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PSN@Home Reviews: Vanquish

1747d ago - PSN@Home writes: If you’re interested in an action packed thrill ride then you will probably thin... | PS3

NGG: Vanquish review

1748d ago - Eric Bateman of NGG writes, "Not every third person shooter with a cover system is a Gears of War... | Xbox 360

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Vanquish Review (PS Nation)

1748d ago - Platinum Games and renowned director Shinji Mikami show off their skills with their latest releas... | PS3

Vanquish review (

1750d ago - BeefJack: "It’s so fast. It sounds simple, but it changes everything. Platinum have made an excel... | Xbox 360

Game Interface - Vanquish (PS3, Xbox 360) Review

1751d ago - I’ve always had a fear that Russian Communists might microwave an entire American city, and Sega’... | Xbox 360

El33tonline Review: Vanquish (Xbox 360)

1752d ago - Oliver at El33tonline writes: "Platinum Games was in real danger of releasing two serious ‘Gam... | Xbox 360

XMNR Review: Vanquish

1752d ago - Ex: Comparisons to that other popular 3rd person shooter are expected, but Vanquish manages a nea... | Xbox 360

SquareGo: Vanquish Review

1752d ago - SquareGo writes: "What's this? Another cover based third person shooter a'la the Gears of War... | Xbox 360

OXCGN’s Vanquish Review: Space Marines on ‘Roids?

1753d ago - OXCGN: "Japanese development house Platinum Games have followed up 2009′s over-the-top action... | Xbox 360

Vanquish - HG review

1753d ago - HookedGamers writes: "You've seen Vanquish before; and at the same time you haven't, not really.... | Xbox 360

JoyPads: Vanquish Review

1753d ago - "Vanquish is so high octane’d over the top action, cheesy and high score mad, you’ll be craving f... | Xbox 360

blipreview: Vanquish (PS3)

1754d ago - gamesblip writes: “Yeah”, we thought, with imaginings of careening about in an Aston Martin full... | PS3

Nine Over Ten: VANQUISH (PS3) Review

1755d ago - Nine Over Ten 9/10 has put up a review of Platinum Games' latest third person shooter, VANQUISH,... | PS3
20° Vanquish Review

1755d ago - "You don't often find the term OTT being used in a positive light, which is why we must... | Xbox 360

Atomic Gamer: Vanquish Review

1755d ago - Vanquish is a weird game, but it's awesome in a ridiculous mish-mash sort of way. Not only does i... | Xbox 360

VGC: Vanquish Review

1756d ago - VGC: "Thanks to Gears of War, cover-based third-person-shooters have had a rampant resurgence on... | Xbox 360

GameFreaks365: Vanquish Review

1756d ago - GameFreaks: "From the developers of the insanely entertaining Bayonetta comes Vanquish, a "high o... | Xbox 360

GamingExcellence: Vanquish Review

1756d ago - Vanquish doesn't exactly get off on the right foot. Oh sure the graphics are awesome, the gamepla... | Xbox 360

Vanquish Review (X360) | GamingShogun

1757d ago - writes: "Generally speaking, first-person shooters are not a gaming genre handle... | Xbox 360

411Mania: Vanquish Review

1757d ago - 411: "Vanquish is the kind of third person shooting game that I’ve always dreamed of – it’s fast,... | Xbox 360

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TGH: Vanquish Review

1757d ago - TGH Writes: "Vanquish is one of the most anticipated titles in the last few months with its fast... | Xbox 360

GND Review: Vanquish

1757d ago - Paul McFaden of GND writes: Vanquish is a game that is all about fast paced action and gorgeous v... | Xbox 360

The Big Pixels Review: Vanquish

1758d ago - Vanquish, the latest spectacular from Shinji Mikami and Platinum Games, can be rather easily summ... | Xbox 360

Vanquish HD Video Review: "Like the Motherf****** 4th of July!!!" (GigaBoots)

1758d ago - GB gave Vanquish a 9.7 and wrote: " disposes of russian rebels in the over-the-t... | Xbox 360

X360A: Vanquish Review

1759d ago - At first glance, it seems that Vanquish is a little bit in love with Metal Gear Solid; not that t... | Xbox 360


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