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Virtua Tennis 3 All Stories  

Virtua Tennis 3 on PSP is exactly like the console version, only smaller.

2724d ago - SEGA's Virtua Tennis 3 could be the most accurate console-to-PSP port that seen so far. In fact,... | 4

First Impressions: Virtua Tennis 3

2724d ago - Ever since the first Virtua Tennis appeared on the ill-fated Dreamcast, the series has broken the... | 1,2

Virtua Tennis 3 Mini-Games Preview

2729d ago - The latest installment of the franchise, Virtua Tennis 3, looks like it will uphold this traditio... | 1, 2

High-Res Virtua Tennis 3 Screenshots - Xbox 360

2731d ago - Check out these latest 1080p screenshots of the Xbox 360 version of Virtua Tennis 3. | 2

Start Making Games for the PS4

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Virtua Tennis Online on Xbox 360 Only

2731d ago - Sega put another dagger in the PlayStation 3 this week revealing that Virtua Tennis fans looking... | 1,2

SEGA's Virtua Tennis 3 On Xbox 360 Hits The Spot With Xbox Live Play And Next-Gen 1080p Graphics

2732d ago - The most realistic tennis game just got better! SEGA today announced that Virtua Tennis 3 o... | 2

Smashing new video of Virtua Tennis 3

2736d ago - Gamertag Radio got their eager mitts on this new gameplay video from the 360 version of Virtua Te... | 2

Virtua Tennis 3 : PS3 gameplay demo

2753d ago - A long video showing many aspects of Sega's new tennis game. Menus, gameplay, mini games, motion... | 1

The Eurogamer TV Show - Episode 6

2753d ago - On board HMS Belfast for an in-depth look at Eidos' ambitious war title, BattleStations Midway; V... | 1,2,3,11,12

Virtua Tennis 3 (First Impressions)

2759d ago - How do you improve a game as good as Virtua Tennis 2? Even though it's been four or five years si... | 1, 2, 12

Virtua Tennis 3 Screens

2763d ago - Some new screens from the upcoming sports game from Sega. | 1, 2

New Games In The PS3 Demo Kiosks (Japan)

2769d ago - Sony says that in the PS3-Demo-Kiosk ' PlayStation Store ' that are playable in Japan the followi... | 1

Virtua Tennis 3d Screenshots & More

2788d ago - Direct from Sega we bring you two new 3d screenshots from Virtua Tennis 3 to explore, as well as... | 1, 2

Virtua Tennis 3 360° image

2793d ago - A picture that you can open with QuickTime (or QT Alternative and Media Player Classic) and view... | 1,2

Seventeen new Virtua Tennis screenshots

2793d ago - Today we received seventeen new screenshots of SEGA's Virtua Tennis 3. Enjoy! Virtua Tennis 3... | 1, 2

New Virtua Tennis 3 screenshots

2797d ago - SEGA today released new screenshots of Virtua Tennis 3, which faces the competition of Top Spin 2... | 1, 2

Virtua Tennis 3 supports SIXAXIS tilt-sensor

2827d ago - Sega announces they will support the SIXAXIS tilt-sensor in Virtua Tennis 3. Instead of using you... | 1

Gamestop's PS3 Software Release List

2851d ago - A list printed today from Gamestop that lists all the games they have in their database and their... | 1

[PS3] The Ultimate PS3 Games List - 160 Titles!

2866d ago - German game site posted today the ultimate list of 160 game tittles in productio... | 1

No Online for PS3's Virtua Tennis 3?

2866d ago - According to a Finnish website, the PS3 version of Virtua Tennis 3 will not feature an online mod... | 1

Start Making Games for Xbox One

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TGS06: Virtua Tennis 3 gameplay

2867d ago - Virtua Tennis 3 also was very visible inside Sega's booth, running on excellent looking 1080p tvs. | 1

Virtua Tennis 3 images

2869d ago - Sega released these images from the Playstation 3 version of Virtua Tennis 3, showing the game in... | 1

PS3 Virtua Tennis 3 in 1080p

2874d ago - The "holy grail of full HD" is confirmed for Sega's PS3 tennis title. At its press even... | 1

IGN says PS3 aces 360 in Virtua Tennis

2897d ago - As IGN was checking out the new Virtua Tennis 3 for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 at Leipzig, th... | 1,2

GC'06: New Features Confirmed For Virtua Tennis 3

2899d ago - SEGA Europe has today announced a raft of new features and improvements for the upcoming Virtua T... | 1,2,4,12

Virtua Tennis 3

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Release Dates
PC Release Dates
EU 20 March 2007
US 20 March 2007
PS3 Release Dates
EU 23 March 2007
US 20 March 2007
PSP Release Dates
EU 23 February 2007
US 20 March 2007
Xbox 360 Release Dates
EU 23 March 2007
US 20 March 2007