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Virtua Fighter 5

- PS3

I've been a devout Virtua Fighter fan ever since my days with the ill-fated Sega Saturn. When I received the first wind that the 5th installment would finally grace my PS3 I almost peed a little. When I popped this game in for the first time I went straight for the arcade mode to kick some ass with my favorite fighter: Jacky. I noticed that the control scheme had changed, although slight...



Virtua Fighter 5

- Xbox 360

Virtua Fighter has been a classic fighting game franchise that has been played in arcades for many years, and is still present in the few remaining arcades around today. Many fighting game enthusiasts will tell you that Virtua Fighter is probably the most technically complex fighting game on the market, mainly because of it’s steep learning curve and unforgiving timing for button inputs. Viruta...

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Virtua Fighter 5

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