Top 12 Games We Would Like To See on Wii Shop Channel

2545d ago ... Here are my Top 12 games that should be seen on the Virtual Console!! Here are some honorable mentions: Resident Evil 2 and 3 (N64 versions) Perfect Dark Banjo Kazooie Doom (PC 1993) Wolfenstein (PC 1991) Alien vs. Predator (Atari Jaguar)
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