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Impressions: Virtua Tennis 3

3151d ago - "Sega's Virtua Tennis 3 melts away hours faster than a microwave does butter. The game succe... | 1,2

Virtua Tennis 3 on PSP is exactly like the console version, only smaller.

3153d ago - SEGA's Virtua Tennis 3 could be the most accurate console-to-PSP port that seen so far. In fact,... | 4

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First Impressions: Virtua Tennis 3

3153d ago - Ever since the first Virtua Tennis appeared on the ill-fated Dreamcast, the series has broken the... | 1,2

Virtua Tennis 3 Mini-Games Preview

3158d ago - The latest installment of the franchise, Virtua Tennis 3, looks like it will uphold this traditio... | 1, 2

High-Res Virtua Tennis 3 Screenshots - Xbox 360

3160d ago - Check out these latest 1080p screenshots of the Xbox 360 version of Virtua Tennis 3. | 2

Virtua Tennis Online on Xbox 360 Only

3160d ago - Sega put another dagger in the PlayStation 3 this week revealing that Virtua Tennis fans looking... | 1,2

SEGA's Virtua Tennis 3 On Xbox 360 Hits The Spot With Xbox Live Play And Next-Gen 1080p Graphics

3161d ago - The most realistic tennis game just got better! SEGA today announced that Virtua Tennis 3 o... | 2

Smashing new video of Virtua Tennis 3

3166d ago - Gamertag Radio got their eager mitts on this new gameplay video from the 360 version of Virtua Te... | 2

Virtua Tennis 3 : PS3 gameplay demo

3183d ago - A long video showing many aspects of Sega's new tennis game. Menus, gameplay, mini games, motion... | 1

The Eurogamer TV Show - Episode 6

3183d ago - On board HMS Belfast for an in-depth look at Eidos' ambitious war title, BattleStations Midway; V... | 1,2,3,11,12

Virtua Tennis 3 (First Impressions)

3189d ago - How do you improve a game as good as Virtua Tennis 2? Even though it's been four or five years si... | 1, 2, 12

Virtua Tennis 3 Screens

3192d ago - Some new screens from the upcoming sports game from Sega. | 1, 2

New Games In The PS3 Demo Kiosks (Japan)

3199d ago - Sony says that in the PS3-Demo-Kiosk ' PlayStation Store ' that are playable in Japan the followi... | 1

Virtua Tennis 3d Screenshots & More

3218d ago - Direct from Sega we bring you two new 3d screenshots from Virtua Tennis 3 to explore, as well as... | 1, 2

Virtua Tennis 3 360° image

3222d ago - A picture that you can open with QuickTime (or QT Alternative and Media Player Classic) and view... | 1,2

Seventeen new Virtua Tennis screenshots

3223d ago - Today we received seventeen new screenshots of SEGA's Virtua Tennis 3. Enjoy! Virtua Tennis 3... | 1, 2

New Virtua Tennis 3 screenshots

3227d ago - SEGA today released new screenshots of Virtua Tennis 3, which faces the competition of Top Spin 2... | 1, 2

Virtua Tennis 3 supports SIXAXIS tilt-sensor

3257d ago - Sega announces they will support the SIXAXIS tilt-sensor in Virtua Tennis 3. Instead of using you... | 1

Gamestop's PS3 Software Release List

3280d ago - A list printed today from Gamestop that lists all the games they have in their database and their... | 1

[PS3] The Ultimate PS3 Games List - 160 Titles!

3295d ago - German game site posted today the ultimate list of 160 game tittles in productio... | 1

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No Online for PS3's Virtua Tennis 3?

3296d ago - According to a Finnish website, the PS3 version of Virtua Tennis 3 will not feature an online mod... | 1

TGS06: Virtua Tennis 3 gameplay

3296d ago - Virtua Tennis 3 also was very visible inside Sega's booth, running on excellent looking 1080p tvs. | 1

Virtua Tennis 3 images

3298d ago - Sega released these images from the Playstation 3 version of Virtua Tennis 3, showing the game in... | 1

PS3 Virtua Tennis 3 in 1080p

3303d ago - The "holy grail of full HD" is confirmed for Sega's PS3 tennis title. At its press even... | 1

IGN says PS3 aces 360 in Virtua Tennis

3326d ago - As IGN was checking out the new Virtua Tennis 3 for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 at Leipzig, th... | 1,2

Virtua Tennis 3

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